Everything is Perfect, Or Is It? by Joanne Rodasta Wilshin, MA

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
December 2002

Everything is Perfect, Or Is It?
by Joanne Rodasta Wilshin, MA

Recently a friend sent me an e-mail video of beautiful scenery accompanied by words similar to these: “The world has gotten more difficult. We no longer feel safe. But everything is perfect. Be at peace.”

It was really quite lovely, except it left me feeling very unsettled.

Upon checking in with myself, it occurred to me that when we talk ourselves into believing everything is perfect, when clearly it is not, we are giving up our powerful ability to consciously create loving experiences.

We all come equipped with minds which somehow manifest into reality. We practice visualizing and affirming intentions because we know it will impact the energy around us and create that which we want. Most of us have created some pretty miraculous events by practicing these little creative techniques.

But even when we aren’t visualizing and affirming intentions, our mind’s thoughts and beliefs still impact energy and create what we think about, even if it’s what we really don’t want. In other words, our mind’s conscious and subconscious thoughts and beliefs manifest themselves 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

So what happens when we go into a state of accepting that everything is perfect, especially when it isn’t?

We help to create that which we clearly do not want. Is it really perfect that people are blowing up other people? Is it really perfect that millions of people are out of work? Do we really want that to continue?

By accepting these events as perfect is to consciously allow the states of fear and lack to be alive and well in the world. It is saying that bad things sometimes have to happen in order for good to happen.

But is this what we really want? As a Conscious World Citizen, it is for all of us in every moment to look at what is happening in our world and ask ourselves, ask our hearts, “Is this what I really want?”

Do we want people to have to die in order for something good to come about? Do we really want millions of people to be out of work in order for something pleasant to come next?

I don’t know about you, but my heart answers a resounding NO! My heart does not want people to die for good to happen, because that is sacrifice, and sacrifice, to me, means that someone has to suffer for the good of someone else. My heart does not want others to suffer for someone else to gain. Nor does my heart want millions of people out of work, because I know it’s not necessary for good to happen.

“When we talk ourselves into believing everything is perfect, when clearly it is not, we are giving up our powerful ability to consciously create loving experiences.”

What do I want instead? This is the real question for the Conscious World Citizen to think. What do I want instead, if things seem imperfect to me? Do I want peace to just begin presenting itself, even if I have no clue how to make it happen? Do I want the job market to just open up, even if that seems pretty unlikely?

As a Conscious World Citizen, I don’t have to know how something happens. And neither do you. You just have to know what you want to happen. And then you have to experience it inside yourself through imagining and visualizing. See the headlines and news reports of the miraculous peace negotiations. See the unemployment numbers go down, down, down, and the effect it has on everyone and everything.

When you, as a Conscious World Citizen, give yourself these inward experiences, you are establishing them as part of your thinking, as mind fodder that influences your surrounding energy. The more you think the thoughts, the more their impact will be on your external world.

The next time someone tries to remind you that everything is perfect when it really looks or feels quite the opposite, ask yourself if what is going on is really so perfect? Is everyone involved getting his or her needs met? If it really isn’t as perfect as people would like you to think, what is it that you want instead? What do you and others need in order to feel loved and safe? Then see it and think it into being. The world will be grateful!

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