Magic & Manifestations – February-March 2000

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
February-March 2000, Issue 10

Magic & Manifestations

Michele’s Manifesting Stories

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Story #1 – This story and the next were originally posted to the ALLOW2CREATE mailing list started by Susan James.

Just to show you all how easy this is…and how smart Susan James is with her infinite wisdom…

As you all know from my recent email to the list, I am selling vintage jewelry on Ebay.  Some of these items are signed and are quite the “collectibles”.  I recently received an interesting necklace in a box lot of jewelry I purchased.  The necklace was signed by someone I was not familiar with and needs repair, but I figured I’d look up something on the
maker/signer of this piece before I invest a lot of time in repairing it.

So…I get out my jewelry reference books and look up this maker’s name.  He only appears in one of my books…a couple of pieces are shown with the value out beside of them.  None of the pieces in the book match my necklace I had received, but one piece in the book looked very interesting!  It was a VERY RARE zodiac necklace and is worth quite a bit of money (like $700-$800.)  There is also a matching bracelet shown in the picture which is
worth about $300-$400, making the set worth $1000-$1200.

Well, I thought to myself, I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THAT.  It is a neato set and being that it is VERY RARE, it definitely interested me.  Then I closed my book and promptly forgot about it.  Later that day, I am searching on Ebay for that maker’s name as I am still trying to determine a possible value for the necklace I already have here…the one that needs repair.  Lo and behold, when searching for that maker’s name, I land on an item, click on it, and I’ll be darned if it is not that SAME VALUABLE RARE NECKLACE PICTURED IN MY BOOK!!!!!!!!

So….I place a bid.  A day later, I am closing a transaction with the seller to purchase this RARE necklace for $118….well below what it is REALLY worth!

The moral of the story is this….make your intent, send it out there into the universe with good loving energy, and then drop it – do not think of it any more as it truly will come along.  Of course, I wish I could follow my own advice all the time…see, I am now hunting diligently for the bracelet – I have fallen right back into the trap of being “attached” to it rather than just making my intent for the bracelet and then dropping it, knowing it will show up.  So I am working on “dropping it” and as soon as my excitement calms down, I’ll probably be able to detach myself from it and go about my life…and then it will come!

Anyway, just wanted to share how this AMAZING stuff of Susan’s is working for me! 🙂

Story #2

Well, I am really feeling pretty super confident now…:)

About a week or so ago, I shared with you all the necklace I manifested.  I also stated in that story that I now had to manifest the matching bracelet to complete the set.  I have done it!  But it was not easy – or maybe it was, once I did it *right*.

I was soooooo excited to have obtained the necklace that I began a diligent search for the matching RARE bracelet on Ebay and then on the rest of the internet.  Every day on Ebay I ran a search for the maker’s name to see if the bracelet would come up.  Every day, I looked somewhere new on the net, to no avail.  I found myself getting frustated and I thought, why is this so difficult when the necklace was so EASY?????

So then I took a deep breath and thought, what would Susan James point out to me if I explained to her my frustrations – and then it hit me….I was focusing on the NOT HAVING of this bracelet, the fact I didn’t have it and that I wanted it – BAD!  It was like a major light bulb went off in my head and it was one of those super revealing AHA moments.

Once I figured out what I was doing “wrong”, I sent my intention out into the universe that the bracelet was MINE and that it would show up in due time.  And then I promptly forgot about it.  The next day was the first day in seven that I did NOT search for the bracelet…I didn’t even THINK about the bracelet!  And this is how it came to me….

That night I was doing a search for lion jewelry, which I collect.  I was drifting through my search results sort of nonchalantly, bidding on an item here and there, and then all of a sudden a subject line caught my attention. I thought….could this be????  I clicked on the subject line and there, right before my eyes, appeared this EXTREMELY RARE bracelet!!!!!!!!!! Excited?  Nah, not a bit.  <smile>  I screamed for my husband to come
look at the screen to make sure I was not dreaming and I asked him IS THAT IT?????  We opened my reference book, compared the two pictures and lo an behold, it WAS my bracelet!!!!!!

To say I was astonished is an understatement.  To say I learned a BIG lesson from this is factual and true.  I learned how easy it is to manifest what you really want.  I learned to love something and let it go is necessary in order to get the “what you want” stuff.  I learned that if I focus on the NOT HAVING (which Susan and many other superb writers have told me time and time again!) is to NOT HAVE.