Holy Fuck: The Great Divide by Mui

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
December 1999 – January 2000, Issue 9

Holy Fuck: The Great Divide
by Mui

Long ago, there was no great divide between the sexes.  Listen to what Seth says about how this divide began:

“I have spoken here about the growth of what you call ego consciousness — which, let me reiterate, has its own unique rewards.  That psychological orientation will lead the species to another, equally unique kind of consciousness.

“When the process began, however, the deep power of nature had to be ‘controlled’ so that the growing consciousness could see itself as apart from this natural source.  Yet children, so necessary to the species, continued to spring from women’s wombs.  Therefore the natural source was most flagrant, observable and undeniable.  For that the reason, the species — and not the male alone — placed so many taboos about female behavior and sexuality. In ‘subduing’ its own female elements, the species tried to gain some psychological distance from the great natural source from which it was, for its own reason, trying to emerge.”  (Nature of the Psyche)

This passage has intrigued me ever since I read it.  I often wonder just what the sexuality of humans was like back in the pre-ego-separation days. Seth was speaking of this world as a place where human beings were so entwined into nature that there was no feeling of separation from it.  Combine the above quote with a statement found a few pages later, and image what your everyday sexual encounter might have been like.

“A man might merge his consciousness with a running stream, traveling in such a way for miles to explore the layout of the land.  To do this he became part water in a kind of identification you can barely understand — but so did the water then become part of the man.”

Imagine making love with that sort of total immersion.  And remember that Seth was using the word “man” here to refer to “humans.”  He is speaking of the time before the ego separated itself out, and before women’s sexuality was so encumbered.

But the squelching of women’s sexuality was a tool to squelch something bigger — this sort of merging with our natural environmen — so that both men and women could separate themselves more fully from it.   The plan was to shut down a human experience, and the method for shutting it down was to stop it in its obvious expression, that of woman’s bodies.

And yet, the result was the same for both sexes.  No more merging with streams, no more merging with bodies.  For how could a man merge this way with his lover if she were shut down to him?  Separation resulted for both sexes, and for humankind in general.

It is, perhaps, time to find out how to merge again.  Our lovers’ bodies are no different than streams.  The stream of a body’s energy has its own flow, each one different.  We can follow them, forgetting what we’re supposed to know about where they begin and end, and just join with them.  We can let them fill our own selves with new life each time.

I feel strongly about this idea of forgetting what sex is supposed to be.  I think of “natural” things that don’t have an agenda worked out, like cats that want to be petted, or trees that like me to sit under them, or an ocean that just ebbs and flows regardless of whether I’m standing at its shore or not.  A human being is as natural as any of these things, and taking the time to experience the feeling of a human body is where I find a deeper connection to my own self beyond my ego.

There are many things in our way.  Emotions and beliefs that insist on separation.  Fear, jealousy, insecurity.  Labeling of relationships.  Putting love into hierarchies of experience, so that some can be called “real” while others are not.  But if we can change our beliefs so that we no longer believe, for instance, that death is the end, even if the “evidence” insists it is, then love too is open to being redefined.  Or perhaps undefined.

Remove definitions from love.  Remove its limits.  Love who you love, and let who you love swim into the waters of your self.  Put your body on the line as the place where you truly meet another human being, and then meet and merge and swim together to wherever you want to go.  Forget that the stream ends, because it doesn’t.  It flows to the ocean.  Beyond the edges of your flesh is the sea of love.  Even sunk deep into its depths, you are safe there.

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