A Multidimensional Glimmer of Hope by Lisa Wallach

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
June-July 2000, Issue 12

A Multidimensional Glimmer of Hope
by Lisa Wallach

I took a position as a bartender at a downtown trendy restaurant in NYC.  Across the street from my new gig was a rare & used bookstore.  I would gaze longingly at the store and make a mental note to arrive earlier one day so I would be able to take a quick browse.  I’m always on the alert for a Jane Roberts/Seth book that I haven’t read yet. On this particular day my car service driver got me there about fifteen minutes early so I decided to go in and take a peak.

I asked the store clerk if they had any books by Jane Roberts.  I was directed to a shelf of assorted new age and metaphysical books.  To my delight I spied, not a Jane or Seth book but,  Conversations with Seth – Volume Two, by Susan M. Watkins, C. 1981 Publisher – Prentice Hall.  I plucked it off the shelf and smiled to myself with a sense of victory.  Then I gave the cat at my feet a quick scratch. I needed Volume Two!

I was so excited to find this book.  I haven’t been feeling my usual create your own reality self.  I figured that I needed a good boost, something to get me creating again.  Since my car accident I have been rebuilding my Self and re-integrating my Self back into life, or better yet, creating a new life for me & My Self.  Mostly I’ve felt less spiritual and quite blah for awhile.

I’ve been reading this book rather slowly.  I’m trying to savor the newness of the read.  My dream life has escalated since I found the book, and life has been beginning to take on more flavor and texture then it has in such a long time.

A few chapters into the book I received a letter in the mail.  It was written by Richard Kendall, one of Jane’s past E.S.P. class members.  Not only did I receive a letter from past class members as I was reading about past classes, but it also turns out that Richard and I are practically neighbors.

This non-coincidental coincidence clicked with me and I felt a sense of reality creation that I have been lacking in my life for awhile now.  Most of all, it’s so much fun to help others and I feel that’s the best way to help myself out of the blahs and into some new reality creating.

And now, the letter…..

May 22, 2000


My name is Richard Kendall.  On January 4, 1972, I met Jane Roberts for the first time.  Sitting in her living room that evening I encountered a personality who called himself Seth.  Since that time, each of us has played a part in this continuing drama.  Along with Michael Steffen and Mary Rouen, owners of the Brass Ring bookstore, (www.brassringbooks.com) and Suzanne Delisle, former partner in Kendall and Delisle Books, Inc., I hope to interest you in a project that truly defines the term “labor of love.”

In February 1998, Mary Dillman did something Seth has been urging us to do for years – she followed her impulses!  Unsure of what awaited her and relying on her limited savings to see her through, she left her home, her friends, her job of many years, and moved from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to New Haven, Connecticut.  The impetus for that move was the Seth material.  The only way Mary could adequately research this incredible body of material was to spend her days at Yale University, which houses the Jane Roberts Papers.  After delving into this material over the past two years, a grand idea emerged.  What if she could take ALL of this amazing material and put it in chronological order.

For example, imagine that for any given day, one could read, side-by-side, the deleted session as well as the regular session Seth delivered; the dreams recorded in Jane’s and Rob’s dream journals; the notes Jane wrote in her personal journal; the correspondence; the poetry; and whatever other creative work or personal events transpired on that same day.  What multidimensional pictures such a chronology would surely yield, shedding new light on the nature of consciousness.  Mary continues to add to the overall picture by interviewing people from Jane’s hometown, taking pictures of the houses in which Jane grew up, and even gathering information on the lives of Jane’s parents and grandparents to create as complete a portrait as possible of a unique life and consciousness.

Mary does not own the rights to the work she is doing, and there is not guarantee that once the project is complete it will ever be published.  However, the results of her work will be available at Yale for all Seth readers for generations to come.  It is her personal gift to the universe.  Her only wish is to be able to continue this very time-consuming work; to do so, Mary needs the help of others who understand the value of the Seth material and the value of the work she is doing.  Mary has already spent countless hours creating this unique chronology, and we would love to see her be able to continue this project without the time constraints that a regular job would necessitate.

We are asking each of you to consider investing in this worthy project.  Your investment won’t yield a high return in conventional terms, but if conventional returns were all you were interested in, I know you never would have picked up your first Seth book.

If you feel so inclined, and if it feels right, please contribute to this labor of love by sending a check, made payable to Mary Dillman, directly to her at 437 Orange Street (3rd Floor), New Haven, CT 06511.

We thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and send our very best wishes to each of you.


Richard Kendall
Mary Rouen
Suzanne Delisle
Michael Steffen