Bubble Traveling by ChiaraDina Cerweny

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
February-March 2000, Issue 10

Bubble Travelling

The Applied ThoughtForm of Quantum Physics & Relativity Theory – a mirror of consciousness interaction and an introduction into GODMIND
by ChiaraDina Cerweny

Not long ago, scientists believed themselves to have found the explanation to all their apparent questions. Things were as they have been and will be due to what they are now. Everything fitted into a small box labeled “Newton´s and Maxwell´s discoveries of the mechanical nature of life.” But by observing nature we often find ourselves learning that clear blue skies can´t stay like that forever and that the cycle of evolution and growth demands that clouds appear which provide rain for new life to blossom.

One of these clouds was Einstein´s theory of relativity that magically made apparent solid objects into flowing, streaming energy that affected and bent the space time continuum “around” them. According to the theory of relativity, matter and energy are nothing but  differently defined states of being that exist while being linked to space and time, although two observers may differ in their opinions how much time actually passed during an experienced period of an observed manifestation. This cosmological model about the “beginning of time” still had a slight touch of Newton´s mechanical world clock pattern, as each of the two observers still knew how to determine the actual coordinates of the other based on a linear movement. The previously mentioned “what was and will be is linked to what is now.”

When we finally adopted ourselves to this reality that transformed apparent solid objects into seemingly coincidental accumulated points of energy and that space, time, and matter are actually not separated from themselves but their own present states are, in fact, determined through their interaction, another cloud appeared on the horizon of men´s view on their own world. Quantum Physics introduced a world view that appeared to contradict everything else before. It involves the “observer” as the cause of the “observed” and therefore scattered all efforts to “predict” manifestations in a mechanical and linear way, a basic accepted rule by those who wished to find themselves in a universe determined by solid cosmological rules, ego-based control issues and mechanical instructions – a “marble universe”.

In Quantum Physics, two observers see things in a non-deterministic view. Not only do the opinions of these two observer differ about what they acknowledge within their own experience – definitely a field that will become interesting to those who wish to dive deeper into and study the interaction of consciousness and apparent duality – they are also linked to their own observational experience. Their observation “disturbs” the quantum world, it “creates” the observed condition. They are participants, whether they like it, or not. Quantum Physics introduces us, furthermore, to the fact that particles are not simply separate units when “moving” through space, they behave more like “waves” (called the quantum mechanic wave function) – an accumulation of two or more coexisting alternative states – and interfere with each other. The strange thing is that when they produce a “final outcome” determined by the observation (observer), their nature has changed back into the one of a particle. An inconsistent dualism. Scientists handle these “unpleasant discoveries” in their own way – some by simply trying to ignore them, others by using their minds and imaginative powers to find a “missing link” to “bridge the worlds”. This missing link might be the introduction of parallel universes and alternative (alternating) worlds.

I will not describe in detail the experiments that took place during the last century to put a spotlight on the nature of particles but will simply share the bottomline with you. Scientists came to “observe” that the previously mentioned state of particle(s) in movement referred to as “waves” are, in fact, the possible or probable locations a particle can embody, each of them existing alive and kicking within a “separate” field of reality. Hence, a quantum wave is more or less a unified appearance of probable possibilities of manifestation. When the “final” observed outcome manifests itself, all these various states of existence of all these parallel worlds merge back into “one single world” while none of the previous probable states “gets lost”. The wave of particles in movement is in fact a wave of probabilities. If a certain happening is more likely to manifest itself at an imagined certain place, the intensity of the wave increases at this spot, but the wave of probable manifestations will flow through and “give life” to all possibilities the observer could ever imagine.

Based on the nature of waves formed by probable existences our “solid” world becomes a very fragile and liquid one that consists of splitting up and merging back of parallel worlds, interactions of possibilities we consider not very likely to happen.

If we imagine for one moment that the human brain functions like an antenna – like a recording device for example – the model of parallel worlds provides us with the astounding possibility of “recreating” – “choosing” – our past from our present point of view – that may not be the linear past we got used to, but nobody would ever come to recognize that, due to the “all existence” of everything that could – more or less probable – have ever happened to us. It´s as if we would send messages – transmissions –  back in time that are based on our present observations and choices that influence and create manifestations “back then”, – at the same time, all our present happenings and “quantum leaps” we currently undergo may be related to transmissions coming from our future self sending those “waves” back in time. There is an infinite number of parallel pasts and futures waiting to be discovered. The past that is transformed by the present is just one of many probable ones. How can Quantum Physics describe this theory in its own words?

The previously mentioned quantum wave describes the probability of events while “moving” through space and each and every spot of this wave relates to a certain probability by which a manifestation is taking place. When an observation occurs, there is something like a “big bang” and the wave collapses. Instead of unlimited possibilities, there exists a single undeniable event. For calculating the probability of this collapse, the first wave has to be multiplied with another wave that is similar in form and content to the first one and is referred to as a “complex conjugating” wave. This wave kind of “modulates” the first one. The equation of multiplying those two waves stays the same, no matter if the “complex conjugating” wave runs from past to future, or “backwards” in time. Some scientists believe that if the first quantum wave is a real existing one, the other one, running backwards in time must exist as well. For a certain manifestation to occur – according to Quantum Physics theory – there have to be two quantum waves, one modulating the other. An event is manifested when a complex conjugating wave, that “will be” created in the future moves backwards in time towards the primary origin of the first quantum wave.

And how does this relate to our day to day routines ? It seems as if each and every conscious observation and action transmits a wave not only moving along in linear time, shaping our future, but also moving  backwards in time, influencing our past. Hereby, a conscious decision of an awakened mind influences manifestations that we call “the past”. Our conscious choice takes us into another “parallel universe” in which the past happening influenced and created by our present choice has been – IS – real. We have entered a utterly new “parallel universe” with “utterly new fresh” people surrounding us. Apparently the beginning and the end of a quantum wave is always located only within our very own mind – our past, present and future mind.

Which probable future self is now broadcasting back those complex conjugating waves towards our present point in space time for certain events to occur within our own life now? The answer is not very satisfying – all of them do. But comparable to tuning to a certain frequency when we listen to the radio, it´s our own attunement to certain frequencies coming from the future that creates resonance – which means that the future event and the present experience do “match” and in addition make sense to the observer – thus manifestation occurs. The physical device for this “receiving and transmitting”, attuning and aligning, may be located within certain – yet unknown – areas of the human brain (the previously mentioned “antenna”).

Some scientists indulge in their imagination of a possible future where (when) one is able to dive into an electron and could observe the same happenings that would take place in a rotating black hole. Up until now it´s pure speculation but if this would be true, we could experience all these parallel realities and worlds by simply attuning to our very own electrons that make up our atoms, cells and bodies. Maybe one day when we know more about this sophisticated method and / or have furthermore created the technology that would enable us to take this step – something similar to an electronic form of biofeedback –  our own physical devices – our bodies – will be discovered to be our very own private little time machine. Merkaba travelling.

Quantum Physics challenges us with a lot of unsolved riddles. How can a single subatomic object be at the same time at several locations within an atom ? The apparent solution is the “end of time” – then the paradox is solved. If I walk down 5th avenue and stop to call a cab, then enter the cab to drive to the airport, enter a plane and go to Cancun I have been at several locations, all real, but not “at the same time”. Quantum Physics provides us with freedom from the perception of time as we know it now by simply making clear that time is nothing more than an imagined variable which brings order into a chronological flow of happenings according to our own perception of “making sense” and ” linear cause and effect”.

The coexistence of probable alternating worlds demands that we redefine not only our terms of “past” and “future” but also spell anew the meaning of “the universe”. Up to now, there was no plural of “UNIverse”. For what could be more than “all that is”? But according to the new model of Quantum Physics, the universe we live in is no longer the “all that is” that it was before. We are confronting a paradox here. The universe is all and not all at the same time.  Quantum Physics assumes that “what is not” is actually the foundation of “that which is” – hereby the “what is not” is also existing.

Within the mechanical world model that forms classical physics we were searching for theories that explained to us if our assumptions about a certain behavior of a thing actually are aligned to the happenings that take place. If so, the theory was correct, if not the assumptions were thrown away as they “proved wrong”. In Quantum Physics things become more sophisticated, more subtly differentiated and are classified according to all “possibilities” of a thing, even if they are not very likely to happen. In the subatomic world, one knows an atom by knowing all possible locations of an electron (that are nor specified but appear all at the same time sitting like a spooky cloud around the core). If an electron takes on one form, it hides another. It can be a particle that embodies at a certain time a certain place but carries an unknown energy or it can “move” with a certain energy within the atom but as a consequence has no specified place. Picture an image of a bullet in flight. If you freeze the frame, you have this object at a specified place in time but cannot perceive the energy (the movement) it carries (through). When watching the flying bullet in movement, you might come to “see” the kinetic energy (the movement) but you cannot specify the correct location anymore. That´s – highly simplified – but what things are like within the subatomic world. A quantum wave cloud takes up no specified place, being in the form of a particle it has no certain energy. The dualism of waves and particles. Compared to the theory of probable alternating worlds it means that a unified theory, something like a map drawn for all various ways of existence unfolding must imply all probable happenings (and non – happenings) – the “Hyperspace”. Quite a tricky mind bender! If all other parallel worlds and universes are mirroring our “own” despite that they might have some different variables, they finally multiply to become the one we are familiar with. Us, already living in “Hyperspace”?

This article is based on the book Parallel Universes: The Search For Other Worlds by Fred Alan Wolf. A follow – up article during the next editions of Conscious Creation journal is highly “probable”.

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