The Cosmic Play: A PreProgrammed, Interactive Simulation by ChiaraDina Cerweny

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
December 1999 – January 2000, Issue 9

The Cosmic Play: A PreProgrammed, Interactive Simulation
by ChiaraDina Cerweny

Lately, I have been thinking quite a lot about various dimensional topics and indulged in my special personal recipe of how they could be interconnected ( and how I like the taste of my menu to be .. gosh, I am just such an addict to sweets ! =smile= )  … how can contradictary things like “predetermined” variables of certain evolutionary paths and free will get along in solid friendship? How can we bridge the apparent gaps of dimensions and sneak out of the illusion of time and space and relate to our – as the eso(terics) call it – eternal self –  that exists apart from this dimensional mainframe of linear understanding linked to cause and effect?

Have you ever been playing a simulation on your computer? Sim City is a wonderful example … you manipulate a virtual world that has it´s own drive to improve and grow and interact – you sort of sit outside and direct where and when things are going to be built, destroyed, events shall take place, taxes are going to be payed and how to provide the citizens of your little town with all they need – cuz if you should fail in that, chances are that due to the “internal drive of the program” – how the software has been written – blocks of your city will become slums and slowly but steadily your little own kingdom will go down – end of this kind of program, end of that certain kind of game.

Let´s assume (some of us even dare to say : they KNOW)  that our 3 dimensional reality is nothing but a software program – an energy matrix described in the language of mathmatics – sacred geometry. It was like we were playing a computer simulation one beautiful moment out of time and got really bored by just observing when suddenly we had this brilliant new idea – saying to ourselves – “Hey you know what would be REALLY hot? If I could just step into that kinda program and EXPERIENCE it. And even more: Experience myself and what I create! What is it like to meet me and my creations? ( we grinned mischieviously at that point) Really becoming and BEING an actor in my very own game? Boy, THAT would kick ass!! Bloody fine” ( some might say “god” would´t have used swearwords but I say “he”did, because it was fun and dramatic expression.)

So we figured how we could create something really fancy like that. A preprogrammed interactive loop of experiencing ourselves at various stages of selfunderstanding. An affectionately beautiful (and really cool) prepared stage where this play of “having a good time while looking at ourselves” could take place. And man, who knows what would come out of that? We really got excited … chances were that we could become something we never thought of being due to undefined variables we built into the program . Finally – disguising time again!! New and crazy ideas popped into our thinking … yeah, this sounded fun! The game was meant to be acted out within the frame of some “preset” happenings – cornerstones –  that we masked as “internal desires” that should be understood as “free will”  or “interest” or some even called it “knowing without knowing why knowing and especially HOW knowing it at all” by the players within the game while playing. The game would run if those players followed their instincts or not, but if they would, things would start to unfold more quickly (and pleasantly I may add as the writer knew what and why he was writing when programming the cornerstones of internal desires)  – the software accelerating – as the creator and its creations were always interconnected . Being ultra – clever at this point of no – time we felt that we needed something more in addition (and shortly shivered, not knowing where the hell this feeling and knowing came from), something that made the game even more spicy, cuz when the program accelerates  – it is somehow implied that the game would come to an “end” or halt . What we needed was another variable of “constant rewriting while participating” so there could be a “no – end”. And we needed something like a service line – something were we could call and ASK if anything was unclear or the software started to run cranky … so we decided that we could divide us somehow – like sending only duplicates of ourselves into the game while also staying outside the frame of time – beside the advantage of experiencing the directed changes made to the program instantly we also had the additional wow effect of having instant access to all times (what we called the experienced instances of our own programming) through our well operating service line and making the desired adjustments – whether it was the so called “past” – “present” or “future”. With the connection up and running, everything was possible. All was liquid and could be reshaped any instant.  When it was done, we kinda wanted to “dive into it”  – so we did … wow, and this felt pretty damn good!

First, everything was flowing smoothly. Too smoothly, for our kind of taste. We wanted to experience something more unexpected, something more “dramatic” we could get excited about.  We lacked “passion” and something we could probably even “struggle” with … we needed portions of ourselves that moved into different choices and directions so we could experience tension. We decided that this should not be a problem. The only necessity was that we gave ourselves 360 degree choices and utter openness for everything – for what did we have to fear as it would all just move within a frame of our very own self – and we trusted and loved our self. Problem solved – what we got was orientation based on infinite choice of self-experience.

Soon, we got bored again. Still very much aware of our abilities and power, the tension was not as strong as we desired it to be … if we could only forget who we are!! How would it feel to fall asleep for some time to experience our self written program as something that was not interlinked to ourselves and our choices? God – oops – brilliant! It was a completely new adventure!  So we made sure that this would go on a certain kind of “time” to really “get it”. And when we had enough of that, we would slowly wake up again and recall who we were – were? Are! Hm, discovering ourselves again from the very beginning … we laughed. How would that feel … gosh … it is, was, will be – sorry – amazing!!

On our way or remembering we fed ourselves with tiny bits of information coming from the “help” menu out of the matrix we were operating in – learning the basic features and tools until we became again the conscious artists, painters, animators and designers we initially were … we heard about “lightbeings” and “sacred teachings”, “angels” and “ascended masters” and “saints” we often admired for their skills, observing in awe the information being passed on to us, remembering that these were bits and pieces – duplicates – of ourselves that already have been in this program (and other ones, cuz once a game is created, there is the desire for even more games to play) and learned to impeccably perform within it. We often entered the game with a certain kind of “blueprint” we had disguised as a wholehearted wish of what we wanted to accomplish or experience – we went through stages of doubting and trying and worrying until we finally understood that there was – is – were – actually nothing to worry about . Smiling big time we recalled that we came here to have a good time and ensure that the game would go on.

Sheradine woke from one of her wildest dreams – she dreamt that she had invented something wild – she had been so excited about the design she had seen … hm, too bad she could hardly recall consciously what she heard and seen and felt during her sleep … only a few pictures stayed imprinted in her conscious mind. She had seen a young woman typing a concept of a game that really sounded veeery interesting. If she could only recall what the person had been typing ! Sheradine recalled how often she was tempted to burst into laughing while recalling the lines this woman had typed in her tiny well – lit room. It had made her heart sing in joy. It sounded too good to be true ! Funny, exciting and simply awesome. She immediatley was fully awake, grabbing those papers and pencils and started drawing and sketching – how inspiring this was ! Man, what would the others think about that … she didn´t dare to think what could come out of that … maybe it was a new game she was inventing ? Where was this dream coming from ? She didn´t know – she just knew that she had the impulse to flow with that creation – and if there was one thing she was sure of it was to follow her impulses – she sighed – DIVINITY !!

Have a wonderful Xmas and a good fresh start into the new millenium!!

(c)1999, ChiaraDina Cerweny.   Published in the December 1999 – Januray 2000 issue of the online Conscious Creation Journal.   Feel free to copy this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.

ChiaraDina Cerweny, born in 1973, has been interested in metaphysics since being eleven years old when her grandfather suddenly died. After graduation she began to study several systems of kinesiology. A Reiki master, she is also educated in the works of Mantak Chia and practices Feng Shui. In Spring 1997 her inner ONE told her about the possibility to live on light and in April 1998 she successfully completed the 21 day process. As a light -worker, her main emphasis is on ONENESS and COMPLETION of the here and now. Besides holding workshops, she writes articles about Physical Immortality and Pranic Nourishment for online magazines, works as a webdesigner and artist and studies creative body expression.