Harvesting Our Experiences to Seed the New Creation by Michele Mayama

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
February-March 2000, Issue 10

Harvesting Our Experiences to Seed the New Creation
by Michele Mayama

Over the years, I have worked with many people who have carried deep woundedness from significant losses in this and/or other lives. My personal story has also contained that theme. The focus of the experience is usually on the loss, the trauma of the way it happened, the lonely or empty feelings that remain, and the inability to open or trust again. The losses can be relational, professional, physical (as in injury or death), spiritual (faith or dreams), or material (possessions, home). They can be reflected in feelings of grief, fear of separation or abandonment, blame of self or others, fear of trying new things, vigilant fear of being hurt again, fear of success or joy, powerlessness, fierce independence or over-responsibility, hopelessness, pessimism, inability to ask for what you want or need, anger, frustration, or attempts to control outcomes of just about anything that affects one’s personal experience. Within duality, the way the experiences of loss are interpreted is based on the premise that something or someone external to me is responsible for my joy, fulfillment, success, peace, well-being, support (emotional and/or financial), or health. The logic within this premise thus concludes that without that something or someone, our joy, etc. is diminished or impossible.

In the healing process, after releasing the trauma and restoring integrity to the chakra and energetic body, I gently begin to ask people to consider another way of seeing their experiences. Rather than focusing only on the end result of loss and pain, look at what your soul intended to create during the experience. The soul’s job is to evolve and strengthen soul qualities and capacities for the purpose of adding to the whole of creation. It does this by orchestrating experiences that do just that. If that growth or learning became tied to memories of loss when there was a change of focus, that can result in a soul wound that continues to play itself out in life, i.e. every time I learn or grow something on a soul level, I create a painful ending. It also leaves a large unconscious hidden reservoir of unharvested soul capacities and gifts. For example, if you were in love with someone and felt as if you were more alive and creative than ever before, the aliveness and creativity are illustrations of your soul’s capacity to bring those qualities into living expression. The other person within the relationship may have felt a deep union and healed some old trauma. These learnings or capacities remain even if the relationship dissolves. Because of that experience, each of their souls have an expanded capacity for creating even greater experiences of aliveness, creativity, union, or wholeness, unless they choose to interpret the loss of the relationship through one of the many lenses duality provides. Then there is an even greater loss.

By choosing to step into a different relationship with our own memories, the focus of experience and creation shifts from loss and lack to harvest and fullness. The process also begins to move a person across the bridge from the matrix of duality into the matrix of creation. The feeling is very different. On one side, someone else’s decisions, opinions, or influences determine our experience and we stand in reaction. As we look at the experience as our own soul’s creation and consciously acknowledge our soul qualities and capacities, we can choose to plant those in the soil of creation and begin to actively participate in co-creating our experiences from the inside out. Harvesting from our past experiences is like allowing fresh spring water to flow into and replenish a dried up well (which has often manifested as debt, exhaustion, or endless longing). Once we gather all that is ours to reap, then we stand with an abundant repertoire and reservoir of possibility. We create from a position of fullness and begin to know that as our baseline experience.

What if fullness is the foundation of all experience and that awareness is intimately woven within the living light that is the everflowing current of creation?  This is the question I have been playing with the past couple of months. The first thing I have noticed is that I can switch my perception of any experience with a single choice to focus into the field of creation. That awareness fills me with a sense of life, joy, and a range of frequencies and qualities within creation that are available to me. Sometimes, I do not have any idea of what to do, but I can ask the field to create the highest possible experience in that and every moment for everyone and every aspect of creation that is affected. The first practice is to remember to choose to step into the new matrix so to open the possibilities beyond the familiar reactions within duality.

I yet feel very novice-like in this field of creation. I can open up the experience, but then what? If I am clear about a direction for creating an experience, I can also hook it up to the living current and begin acting in accordance with what my part is in bringing it into form. But if I don’t have a clear direction, I am finding it helpful to consciously seed some of the “harvested” soul qualities and capacities. Love, joy, freedom, union, self-love, balance, fearlessness, fullness, ecstasy, playfulness, etc. not tied to any particular person or circumstance, just the experience as I was able to feel, know, and express it. In certain areas of my life, I have been matching the harvested experiences with the old manifestations of lack or fear of loss. In those areas, I plant the seeds of fullness with the anticipation of creating that experience in that place. I don’t yet have a picture of what will grow there, but I have plenty of seeds! I stand willing to receive into awareness any unharvested memories or beliefs that are creating the current experience of lack, etc. Yet my focus is increasingly on the fullness growing in that place in the garden of life allowing the living field and its frequencies to transmute the rest.

This practice is also altering my perception of desire. Desire is by definition an experience of wanting something that we currently don’t have. It is how we have motivated ourselves in duality. But what if our baseline is fullness and we are creating out of an ever-replenishing current? Then, instead of desiring something from a place of emptiness, everything feels full and already pulsing with life, yet unmanifest. The experience is one of bringing the soul’s limitless awareness, qualities, and capacities into ever greater manifested expressions in form, Light within Life. Perceived desires, seeking, or needs with their sense of longing, impatience, or drive is not the name I would give any experience within this field. Instead, there is an excitement not unlike a child waiting for Christmas. All those packages already lying under the tree, but not knowing what the gifts inside look like. Motivation has for so long been a matter of becoming aware of those desires, questions, or needs, that this is a bit disconcerting at first. I know that when I consciously focus my attention within this field of living awareness, everything feels different. Everyday, I grasp a little more of how it is different and how to be Creator within creation.

As I expand upon the personal experience of this shift, I can also see how the grand experiment here in Earth has been to seed all the aspects of universal consciousness within a matrix of duality that could build energy, and evolve a conscious species, humanity, to birth a whole new matrix for consciousness. First, humans would be unconscious, trusting the Mother planet for their sustenance (age of hunting and agriculture). Then they would evolve conscious mental awareness of the differences and uniqueness of each of the aspects, creating every variety of experience possible within the basic premise of self vs. other. But within the plan from the beginning were the seeds of a new consciousness, one that would harvest the best of each facet or aspect of consciousness while discarding the matrix and forms that grew them. When a sufficient number of  individuals birthed within duality could unify and integrate the aspects they chose to carry within the whole while precisely synchronized with the planetary gestation time for this consciousness to be complete, then the birthing of the new matrix for creation would take place.

I believe this birthing has already happened, perhaps during the Grand Cross Eclipse this past August. It has been since that time that I have sensed the field  pulsing with many more people actively aware of this new feeling, even if they are not able to speak of it. Many more are on the threshold, and still more on the bridge, or open to crossing. And then there are those still fighting to keep the old matrix alive with its familiar way of creating what has become dogmatized as truth. An interesting time indeed!

During a very powerful experience recently with a Master Teacher who came to assist me with this shift, I was told to focus on sustaining the frequencies of joy while in the field of creation. If we can sustain these frequencies in our field for extended periods of time, specific qualities of Living Light begin to transmute the basic codes of life. These codes are written in the DNA of our cells and the molecular make-up of every aspect of physically manifest life. We can transform, quite literally, our molecular structure and the way molecules of consciousness vibrate and communicate with each other. That is my practice, and I put less and less attention on any forms of change that come from a stance within duality. They may be effective in some ways, but the scope of the possibilities for transformation in this new field of conscious creation are vast beyond comprehension. It is our privilege to have been given the opportunity to grow capacities of consciousness capable of birthing this new field of creation into living expression. Harvest your gifts, release the rest for transmutation freeing the energy for use in this pulsing new field of possibilities.  Alomaha!

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