If All I Have to Do Is Visualize & Affirm, Why Aren’t I Rich? by Teri Harris Saa

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
February 2004

If All I Have to Do Is Visualize & Affirm, Why Aren’t I Rich?
by Teri Harris Saa

As a young woman I wanted to be rich. I believed that having money, lots of money was desirable. With money my life would be easy. I could do and have whatever I wanted. Money, I believed, was the fuel that would empower my life with an abundance of possibilities and pleasures. So, at the ripe old age of fifteen I set out on a treasure hunt.

My quest began simply enough because I was blessed with a guide, a wise older woman who was the floral designer in a shop I worked in after school. I’ll never forget her. Virginia, tall and magical, an ex-ballerina whose grace and inner bliss I admired. Virginia told me that I could create anything I desired. She gave me books to read, which I devoured. Key to Yourself by Dr. Venice Bloodworth, The Power of the Spoken Word by Florence Scoval Shinn, The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes, and Prosperity by Charles Fillmore were the first few. I was delighted. These books mapped out the path to my treasure. They told me that the secret to manifesting anything I wanted was in my thoughts and my words. If I thought the right thoughts and spoke the right words, I could manifest anything.

I took all that I read to heart and tried it. It worked. At sixteen I manifested a new car. It was easy. I found that I was good at manifesting cars. It seemed that I was also good at manifesting jobs and then promotions. By nineteen, I was the head manager of two flower shops. This was great, and so simple. All I was doing was focusing my thoughts and my words on something and I manifested it. At least, at that time, that’s what I thought I was doing.

After having accomplished these several small feats of manifestation magic, I decided that it was time to step up the pace and manifest big things, like wealth. If I could create cars and promotions, I could certainly create wealth. Why not? All I had to do to was to think prosperous thoughts and say wonderful affirming words. I was convinced that by continuously thinking and saying, “I am a magnet to money. It flows to me in divine and perfect ways,” I would be rich in no time at all. But I wasn’t. Months of focused thoughts and words didn’t lead me to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or produce bags of cash on my doorstep. My windfall didn’t appear.

I had previously manifested a new car and a new job by using thoughts and affirmations. If this was all that it took, why wasn’t I rich? I began to rethink my premise. Did I have to do something else to manifest wealth? Was creating massive amounts of money more difficult than creating cars and jobs? Was it time for a different strategy? I went in search of the answers and found Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization. OK, I was missing a piece of the formula. To manifest wealth, I had to not only think the right thoughts and say the right words but also hold the right visions. Ah, yes. Got it. Yet nothing seemed to happen.

I took out my treasure map and retraced my steps. I was thinking like a wealthy person, or at least spending like one. I memorized and regularly repeated several rhythmical affirmations about money. I visualized my wallet crammed full of money. I tithed so that the Universe would know that I was in the flow and not afraid to give money away. So where was my treasure?

I was beginning to think that manifesting money was, really, a lot harder and probably somehow different than manifesting other things. Yes, I knew that the Universe didn’t discriminate between big or small manifestations, but I did. Maybe I just needed some help. After all, two minds are better than one and when two or more are gathered together with one focus things manifest more quickly. Don’t they?

I started a Dream Weavers group with several of my friends. We came together once each week to visualize and empower each other’s goals of manifesting money. We even went so far as to create a group collage depicting ourselves as winners of a very large lottery. This went on for some time but no treasure became visible. What was I missing?

When years of looking for the solution to manifesting wealth in outside sources like books and seminars had not led me to my gold mine, I took my quest within. I sat in silence and asked for guidance. I was led to study the workings of the unconscious mind through psychology and hypnotherapy. I discovered reiki, energy work, and the power of the chakras. I delved further into the spiritual mysteries and quantum physics. In the silence, I expanded my own spiritual energy. My ability to receive knowledge directly from the Universe increased. My ego became quiet. In my search for wealth I found the greater gifts of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. I also discovered the pieces of the manifestation process that I had overlooked.

In the innocence of my youth, I had assumed that all that I was doing was thinking, speaking, and seeing, but I was really doing something else. I was becoming. And what I was becoming was a Creator. When I was finally able to see the entire picture of the manifestation process, I discovered that it was not the visions I created in my mind, the thoughts I held or the words I said, but what I Knew and Felt within myself and who I Was that manifested. I discovered that to manifest a thing, I had to become One with that thing. I had to “Become the Thing Itself.”

Becoming the Thing Itself

Becoming the Thing Itself is a state of being that blends faith, conscious thought, action, subtle energy shifts, and body movements. It’s a feeling, a belief system and a thought pattern, as well as a physical, mental, and emotional experience. “Becoming the thing itself” is a natural state of being.

Think about who you are at this moment. Is it difficult to be who you are? Do you have to work at being yourself? No. You simply are you. It’s easy to be you. Being you is natural. Your thoughts and actions flow from you effortlessly. And, most importantly, you accept being you without question. You’re in total faith that being you is the only thing you can be. Likewise, when you “become the thing itself,” whatever that thing is, it will be as natural a state to you as “being you right now” is. It will flow from you effortlessly, and you’ll accept being “the thing itself” without question.

Becoming the thing itself is a function of faith. You must experience unquestioning acceptance—in other words, complete faith—in yourself as this thing. You must become one with it, making it your own. Your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors concerning this thing must flow from you effortlessly—be in faith and become it.

Faith is more than belief; it is uncompromised belief.

Faith is more than trust; it is total trust.

Faith is more than confidence; it is unwavering confidence.

Faith is more than conviction; it is absolute conviction.

When I look back at the girl who so easily manifested cars and jobs I see a girl filled with faith. I see a girl who knew who she was, who felt worthy and powerful and who was a creator in every moment. In contrast, when I review my quest for money, I find the opposite of perfect faith. I find doubt. And when in doubt, no amount of thoughts, words, or visions will work. Wealth cannot be manifested while in a consciousness of doubt. Wealth only manifests when one is filled with faith in the abundance of the Universe. Wealth appears when one’s state of being is that of prosperity.

As I have uncovered my doubts and released my beliefs in “lack”; as I have gained true faith in my ability to create; as I have become the wealth itself, money has begun to flow into my life. In fact, it has been happening so gradually, so naturally, that at first I didn’t notice what was happening. The proverbial pot of gold has not landed on my doorstep. I have not won the lottery. But as I have become more wealth oriented in my thoughts and beliefs, the wealth is gradually manifesting in my life.

Funny thing is, the more wealth I create, the less I focus on it. It’s just a part of who I am—something I, well, take for granted.Teri Harris Saa is a Conscious Creation Mentor and author. She works with individuals and groups teaching The Art of Conscious Creation, a psycho-spiritual self-creation process. Look for her book The Wisdom Chronicles: An Everywoman’s Awakening to Her Purpose (Moment Point Press) in stores and on line. For information on classes or individual sessions, contact Teri through her web site: Art of Conscious Creation.

WISDOM OF THE WEEK: Your positive and negative life experiences are directly proportional to the number of positive or negative thoughts you have.

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