Thoughts on Reality Creation without Judgment by Rev. Susan H. Aguirre

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
December 1999 – January 2000, Issue 9

Thoughts on Reality Creation without Judgment
by Rev. Susan H. Aguirre

I find that whenever I get together with friends, family or class members one topic of discussion that seems to always come up is that of reality creation. I must admit that I sometimes inwardly shrink from this particular topic as it seems to bring up all sorts of issues for many people. Yet I do have some definite opinions on this and have been known to throw my two cents worth in from time to time (smile).

I want to share my views with you on this particular subject, in hope that we can all be aware of others paths in life… that we can use our power of reality creation to help support each other in our choices.

You create your own reality…what exactly does this mean?

I believe that much of the current thought about reality creation originated in the works of Jane Roberts and her channeled work of a being called Seth. One of my most favorite books is the Seth book, “The Nature of Personal Reality”. Here is a small excerpt from the book:

“Is Reality Real?

Is physical life a hallucination? Is there some definable concrete reality, of which your own is a mere shadow?

Your reality is the result of a hallucination, if by this you mean that it is only the picture shown by your senses. You hypnotize your very nerves, and the cells within your body, for they will react as your expect them to react, and the beliefs of your conscious mind are followed in degree by all portions of the self down to the smallest atom and molecule. the large events of your life, your interactions with others, including the habitual workings of the most minute physical events within your body — all of this follows your conscious belief.

If you are ill you may say, “I did not want to be sick,” or if you are poor, “I did not want to be poor,” or if you are unloved, “I did not want to be lonely.” Yet for your own reasons you began to believe in illness more than health, in poverty more than abundance, in loneliness rather than affection.”

I believe that we do create our own reality. But just where does that leave you if you are in the midst of pain, rejection, physical or emotional/mental abuse, starvation, destruction from wars or natural disasters? Here it is important to understand that each person has a plan or guideline when they come into their current physical manifestation (this works even if you don’t believe in reincarnation). My belief is that each soul has a hand in the decision on what their next (or only) life will be… down to the choice of family, the type of body, etc.

So why would anybody choose to be born with physical deformities, hardship, abuse systems already in place? I will ask this question of you, the reader: Why are you judging those particular patterns of life to be bad or negative? Here is where one type of judgment comes in… that being that there is something such as a perfect life and along with it the feeling that if one doesn’t have a perfect life, then there is something wrong with that particular individual. Another type of judgment is that people who are in difficult situations are ignorant, not enlightened, etc. because if they knew about the creation of their own reality then they would not be in such a situation.

Can you see why this is difficult topic? And yet there is something wonderful in putting your energy into this particular belief. If you use this belief properly (without judgment) then it can be a very powerful and freeing thing in your life. If you understand how you create your own reality and if you start putting this belief into responsible practice your life will be changed in a dramatic way. To make this simple, I will list for you how to use this belief in your life:

Take responsibility for ALL that is currently in your life. Yes, I did say ALL. That does mean that you take responsibility for what would seem to be negative or bad things in your life. Perhaps it would be helpful to list all of the current situations in your life (both positive and negative). For some it will be easy to take responsibility for all the good/positive things, for others, only the bad/negative things.

Once you have your life’s list, review those items that you would like to change. Even if you feel that a situation is hopeless, take the time to list what you want your life to be. Try to create this list using action words and keeping a positive focus. For example, your list could include: I am a healthy, outgoing person who takes pride in what I do. NOT – I will lose weight and quit being negative…do you see the difference? It is also very helpful to give up judgment here.

Work on creating YOUR life, not what you think somebody would want you to be or do. It is also time to remember that you only have a say in YOUR life…you cannot affect change in anybody else but you. Take the previous list and release all that you don’t want in your life. I learned something very important in my studies… you can’t give up something that you don’t own. So, if you don’t take responsibility for your part in a negative reality creation, then you have no power or control to give it up. Do you see how this works?

Each morning review your list and then go throughout your day knowing that you are creating your reality. Be aware of your self-talk. Be honest with yourself. Refrain from judging either your own or other’s reality creation. At the end of the day, review your activities and note any progress on your list. If you feel that there is too much to change, then pare down the list while promising yourself to add items when you feel ready.

The bottom line to this is attitude. If you feel like you are in a negative situation that is out of your control, then it IS a bad situation that is out of your control. If you feel that you are in a bad situation but you have control or a responsibility, then you can take steps to change your situation (that portion that is yours). To think that you create every THING and PERSON in your life is somewhat silly…but it is true to an extent. What we create is our beliefs and views ABOUT the person and because that is all we have, then in essence we do create other people…do you see what I mean?

For example, if I hold a belief that all of the men in my life are aggressive and violent and don’t like me, then all my dealings with men will be such. I will attract to my being those men that fit my belief. Every other man in my sphere that does not fit this description will be dismissed from my life. I am not creating these people, I am only creating my view of these people. My views of their actions are filtered through my preconceived notions. It does get down to physical sight and any of the other senses. As time goes on beliefs become almost physical things. Perhaps you have run across someone who is very strong willed with strong beliefs…you can pick up information about them and what they hold true, without even having a conversation with them!

Okay, now for the hard part…what do we do with those situations where a whole group of people are experiencing a negative reality and how does this fit in light of a child’s life? Here one can look at group reality or racial reality and see how a whole group of people might “choose” to experience a traumatic event or perhaps a whole traumatic lifetime. It is in our judgment of what is good and bad that makes such choices seem unfair or not fitting into the reality creation idea. If one holds a belief that reincarnation is a reality, then it becomes easier to recognize why or how people will choose to incarnate with serious or hard issues. I am not talking about karma here…because again, that can lead to judgment. I am speaking more about the fullness of experience and that ALL in every life is of the ONE and in essence “good”. People can and do choose to lead hard lives because it gives them an experience that helps them to reach their goal. Would we understand what joy is without it’s partner, sorrow? It seems simplistic, but it does work.

There is also the thought that one will choose a life to bring about a lesson/gift into the world. Perhaps a soul chooses a life where they come into the physical body and then leave quite quickly…the family then deals with issues around sorrow, loss, grief and death. The gift is that each individual has the power to decide just how they will deal with these issues. Perhaps one family member becomes embittered and holds a belief that life is unfair. Another family member chooses to focus on the joy that the departed brought into the family, regardless of duration. Another family member has deep grief and chooses to be depressed for a period of time, then takes responsibility for their feelings and goes on to help counsel other people who have experienced loss.

Okay, that makes sense…does that mean that the embittered person is bad or wrong? No! It just means that they have chosen to create their particular reality…and it is totally up to them whether they feel able to change their attitude. If they choose not to, is that a “waste” of the gift? No. We all have to give up judgment on what are the “shoulds” of life, what is bad or good, what is proper and improper. There is a lot to be said about “doing” grief or sadness or pain or anything that we as a society fear and judge. There is no such thing as a wasted life, there are no “bad” relationships and from my belief, there is no such thing as evil (but that is another topic).

Now, for the what I believe is the most important part. We need to keep a focus that we are in the world and of the earth and we are ALL creating reality. We do not live in a vacuum, apart from others. Be responsible for your own reality creation. Do not attempt to use your knowledge around reality creation to keep others unempowered or victimized, do not judge. If you disagree with someone else’s reality creation, choose to speak to them in an honest and heart-felt way and perhaps your ideas will take hold (perhaps not). If you have a strong belief or knowledge that someone is “wrong” do all that you can to help bring others to the same place of knowledge. Telling people that they are wrong and punishing people for their misdeeds only creates a state of confusion and dependency and judgment. Educating people about the right use of will, taking responsibility and the need for respect of the individual goes a lot farther and is more effective.

My hope for you is that you take responsibility for your creation of your life. May you share my belief that every life and all that is to be experienced in any life is good and full and right. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I encourage you to share your feelings by emailing me your thoughts.

©1999, Rev. Susan H. Aguirre.  Printed in the December 1999 – January 2000 Issue of the Conscious Creation Journal. (Feel free to duplicate this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)
Susan H. Aguirre is a Reiki Master/Teacher, minister, psychic, beadwork artist, and all around nice person.  She and her husband have created a website called The Reflectory where they share information on Usui/Tibetan and Karuna® Reiki healing, Tarot, Esoteric Astrology and metaphysical musings.