Something Even Skeptics Can Entertain by Lynda Flagler

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
December 1998, Issue 3

Something Even Skeptics Can Entertain
by Lynda Flagler

Many psychic experiences defy logic and so it seems we overlook them, or are bound to throw them out entirely.  A number of us are skeptical of such things like guides, guardian angels, near death experiences and even life after death.  Logic is often held up as the standard and the meter for judgment.  This is all fine and well and I know we have to keep our “heads about us,” so to speak, but I think through a desire to make logical sense out of these phenomena we have missed the boat.  What I think has NOT been provided to us by these so-called “skeptics” is a closer examination of the facts.

Let me bring the first one to you so that you may examine it for yourself.  First of all, is there any “logical, intelligent person” who will argue against that scientists and medical doctors have determined that there are two functioning sides of the human brain?  Now that we have this point straight, or at least I hope we have, we can proceed. You see, I felt prompted to mention this because it has been frequently overlooked by these “skeptics.”  Of course, it is reasonable to assume that we should be “logical” in our approach to any “psychic phenomena” but we are throwing the baby out with the bath water.  If the skeptics were truly being “logical” in their approaches then they would be willing to entertain the idea of RIGHT brain thinking as a tool for understanding.

Now, I know many of you feel comfortable with the idea of “soul” but unfortunately many are not, or fear still muddies over this method of approach.  These people still crave logic and are not about to release either us or themselves from its confines.  So, let’s give them what they want!  Just say, for the sake of argument, that such things as heaven, guardian angels, guides, psychics, or channels, do NOT exist.  We can go a bit further and say that when we die and they throw us in a hole in the ground, that’s it, its over.  We can draw the next conclusion by saying anyone who has reported a near death experience is either lying, or lying to themselves, including all the children who have.

Let’s just say it was the result of drugs administered at the time or a function of a dying brain, as is often thought to be the case, by people in the medical profession.  Death bed visions are also thought to fall into this category.  ‘Isn’t it a shame that these people encounter such visions at a time when we would like them to stay connected with us,’ one might assume.  In a roundabout way, these skeptics are right and they are SO right!  IT IS TRUE! IT IS A FUNCTION OF A DYING BRAIN AND ISN’T A SHAME, THAT THIS FUNCTION COULD NOT HAVE BEEN TAPPED INTO EARLIER ON IN LIFE.  I would like for any and all “skeptics” to digest this one for awhile and those in the medical community, as well.

If these visions are such a function, then it would seem LOGICAL that we can tap into this knowledge BEFORE the death bed.  For those of you so bound and determined to make such exclamations, I think it would serve you well to refer to your documented evidence on this topic, for it is there that you will find your answers.  Every time a research study is conducted that “proves” such a conclusion you do, indeed, have all your evidence for life after “death” with no need to conduct a post mortem.

Let me reiterate by saying, for those of you who prescribe to the theory of the “near death experience” as being little more than a panic-stricken brain striving to comfort itself, would I be accurate in saying that you are also aware that not everyone uses their full intellectual capacities.  Or at a certain point do you think everyone stops learning and therefore at a given time in life, can learn no more?  Have you put a cap on learning?  Or at such a time as the death bed, when there is nothing left to lose, or to fear but death itself, can the brain not conceivably tap into knowledge that has lain dormant for perhaps an entire lifetime?

My conclusion is that many people do not tap into their own intuitive knowledge and understandings because of fear.  Fear of laughter, ridicule, fear that they may NOT be right, and fear that they may.  When death is drawing so close and the body starts to slow down, these things go out the window and the brain’s own unique capacity for understanding finally kicks in and that, my dear loved ones, is all there is to it.  I think that even the most die-hard skeptics can agree with me here, for I have not argued with you, unless you want to believe I have.

In speaking with a large number of people, I have found that fear is what stops them from believing as they see fit.  People who wish to rule out these possibilities are not being as conclusive as they think they are and because of the narrowness in scope and understanding and the failure to look at other possibilities, they have placed themselves in a corner and us along with them.  Useful scientific technologies that seem to make us aware of these findings are also the culprits here and yet they are also our greatest assets.

If it can be proven that this is a function of the brain, than I say more power to it and we should not fear these judgments, just take them a little further than perhaps others have.  It is a root assumption that this unique function is a capability of a dying brain only and it would pay all researchers to look more seriously at this if they are as willing as they say they are to root out the truth.

If this capability is unique to brain functioning than why can we not tap into it when we are healthy instead of only in our final hours? Again, my answer is fear, nothing more and nothing less.  It is the same fear that causes those to hold by their logic-based assumptions without further study.  So you can leave it up to the “skeptics” to tear down what you WANT to believe, or you can use their findings to gear yourself up to the happy conclusion that you are far greater than you ever imagined yourself to be and you do not have to be on your death bed to find this out.  With all due respects and with this knowledge we can come to know that such things as guides and angels not only exist, they are more than happy to logically prove this to you, for they do not fear.

©1998, Lynda Flagler.  Printed in the December 1998 Issue of the Conscious Creation Journal.  (Feel free to duplicate this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)