Do You Attract What You Want In Your Life? by Michael Roads

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
February 2004

Do You Attract What You Want In Your Life?
by Michael Roads

There is no such thing as “good luck” or “bad luck”. Are you ready to know that every thought, feeling, word or action is creating something in your life? …..and that YOU are the creator!

Everybody has a reason for doing what they do … or do they? I’m quite sure that some people do what they do without thought, direction, or any clue about the repercussions of their actions.

Recently, in Cleveland, USA, I was strolling from some local shops and reached the pedestrian crossing. This very wide road was controlled by the usual pedestrian lights, and they were red. Another man reached them just ahead of me, briefly pausing as he scowled at the WAIT sign. I could feel his emotions as energy – a swirling mass of anger and inner turmoil. As I expected, he immediately began to cross the road, dodging among the cars as he scurried to the far side. He was making good progress, when he had to jump aside as a car blasted its horn at him.

He reached the far curb just as the lights changed, and I also crossed the wide and busy road. The man was now walking along with one stiff finger held up in the “up yours” obscene and universal salute of anger and defiance. This, despite the fact that it was he who was in error. To many, walking across the road while the light is red is no big deal, and in itself, it isn’t. But I wonder how often a child is impressed with the idea that the traffic lights are of no consequence, that traffic rules are meant to be broken, and with tragic repercussions. What I am saying is that our every action sends out ripples of energy; energy that will affect many people before the ripples return back to the original source.

We have all heard the saying; what goes around comes around. With this in mind, I repeat … energy that will affect many people before returning to its source. Most people imagine that energy which goes out would come back in its original form, but this is not so. The energy that goes out comes back multiplied by all the people – plus their energy – who have been in any way affected. Imagine disregarding the pedestrian traffic lights in our usual unthinking way, and a child is watching. A day later the child, like you, ignores the lights, and is badly injured by a car. Your energy is directly linked to the child and their preventable so-called accident. What goes around comes around!

Neither does it end here. The child has a family, and they are all emotionally affected. A parent reprimands the child, asking, ”Why did you cross when the lights are red? You know we have taught you not to do that.” And the child replies, “But I watched a person cross yesterday when the light was red, and they didn’t get hurt.” The parent then focuses the energy of anger and resentment on you, and despite the fact they have no idea who you are, and are never likely to, their anger energy is instantly connected to your own field of energy. This is unpreventable.

For many unfortunate people you can multiply this incident several times in a week, adding up month by month until, in perfect timing, the repercussions continually, in a stream of so-called “bad luck”, return to their original source. This unseen, unrealized, flow of negative energy is in the lives of most people on this planet. For many, it is the very fabric of their life. Of course, if most of your actions are positive and uplifting, affecting people only in ways that are to their benefit, then what ‘comes around’ is usually termed “good luck”.

Let’s look at life through the terms of human energy. Without our being aware of it, we are each generating and expressing a huge field of physical, mental, and emotional energy. This energy is either under our control – which is rare – or it is energy that is entirely reactive to whatever situation it encounters. This gets subtle. Reactive human energy is continually attracting and reacting to potentially negative, angry, and reactive encounters in life. In other words, the perfect victim scenario. It continues unabated until the person either takes some measure of control over their energy/behaviour, or, as commonly happens, gets seriously ill. This is the birth place of heart disease and cancer.

However unlikely it may seem, the human energy field is so very powerful that, for good or bad, it can affect – and attract – a person from the other side of the world. Especially if that person’s own field of energy is closely in sync with your own. When it comes to human energy it can be truly said that there is nothing outside of yourself.

Not only is our field of energy a super-powerful attractant, it is also creative in a way that might involve no other people. Okay … so let’s go back to the man with the upraised stiff finger. What is this creating for him?

First and foremost his ‘up yours’ gesture is attracting everything into his life that can, and will, express his gesture. He is the one who will get ‘shafted’ by life, and he will probably do the ‘shafting.’ The violence of that shafting will be in direct proportion to the violence and anger of his energy field when he made the sad ‘I am a victim’ salute. Of course, he is not aware of this. If he was told, do you think for one minute that he would be open and receptive? As I said, the anger in him was so strong that I could easily feel it while ten meters away. Just imagine how powerfully he is broadcasting his anger/victim energy into life. What goes around comes around is only half of the story. The multiplication can be so big that only death can really serve the impact that is created, and even then … the story continues.

What I am aiming to show you is that there is a huge principle in life that seems to be totally unrealized by most of humanity: There is nothing outside of self. What this means is simple; your relationship with self is your relationship with life. If you have an angry and violent pattern of thought, this is your life. Your life will be one where anything that can go wrong will go wrong at the worst possible time. Sound familiar? The so-called Murphy’s Law. I have no doubt at all of the thoughts, character, and expression of the mythical Mr. Murphy. His relationship with himself would be one of self doubt and low self esteem, awaiting and expecting the inevitable letdown.

Even if you have feelings of anger and resentment to the President of another country – and they make it easy! – it is your life that is affected. The energy that you generate toward another human being is the field of energy which magnetizes and attracts reciprocal energy into your own life. No matter how valid, the thoughts that you generate about a President become the creative element in your life. It is your life that is affected. All that you negatively wish on another person is coming back to you – with the huge negative energy increase that I have already detailed.

* * *

I am a man who is self realized. I know who I am. With my lovely wife, Treenie, I travel the world for nearly five months each year running five day retreats and weekend seminars in various countries. I give many public talks. From my awakened state of being I teach what I call, The Principles of Truth. Two of them are the basis of this article: ‘There is nothing outside of self,’ and,’Your relationship with self is your relationship with life.’ Just bringing one or both of these Principles into your life can completely transform it. This is simple enough to do, but not easy!

When I am at home – apart from an ongoing love affair with fish ponds and our garden and all the play that this involves – I write books. In the past these have been spasmodic, according to my impulse, but I am now settling down into a one a year mode. Many of my books are now in twelve languages, while ‘Talking With Nature’ has reached best seller status. ‘Getting There,’ my first novel was accorded Best Visionary Fiction,1999, in the USA. These are pleasing results, but more pleasing by far is the constant stream of e-mails I receive from people who tell me that my books have touched their hearts, and helped change their lives.

My latest book, ‘The Magic Formula’ is designed to do exactly that.

This is the story of a group of boys who, on growing up, vow to meet every ten years so that they can retain their friendship. When life takes them in different directions in their late teens, they meet together in their late twenties, and late thirties, and finally in their late forties. By now they hardly know each other. When they begin their usual ‘story of my life’ to each other, instead of an edited version they finally agree to tell the truth. With a single exception it is a story of disaster, victimization, suffering, and low self esteem. They realize that despite all their workplace skills they know nothing of life – ‘real’ life.

At this stage an elderly man enters their life in a rather controversial way, offering to teach them how, despite the disaster of their lives, they can be happy and fulfilled. He offers them a ‘magic formula,’ but only after they have learned the fundamentals of life, and the Principles which govern human endeavour. The book is about men, but the story is for people who would like to experience happiness and fulfilment in their lives.

There was a reason for this book, a place and time where the idea was born. I was talking one day with a man who had done a couple of five day retreats, and he was sharing with me how he had recently felt suicidal. I asked him why this was so, considering all that he had learned from me. He replied that although he knew the words, he seemed to have no inner mechanism that allowed him to apply them in his life. He could not live what he learned. As we discussed this, I sighed. “What you need is a magic formula,” I suggested jokingly. He took me seriously.

“That’s exactly what I need,” he said. “I need a formula that can give me a direction in life, so that if I simply do it each day, good things will happen.”

He looked at me hopefully. I nodded. “A bit like taking medicine. Okay, I’ll write a magic formula, that, if applied daily will deliver the desired results.”
I asked him to e-mail me a list of all the endless questions he always had for me, and this he promised to do. Needless to say, despite a couple of promptings from me, the questions never arrived. A similar conversation with another hurting man produced exactly the same results. Despite this, the book was written. I wonder if those men will have enough focus to read it … and practice the formula. No formula, no magic!

All this is related to human energy. Where you focus is where your energy flows. Neither of these men had any real focus at all. People like them live on a sorry-go-round of scattered thoughts with no direction. And no direction means no production. Putting it mildly, this is not a good way to live! The energy of these people attracts the negative scattered energy of other similar people like bees to honey, and in their lives everything seems to get worse. Their focus becomes a focus on what is ‘wrong’ in their lives, their thoughts are about their misfortune and how unfair life is, and more and more of ‘wrong’ and ‘misfortune’ are attracted to them.

All over the western world suicide is escalating rapidly. Stress and depression are the number one problems in people, with all the disease and sickness that comes from this. We are a race of sick, basically unhappy people, mostly looking outside of self to blame and mentally attack. And all never knowing that we are creating our own despair, our own sickness, our own problems – or that it can so easily be reversed. I know this, because I was once a stressed, sick, unhappy man, and I blamed the system for my misfortune. To get out of my own mess, I had to accept that I had made it, and that if I had made it so negative, maybe, just maybe, I could completely reverse it. Believe me, I’ve been there!

It’s an odd fact that while suicide is escalating, it is only in the Western world, where basically most people have never had it so good. Or, at the very least, have never had a greater opportunity to prosper. In the Third World countries, it is survival as usual, with no great increase in suicide, and they have probably never had it so bad, especially in contrast to the affluence and overindulgence of the West.

Consider, if you will, that you are a being of energy. What you focus on is what you attract. Accept that nothing is outside of your field of energy, and that it is your focus, your thoughts, your feelings, that are the energy of attraction. Without wishing to belabor the obvious, you can so easily change your life by choosing the direction and even contents of your thoughts. Choose to focus on the good in you. Quit criticizing yourself. Self criticism attracts more of what you criticize into your life because this is your focus. You attract more of what you don’t want. Chose to focus on what you like about yourself, instead of what you don’t like. Choose to focus on all that is bright and positive in your life. Quit watching negative morning news on television, or reading of human misery stories in the daily stress paper! All that negative focus enters your life. Life is full of the beautiful, the uplifting, the positive, and this needs to be your focus.

Into your life bring self acceptance and self appreciation. See everything in your life that you can appreciate, and focus on it. Count your blessings. I have had it said to me that there was nothing in their life to appreciate. What rubbish. When you open your eyes in the morning, and you can see, give thanks and appreciation for this. Millions open their eyes in the morning, but they can see nothing, they are blind. When you get out of bed, focus on the gift and blessing that your body and limbs can move. Millions wake up each morning to a body that is incapable of free movement, their legs permanently immobilized. When you hear the sound of morning birds or traffic, give thanks and feel appreciation for the blessed fact that you can hear sounds. Millions of people wake up to a soundless world, never hearing the voices of those they love, or children’s laughter.

You get the idea. You are a Being of Energy, and you determine the direction and content of your life. Let love and joy be your focus, and experience the world not only change … but also laugh with you.

“When I write, I am not a head and theory person.  I have been there.  My heart, my concern, and my experience is in my words…” –  Michael J. Roads

Michael J. Roads is an international speaker and author from Australia. THE MAGIC FORMULA, the sixth book authored by Michael, was released in July 2003 by SilverRoads Publishing. He has written six books with steady backlist sales and is currently published in thirteen languages. His first novel, Getting There, was awarded ‘Best Visionary Fiction of the Year’ at The ’99 International New Age Trade Show. Other titles include: Talking With Nature, Journey Into Nature, Journey Into Oneness, and Into A Timeless Realm. Click here for more information: http://

Michael’s 2004 USA Tour includes the following events: June 5th & 6th, “The Art of Living with Abundance”, at the Omega Institute and June 12th – 16th, “Choosing Love” 5-Day USA Re*treat in Cleveland, Ohio.

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