Prosperity is a Work of Art! by Joanne Rodasta Wilshin, MA

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
November 2002

Prosperity is a Work of Art!
by Joanne Rodasta Wilshin, MA

The economy impacts each of you in many ways. It affects your savings and your work or businesses, the value of your possessions and your ability to enjoy life. If affects what you can give to others, and what others can give to you.

You know we all benefit when the economy flourishes. Not only do you feel happier and safer, but those you love and care about also feel happier and safer. An abundant economy is a psychological and spiritual blessing, a state which graces you and yours with feelings of generosity and security.

But, in the U.S., our economy is now slumping, and the negative effects of the slump are affecting all of us. We worry about our 401k’s, our jobs, our property values, and even our trust in our economic system. Can we trust the people who head corporations, or even the people entrusted with overseeing the workings of these corporations: the boards of directors, and the SEC? Can we trust the administration to do what is best for the economy? How can we regain the prosperity that has so recently slipped away?

What can you, a conscious citizen, do to help? How can you best use your consciousness to bring about the blessings of prosperity?

Being conscious means you pay attention to what you think and what you think about. Being conscious means you remember that your thoughts can become what you experience in your future.

But being conscious doesn’t mean that every time you have a negative thought you dismiss it and pretend it never occurred. Your thoughts, both positive and negative, have a way of imprinting themselves in your mind. When you have a negative thought, banishing it into the ether doesn’t work because it doesn’t really get banished. Instead, the thought gets filed in our subconscious, where it gets thought about without your being aware of it.

And what you think about, even subconsciously, becomes what you experience.

“Being conscious means you pay attention to what you think and what you think about. Being conscious means you remember that your thoughts can become what you experience in your future.”

As a conscious citizen, first pay attention to the thoughts you’d rather banish. Thoughts like: we can’t trust the SEC; Congress and the administration are just after political gain; Social Security is ultimately going to fail, etc.

These thoughts, and others like them, don’t feel good, and they create exactly what you don’t want.

Really resist the urge to ignore these thoughts. Become aware of them. Notice that they exist. And then . . . .

And then ask yourself what you really want to experience instead, knowing that you have the ability to create anything in your life. When you realize that some part of you believes the stock market is run by crooks or that our political leaders aren’t doing their best for the economy, consider what you really want to experience instead.
Wouldn’t you rather experience a stock market thriving in fairness and mutual benefit to all? Wouldn’t you rather experience all our leaders creating a business environment which contributes to everyone’s happiness and safety?

And what would that look like? Envision it. How are people now responding to the issues of life? What are people now thinking when problems come up? Notice people’s new frame of reference now that the economy is bolstered by leadership and benevolence? Experience it deeply enough that you have an emotional response akin to happiness or expansiveness.

Visually experiencing what you want to have happen acts to embed the concept in your conscious and subconscious minds. You want the vision to be in your subconscious mind so it can get thought about while you’re busy doing all the other things of life.

By doing this, you have consciously decided what you think and what you think about. In doing so, you help to create your vision.

If you worry that all the other negative thoughts will out-create your positive ones, again ask yourself what you want instead. Do you want them to out-create yours? Of course, not. You probably want grace to step into their lives so they also share your vision. That way your loving vision is bolstered by theirs.

You, as a conscious citizen, are the artist of your life. You control the paint, the brush, and the canvas. Go to town on your economy, our economy, the world’s economy.

Joanne Rodasta Wilshin wrote Take a Moment and Create Your Life! (available through and facilitates the MindAffects Workshops.

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