You’ve Got Abracadabra, Baby! by Joanne Rodasta Wilshin, MA

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
November 2002

You’ve Got Abracadabra, Baby!
by Joanne Rodasta Wilshin, MA

I imagine many of you are upset about the potential use of force against Iraq, or any other nation for that matter. And for various reasons.

Some of you may still be looking for proof that Iraq poses an imminent danger to the US. Some of you may worry that we do not have the support of the rest of the world. Others may think Congress gave President Bush too broad an authority to start a war. And still others of you may be completely opposed to pre-emptive action against another country or to taking out another country’s leader.

Whatever the reason or reasons you may be upset, there may be within you an impulse to protest, to march against the war, or to shout out your opposition. You do not like what is happening, and you want your voice heard.

As a red-blooded American, I understand these impulses. Ours is a representative government, one in which we are oft reminded that each of our voices matters. Our votes matter. Our letters to representatives matter. We matter.

But what can you do when you fear your protests will go unheeded? That your voice will be drowned out by a force more powerful, more wealthy, or more well-connected than your own?

As a conscious citizen, you have an incredible arsenal at your disposal: your creative energy. Your own personal abracadabra.

You probably already know, but may forget, that what you think about shows up in your life in myriad unexpected ways. If you routinely expect to be cheated, then you won’t be surprised at all that your neighbor’s taxes are less than yours, the car you bought turns out to be a lemon, or the contents of the granola box you just bought isn’t as full as you’d like.

You expect to be cheated, and, abracadabra, you are!

“As a conscious citizen, you have an incredible arsenal at your disposal: your creative energy.”

On the other hand, if you think you are going to be treated fairly, you don’t go into shock when restaurants serve you plenty of food, the police don’t give you tickets for driving two miles over the speed limit, and the things you buy are always worth their value you.

You expect to be treated fairly, and, abracadabra, you are!

What does this have to do with Iraq, or any other war?

A lot. What you think, especially at the subconscious level, has real abracadabra power to it. For example, if you want peace, but subconsciously think the government wants to take over the Iraqi oil fields, you have two conflicting thoughts. The first is loving (but not very specific), and the other is fear-based and can have very detrimental results.

So what can you, as a conscious citizen, do?

First, ask yourself what you fear? Really get clear on this. Do you fear the US will lose the world’s goodwill? Do you fear terrorism will increase? Do you fear the war will line the oil company’s pockets? Do you fear a world war?

Once you have all those fears on paper in front of you, ask yourself what you want instead of each fear. What do you want instead if you knew that absolutely anything in the world is possible? What do you want instead that would make you feel safe and happy?

For example, if you fear the US will lose the world’s good will, what do you want instead? Do you want the US to act in a way that the world supports us? Do you want the whole world to come together and figure out a solution to the current Iraqi regime? What do you want instead if there exists no bound to your imagination?

Please include what you want for everyone included. What would make the Iraqis feel safe and happy? What would make President Bush and his administration feel safe and happy? What would the terrorists need to feel safe and happy? (Remember, people considering war or terrorism really aren’t happy!)

You want to include everyone’s desires in your intention, because if only one side in a dispute is happy, then you still have a dispute.

Once, you’ve thought about what you want instead, and everyone involved feels safe and happy, image it in your head? See it. Feel it. Experience it. Take it all in. Create it. Know that by doing this, by seeing, feeling, and experiencing your vision, you are exerting a more powerful force than all the protesting and letter writing can ever exert. You are consciously deciding what your abracadabra power will create. Thinking the right thoughts takes the work out of doing!

Does this mean you shouldn’t write letters or protest?

No. It means that in all you do and think about, it is your vision of what you really want for yourself and everyone else that matters. That vision is what you are creating. Think and behave as if it is being created. Nurture your vision during its birthing period. Know that it is somehow going to come into existence.

And whenever one of your old fears creeps back into your thinking, immediately ask yourself: What do I want instead if anything in the world is possible? And then think about it! Set the intention for your abracadabra. Think it into existence.

Joanne Rodasta Wilshin wrote Take a Moment and Create Your Life! (available through and facilitates the MindAffects Workshops.

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