And Now We Reach the Golden Chariot…. by Michele Mayama

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
February-March 2000, Issue 10

And Now We Reach the Golden Chariot….
by Michele Mayama

Note from Michele: This article on the evolution of consciousness is the last in the series of nine, leading up to the millennium. It has been good for me to articulate and give form to my experience and growing awareness. Millennium Blessings!

In college, I needed to make some spending money to do whatever college kids do. For two years I worked as a tour guide at the Minnesota State Capital building taking hundreds of groups to all of the government workings on four floors, describing how it was built, and sharing interesting stories from Minnesota’s colorful history. The highlight of those early tours was the trek up the winding metal staircase to see the gold-leaf covered chariot and horses gleaming at the top. The other day I was telling someone of this early job, and they said I was still doing it……taking people to other levels, telling stories of our collective history, and guiding those who choose to go to the top of consciousness where they can discover their own golden chariot. And so, as a  guide who has been facilitating a tour of the shift in consciousness for the past nine months, we are nearing the end. It’s time to discover the golden horses that will pull us into the next creation.

The journey has taken us on a tour through our collective story from the perspective of the evolution of consciousness. Within the field of Unconditional Love, with no blame or judgment, all can be seen as part of a long unfolding experiment that initiated Creation out of the Oneness of an all-encompassing awareness, through a split into two counter-opposing energy-generating forces creating polarity and magnetism, attraction and repulsion, duality and individuation. So successful has this experiment been, that literally trillions of distinct life-forms exist, complete with a conscious aspect that is capable of writing this article or discovering the next unnamed insect in the remaining Amazon Rain Forest. However, that phase of evolution has nearly exhausted the energy it can create to sustain itself. As it moves through its death spiral, there are increasing reports of death in every aspect of life and culture in every part of the world. From the dying waters of Lake Victoria in Africa to the shooting deaths of children in our schools; from the massive killer earthquakes in Turkey and Taiwan, to the massacres in Bosnia or AIDS epidemic in Africa;  the old matrix of creation is signaling that its time is finished. Just as I see the black suits and faces of mourning painted on the pierced bodies of a younger generation obsessed with illustrating “death” for us all, I also see the signs of something new birthing itself from the ashes of that death.

That something new is the weaving of the best of all that duality has created into a Wholagram of Living Awareness. The Earth, as Mother of the evolutionary process as we know it, has already shifted her etheric cellular make-up to support the changes that will be increasingly evident in our material reality. Since we are part of her, we are the consciousness that perceives what has been happening, albeit with numerous interpretations of the same signs. When I see Eastern wisdom merging with the West’s capacity to give form and structure and new healing modalities being born, or musicians that combine and fuse many traditions from around the world resulting in Afro-Celtic or Hildegard von Bingen chants set to drums and synthesizer, I see the creativity that is possible when people no longer feel bound within a specific identity such as my country, my religion, my traditions, my beliefs, or my profession. What is happening, in spite of the old matrix that seems to interpret these things as dangerous, irreverent, or irrelevant, is that more and more people are just stepping out of the box and into the field of all possibility. The artists among us as well as those who have been willing to synthesize all of their various life (or lifetimes) of experience into a fluid sense of awareness and self, are birthing the new chariot that is pulling consciousness into its future.

I also see these manifestations of “fusion” as a reflection of the infusion of Light within Matter. That infusion is probably only at 10-15% of fulfillment at this time, with more and more escalation as we approach the year 2012. As with any great discovery leading to change, there are those pioneers who set out first without maps or guides to discover the new territory. Then they come back and tell others what is beyond the known and familiar. The pioneers of this age have discovered the non-physical worlds of energy fields, etheric structures of consciousness, causal planes, and levels of universal intelligence that are available to any who learn how to tune their inner antennae. The challenge has been to find words and metaphors to share the discoveries and/or to create experiences that facilitate the discovery by others. This is where the scientist and mystic are merging, as seen in Candace Pert, Caroline Myss, Fritjof Capra, or any number of others who have fused their training with their intuitively guided pioneering spirits. This fusion is standing at a threshold of incredible creativity that will open up solutions to global issues such as the greenhouse effect, widespread pollution and its influence on all of life, viruses with unknown cures, or the need to create sources of sustainable energy .

I know there are other visions of the future, ones that are much more pessimistic than what I see as possible. Yet, every time I have surrendered and set free all that I know and believe, opening to yet another round of restructuring consciousness, the awareness of  this planetary birthing of the Creator within Creation just gets clearer, becoming more felt and known rather than just trusted and hoped for.

If I only saw what was on the surface of reality, it would be much more difficult to be a guide into what appears to many to be a frightening and uncertain future. Rather than stockpiling guns, food, and supplies, I choose to allow the fusion of Light within my material life and body to inform me of how to create differently than in the past. My latest process took me deep into my fear of not being
supported fully by this current of creation. When I surrendered, I heard, “All that you need is within the current.” That night I had a dream of a bowl of living nectar that no one seemed to know how to use or what effects it would have. Suddenly I was immersed within it and it was passing through me as if I was porous. I woke with the words, “Eternal Immortal Life”, running through my mind and a sweet clarity that felt affirming to every cell of my body that this living current indeed supplies all that I need.

The practice of this time has been to learn how to paddle my life to stay in this current. I have had to restructure my time commitments during this last phase. Certain choices, like writing, or painting in our house, seem to open up the creative current to such a degree that it does not want to be interrupted or shut down to do anything else. As I become more aware of where the current is flowing in my life, I am opening up whole days so there are no other commitments. I am learning to value this living current moving through me enough to put boundaries around such times so that appointments, phone calls, food preparation, or housework do not interfere. The power of the flow moving through me has startled me a little. And yet, as I relax into it without fear or resistance, I am also experiencing more joy, clarity, and fun. If I slip out of the current, life begins to feel muddy and stagnant pretty fast. Usually it is because I have allowed someone else’s needs or agenda to become more valued than this current and the wisdom within it. By making a conscious choice to step back into the living field to sense where Life is flowing, I literally feel picked up by the current and the power of its creative intention. I may not know where it is taking me or how support will come, but I am getting some good practice in the basics of reading currents!

So we come to the Golden chariot and horses at the end of the tour. Of course, its not the end of anything except the climb to the top. As duality releases its hold on consciousness, the fusion that is the result will lead to fireworks of orchestrated creation unlike anything we have yet seen. It our choice and opportunity to step into the current and learn to paddle our lives in its flow. I think you’ll find that as you do, the living Current of Creation is the only guide you’ll need from now on.

I’d like to close with an excerpt from a message that was dictated to me about five years ago. I hope you have enjoyed the tour.

“I have come to tell you, Children of Earth,
that the time has come to claim your inheritance,
to open to the fulfillment of the merging
I dreamed into creative movement
within your beings as you were formed.”

“You are Children of Light and Earth, inheriting the greatest gift
I have yet given any form in my universe,
Creator consciousness merged fully into
experience, expression, and ecstatic union with all.”

“It has been my part in this dance of duality to be parent,
and you to be child.
That time is now finished.
Michael and Lucifer are reunited,
Light and Dark are One,
Parent and child are One.
“And I am creating from that fusion a new hologram
Which transmutes all that has been created of duality
Into pure Joy, ecstasy exploding new forms,
Freed to create who I Am
Throughout the universe
And beyond the Beyond.”

©2000, Michele Mayama. Printed in the February-March 2000 Issue of the Conscious Creation Journal. (Feel free to duplicate this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)
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