Three Steps Into the Magical: Learning to Focus by John J. McNally

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
December 1999 – January 2000, Issue 9

Three Steps Into the Magical: Learning to Focus
by John J. McNally

Imagine four people who wish to explore a dark room. They enter with flashlights, and then proceed to stand in the middle of the room and shine the flashlights directly at each other.  Sounds pointless you say? Surprisingly I have discovered that this is an excellent analogy of how I spent a great deal of my personal energy, and I’ve noticed that it is often considered the normal mode of communication by many people in society.

The four people in this example might actually learn a little about the room they are in by seeing what is behind the person they are shining the light on. Except that before any one person gets a good look, the other gets angry for having a light shined in his/her face and shines one directly back blinding the viewer. Before you realize it, each person has forgotten that they are supposed to be exploring the room, and instead are too busy blinding each other in a futile attempt to make one another see their truth.

On one of the email lists that I belong to, this became the dominant mode of communication. One person would state their opinions about reality creation, and another would immediately counter with a diametrically opposed view. Others would join into the debate, but for the most part it would be on one side or the other. Going back to my analogy, each person became focused on blinding the other with his/her flashlight rather then actually using to explore the room they were in.

I am glad to say that while these interactions were prominent in my cyber world, my physical life was completely different. My interactions with Kristen, and with our closest friends have always been based around a sharing of ideas and mutual inspiration, rather than the combative approach. In this manner, the same four people entering the room would shine their flashlights in the same direction, illuminating the various dimensions of the room while seeing them from similar, but unique perspectives.

Stepping away from the constant email bickering took effort at first. It’s hard NOT to respond when you believe someone is deliberately twisting your words, or misconstruing your meaning. When I unsubscribed from the list, I had this strong pull not to leave things unfinished, or let the others get the last word. But I also knew it was an endless cycle, and one that I was no longer learning from.

Having let go of the drama however, I gradually became aware of having more energy for other pursuits. Kristen and I began experimenting with energy, playing with our personal energy fields, healing minor blockages and wondering just how far we could take our abilities.

I began reading Barbara Brennan’s “Hands of Light” and with a very simple exercise learned how to perceive the auras of trees and plants. Information I received from a channeling session with some friends of ours opened me to an Atlantean method of perceiving energy, one that has a great deal of promise in the reality creation area. Several days later we discovered an email list that provides a free first level Reiki attunement.  *  The attunement has had a significant effect on my personal energy flow, and sense of well being, I have a much greater awareness of my own energy flow and balance.

In our continuing experiments, Kristen and I have perceived visitors –  Non-physical entities that seem curious, just sort of checking us out perhaps attracted by the energy we were generating.  In our last experiment, our region had been affected by a blackout, which when you live in a rural area like ours, means total isolation from the world outside. That evening, I had been talking with Kristen about how such a disconnection frees someone up toward exploring new probabilities. I theorized that this was the reason for power outages with most UFO encounters, people are forced to step away from the distractions that anchor them to the “real” world, and pay attention to the new reality in front of them.

Opening up to energy that night, we received a very interesting visitor. A female form which stood four to five feet tall, with a quality that I describe as elf-like, although I could see how others would describe it as angelic.  This felt like a first contact scenario, with a sort of emotional acknowledgement from this being that since our energy was now almost exclusively focused on cooperative interaction with others, we had reached a new plateau of exploration. Our energy had become noticeable, perhaps more clearly focused than it had been before. There were no words exchanged, although I don’t doubt that there will be verbal/telepathic communication in the future.

Perfectly enough, a short time after I had unsubscribed from the email list full of constant bickering, a new email list was created based around the same subject matter. The list filled instantly with old friends, some whom I hadn’t heard from in quite a while. One of these friends mentioned how she was no longer interested in the “offending/defending” interactions that had been so prevalent in her past as well. I find myself marveling at the perfection of it all, although intuitively it all seems to fit together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

(c)1999, John McNally.  Published in the December 1999 -January 2000 issue of the online Conscious Creation Journal.   Feel free to copy this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.