Walking with George – Part III by Ted Mousseau

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
February-March 2000, Issue 10

Walking with George – Part III
by Ted Mousseau


Most days, George and I go for a walk.  Our walk usually takes us along a body of water.  It’s difficult to say whether the water is a lake or a river, as it is just about the point where Lake Erie turns into the Niagara River, then accelerates northward towards the Falls.  It is akin to walking along the edge of a vortex of energy, the same energy that permeates all physical and non-physical realities.  As we amble along, we notice that the things we discuss tend to manifest themselves physically
in some form or other.  It’s that kind of place.  As we are reflecting, we often notice various reflections in the water, and in the windows of the buildings of Buffalo, across the way.

I have retired from a career in aviation, and George from meteorology. My working life has been devoted to travel, and George’s to observation.  We are both long-time readers of the Seth/Jane Roberts material.  I think it would be fair to say that our musings tend to be colored with those perspectives.

We invite you to join us in our walking meditations.

(This is Part III – click here to read “Walking with George – Part I” and “Walking with George – Part II”.)

#21 – October 3, 1999

A cool, grey fall day. Squirrels are foraging on the front lawn and in our two ash trees. For the second time, I have dreamed of feeling trapped by rockslides. This time, I was on a train, with a wise train engineer telling me that we would be fine. I know this is silly; I can’t be trapped in the dream state.

10 Days later- I now know that the dreams were about my lawyer friend. He felt trapped, and left. I too have done this. The trapped person was my friend. The engineer was me.

#22 – October 13,1999

We are joined this morning by our friend from Kenya. Reaching Lakeshore Blvd., we note the city skyline across the water is shrouded in mist, yet protected by bright reflections of sunlight. The water itself is stirred by the wind. The scene is surreal. We can turn Buffalo into Atlantis. This is, after all, our reality.

Sharing stories of dreams, spirits, and ancestors, we take the forest path, by the ruins. On the lakeshore, George spies some fossils, one of which Ndungu will take home with him. A snake slithers auspiciously across our path.

How diverse and talented we all are! We are, in fact, aspects of one another. Realizing this helps us to celebrate our differences, and interact in deep and value fulfilling ways.

#23 – October 25, 1999

On Friday, I performed my duties as an airline pilot one final time. The flight was a routine Atlantic crossing, from London, UK, to Toronto, Canada. Now, the focus will be on learning how to fly *without* a plane. Last night, I dreamed I was pursued, then once again trapped, this time in my car, Old Yeller. This was, one could surmise, a less than auspicious start to this new career. Fortunately, that dream segment was followed swiftly by another; a therapy session conducted by a guide, in a hospital setting. The guide and I were seated on wheeled office chairs, circling each other.

Walking along the lakeshore, George and I venture our dream interpretation skills. We decide that the guide is Izzy, my inner self. The pursuit represents fear, and the entrapment an issue with which I have apparently not yet dealt. We tie this in with my chronically sore shoulder, itself symbolic of trapped energy. Moreover, we note, Old Yeller’s heating system has of late been inordinately reluctant to ‘change over’ from cold to warm.

There are evidently some issues, both financial and psychological, associated with early retirement that outer ego has decided were well enough placed on the back burner. Izzy, not at all amused, has now resorted to the psychic equivalent of a two by four to relay his own opinion. Along with the big stick, however, Izzy offers a carrot in the form of comforting counsel. Ego circles warily.

#24 – October 27, 1999

My car is 20 years old, and today is yet another car repair day. Increasingly of late, Old Yeller’s heating system has expressed reluctance in changing back and forth between hot and cold. This, at a time when I have been running hot and cold in exploring the advantages of a career change. Confident that we have identified the psychic underpinning of the problem, George and I set out to visit Savas, the local expert in the repair of aging German cars.

Savas, too, is in the midst of a career change. He has closed his shop in town, and now works out of a building on his farm. As he shows us where he wants to put the trout pond; we realize that we have entered his dream. Returning eventually from his reverie, he focuses his attention on Old Yeller, poring over it’s innards in the manner of an examining physician. George and I find ourselves, like children, exploring a decrepit old barn, walking a country road, visiting a country store.

Not surprisingly, Savas doesn’t have all the required parts on the farm. We will have to return in a couple of days, and revisit Savas’ dream. Oh, well.

#25 – October 28, 1999

On this breezy fall day, the leaves have turned, and many fallen. George and I saunter along the forest path, as through a vividly colored painting. Mesmerized by the leaves, I find myself in an altered state. At the same time, my spouse Carol, walking along a tree-lined street some five miles distant, is experiencing a similar state.

Though separated in physical reality, we have shared a non-physical experience. Through our inner senses, we have bestowed upon ourselves a non-physical gift. Carol too has walked with George.

#26 – October 30, 1999

Starting out, we notice the sunlight reflecting brightly off the water, the reflection itself forming a huge hourglass shape across the lake. A lone kayaker cuts smoothly through the precise center of the hourglass, as through time itself. As we finish our walk, a large flock of Canada geese announces its mystical presence, flying over us in the most deliberate and stately fashion.

In attempting to autotype, or channel, do we look for an ‘other’, which is within us all along?

#27 – November 3, 1999

Today is cold, blustery, hinting of snow. Last night’s heavy rainstorm has left the park flooded. Traversing the road, we notice that the geese do not mind the flooding. Honking softly, they enjoy each others’ company on their new found lake.

Returning to George’s we sit out on the screened in porch, snug in our winter coats. Along with our morning coffee, Jan presents us with her deck of tarot cards. In turn, George and I shuffle and cut the deck, then pull the same card. There are 79 cards to choose from; we have both chosen ‘awareness’.

#28 – November 4, 1999

We glide through the forest. The carpet of leaves slides smoothly beneath us; it is we who remain stationary. We are the camera in an omnimax theatre.

We need only provide intent and expectation, then allow events to fulfill themselves in alignment with our desires. A wider awareness. The development of myth. Another day away from the office.

#29 – November 5, 1999

As we walk along the water, George reveals that he has been discussing the
formation of things, more specifically houses, on one of the internet mailing lists with Kristen Fox. Walking along, we explore this idea a little further. Naught do I remember. My ignorance sends me scurrying, like one of the park squirrels, to ‘The Early Sessions’. A few acorns therein gathered:

There exists three cotangent universes; matter, electrical, and chemical. The dream universe is electrical. Thoughts are things, and have an electrical reality.

The universe of matter is of primary and secondary constructs. It is primarily and incipiently formed by consciousness. It is secondarily created by each one us, the individual observers. We are primary constructs creating our own secondary constructs.

Primary *conditions* (not the same as constructs) exist throughout all realities. Identity is a primary condition. Time, gravity, and other characteristics, such as aging, are secondary conditions specific to the universe of matter. In understanding this, we will be less bound by secondary conditions.


-Paraphrased from the Seth material, Early Sessions Sessions 122, 71, 208

#30 – November 26, 1999

It is cloudy and close, unseasonably mild. All is neutral gray; the water, the sky, our beards, our clothing. Our reality is a background canvas. We pick up the brushes of our beliefs, and begin to paint.

On occasion, we may revisit moments that are, in terms of linear time, past events. In so doing, we bring the wider awareness of our present selves. We can visit, a little more objectively, the ‘I’ we once were, the emotions experienced. We may rewrite those events in terms of our current beliefs and understanding. We may even create our own myth.

… the road continues …

(c)1999, Ted Mousseau.  Published in the February – March 2000 Issue of the  Conscious Creation Journal.  Feel free to copy this article for personal use only.  Please include this copyright notice.  http://www.consciouscreation.com/
Ted Mousseau considers himself a traveler.  As an airline pilot, he flew more than three decades, primarily on international routes for Canadian Pacific and Canadian Airlines.  Now retired, his time is devoted to writing, with emphasis on the metaphysical.  He and his wife Carol reside in Ft. Erie, Ontario, Canada.They are both directors for Jane’s Heirs, a corporation devoted to the dissemination of the Seth/Jane Roberts material.  Their website is: http://member.forterie.com/janesheirs