Working with your Heart Light by Cirtaen through Carla DeMarco

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
June 2001

Working with your Heart Light
by Cirtaen through Carla DeMarco

We are energies whose vibration equates to the sound Cirtaen. We caretake and nurture your tender sides. Our energy is pale pink and peach imbued with multicolored iridescence. When you open up to cry, we assist, and energetically dry your tears. Your emotions are our charge, and at this time on earth our job is very large; we are very busy attending to you.

It is as though you have “dirty laundry” in your emotional bodies; you are clogged with old feelings which have left marred areas and blocked some of your ability to feel. Many of you are working on airing and releasing these unpleasant areas for purification.

Bit by bit you are clearing old pains, sufferings, angers, guilts, and vexations of soul. When you send these energies out into the ethers, we catch them and wash them in our auric light, then return them to be born anew in All That Is.

You may think you are in the baby stages of releasing. You may feel you are still very far away from the being of pureness you began as when you entered this world. You may feel weary and wonder if you are even capable of attaining the purity you desire. Even though you sense a small taste of freedom each time you release a negative thought or emotion, the process may still seem so ponderous that you wonder if you’ll ever become the person you want to be. It seems you just remove one unhappy emotion when an entire new situation manifests to bring on new ones. You are becoming aware of so many reactions based on false belief systems. And you know there are more that you will discover down the road, like peeling an onion layer by layer to get to the truth. “What a mess I am,” you think to yourself. “Will I ever become consistently aligned with Source in this lifetime?”

We know of your yearning dear ones. We know how many of you long to be Home again, to swim in the loving energy of unity. We say to you, in this physical body you are working mightily for the benefit of so many every time you drop a false belief, every time you say you’re sorry and really mean it, every time you open your heart in any way – when you truly feel sincerity the frequency of your planet rises just a little. Because of your efforts, the whole is elevating. And yes the challenges continue, and will until the clearing is complete.

You came here with a job to do dear ones, and so many of you are now remembering what that job is, remembering how the connection to your heart light enables you to accomplish your job. Each time you feel that tender feeling in your hearts – when you allow even the tiniest of an opening – you are getting the sense of what you came here to do.

As you clear resentments, angers, grievances, guilts, etc. by forgiving others and yourselves, you remove spaces (blocks) inside your emotional fields which we then can replace with the pure light of blended, balanced emotional energy. We are fixing these “patches” as quickly as you create the “spaces.”

Continue to take risks beloveds. There is nothing to fear for you are immortal beings. That crust of protection you have grown around your hearts is no longer serving you for now you know who you are and where you are going. Pierce the crust with a laser light beam of faith in the process and knowledge that you are always cradled in the arms of love. Faith, knowledge, trust … these qualities provide openings into the heart that allow light to enter, light which will guide you to new choices in every moment. Choices made in heart light carry you closer to your essence and the unity you seek.

Light dissolves the crust. Imagine your heart being infused with great beams of light which are clearing, cleansing, purifying. Then feel the feeling of this heart of light inside you whenever you begin to hurt or become angry. Allow the negative energy to make a brief appearance; don’t deny it. But then gently send it on to us for transmutation, and allow the natural heart light to fill the spot formerly held by the negative emotion. In this way you can nip these uncomfortable experiences in the bud. Before long dear ones the disruptive emotions will become fewer and your heart will grow more tranquil. Then it will begin to sing, even shout! We know at times it does this even now, and we dance in that energy when you are consumed with those rapturous feelings, for this is your true nature!

You are here to bring your soul light into and through this material dimension, a process which lessens its density. The density could be compared to the crust around your heart which holds you back from the juicy interior of your joy. So continue your very important work dear ones and know that for every fear, every untruth, every anger cleared in you, a clearing and lightening occurs in the emotional field of the entire planet. You are doing very great work here!

You and we, we create together. We are very creative beings. We dance with you throughout your sorrows and your joys. Sometimes the dance is slow and heavy – we hold on to you very tightly at these times – other times the pace is fast and light. Your feelings color our atmosphere and become the paint we use as artists of transmutation. Murky muted unhappy shades are spun like wool into shining shimmering whites, golds, pastels – colors becoming ever more prevalent around your planet, because of you! Beautiful beings, your hearts have so much power!

We send you blessings. Have faith your are enfolded in Creator’s love and your work is recognized and honored across many systems.

©2001, Carla DeMarco.  All Rights Reserved. Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal.  (Feel free to duplicate this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice and the URL.)