Religion – Part 3 of 3 – Perspectives from Universal Intelligence by Michele Mayama

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
December 1998, Issue 3

Religion – Part 3 of 3 – Perspectives from Universal Intelligence
as expressed through Michele Mayama

Religion I – Perspectives from Universal Intelligence, Part 1 of 3 appeared in the August Issue of the Conscious Creation Journal.  Religion I – Perspectives from Universal Intelligence, Part 2 of 3 appeared in the October Issue of the Conscious Creation Journal. This article is a continuation (and the conclusion) of that same session.  You can find each part of this article from the archives main page where you accessed this part. Within this transcript, the questions placed in the light grey boxes are being asked by a group of session participants.

Could you speak of the levels of existence beyond this human form?  There are many people who are unsure, and I may be among them, about the existence of that plane.  Perhaps again, back to being somewhat skeptical about the heaven, hell, purgatory business of Catholicism, but more than that hard to fathom what that may be like perhaps so far as what value it has in the larger universe.

“That which you are, your soul, your essence, is not limited to this body.It is not limited to this form. Have you ever had the dream of flying?


“So you are very aware of a body that has not been limited by gravity. That is your etheric body. It is just like your physical body, but it is not dense. It is not bound by gravity like this particular cellular body. At nighttime that body is free to travel, to move about. In some books it is called astral travel where you are free to move about. You wake up realizing that you have been flying. Well, you have been. Your body has been resting in bed. Now, that is one step. There is like a cord that continues to pull you back to your body so you can get up and function in your physical form the next day.”

“However, when the silver cord is cut, it is just like an umbilical cord that cuts the child from the mother. Then the spirit flies. It continues. Now once beyond the body there are some choices. If one does not know that they are dead or realized that the cord has been cut, then there is a time where they continue to act as if they would just do the same things. You’d go to work, you’d do the same things. However, it soon becomes apparent that no one responds to you when you talk, and there grows to be a frustration. Some are attached to the body, some are attached to particular people, some are attached to places. You call them ghosts, and they don’t go on for different reasons. However, in the natural evolution, what is natural is that the etheric body is just like you. You look around and you see that there is a light that you are drawn to. Oftentimes friends and family that you recognize from previous relationships in this body are present, and you go into an experience that we have been speaking of, a transcendence of light, of power, of love that embraces you and welcomes you, and you make a transition.”

“During that transition you are facilitated and helped by those who love you. If there has been a severe physical trauma or an illness, then there is a period of healing. All of this happens while the body is no longer present in a physical, active sense, but your etheric body is very present, very real. You continue to exist, and that is proven over and over again by those who have encounters with those that they have loved who are on the other side who say ‘I just saw my brother’ or ‘I know that presence’ from when they experienced the presence when they were at a funeral. Oftentimes that person is yet present. They come to the funeral. They watch the whole thing. Wouldn’t you want to see everybody and hear what they say about you.”

I’m not certain that I would!  (laughter)

“Well, many do. It is nice to have ones reflect upon you, because oftentimes you have not reflected upon yourself in that way and you have not known how you have affected others. It would be nice to know now, wouldn’t it?”

Oh, yes.  I think that is something that is missing in our lives.

“Yes. When you begin to acknowledge yourselves and acknowledge others for who they are it feels so good that you begin to do that more and more. Part of the gift we can give self and others is to acknowledge and see them and then reflect back to them and let them know how they have affected us. Do you wish us to go on? There is more. Is this generally of interest?”

Yes, you’ve really piqued my interest now.  I think you’ve described something I frankly just didn’t necessarily believe.  I find it extraordinary that the etheric body continues to heal, and that perhaps in the mind’s eye one does not realize they’ve actually died.

“Yes, that happens.”

That puzzles me.  How is it that they would not know that?

“Because you feel like you and you are in the place where others are that are familiar to you, and yet they do not see you or respond to you, but you can see them and you can talk to them.”

That sounds like a 1930’s movie.  It’s extraordinary if it’s for real.

“Many have witnessed, have experienced this. There are many out of body experiences or people who have near death experiences who describe this, this plane of being able to see everyone in the room but not being in their body, seeing their body as well, and not knowing what happened, that they are apart and conscious. But ones do so, and then if they release to that light that is calling to them, then there is a whole other experience that opens up. What happens is you begin to take on an identification gradually as you make the transition over a period of time. You begin to see that your life has been sort of a journey, but that this is your real home and you were just in that life temporarily to learn something. That you designed your life to do that. When you accomplished what your soul had in mind, in the blueprint, given the choices that you made, you look at all of that and you see how you did in your own lesson plan. There is no judgment from any other source. You just look at it and you see, and then you make adjustments and you start saying, ‘Well this looks like what I need to do next’. Just like you do when you finish a job here on the earth and then you re-evaluate and say ‘Well this feels like what I’d like to do next’.”

Well, that seems wonderful in this context in this setting.  What about a criminal who dies, perhaps by violense, perhaps by execution.  Tell me a little, if you will, about that.

“It depends on where they are, and no one outside can truly judge. If they have a sense of themselves as moving beyond this life, they too will be drawn to the light and they will then look at their choices and their lives and do the same process. However, those who are attached to this life, to power or addictions, etc., may remain in the astral plane. Addictions will keep one in an astral body or astral plane more so than other things because there is a substance that is physical that is perceived to be needed to continue existence. That need continues to attach them to the human physical plane even though they are no longer physical. Do you want stories? If you go to bars or places where there is much drug abuse of other substances that are addictive, you will find that if you look on a psychic plane that there are many spirits waiting to inhabit bodies who either pass out or loose consciousness or who are very close to that, in order to have a fix, of sorts, of their particular addiction. That is why it is difficult to heal from addiction, an active addiction, because if that is part of your experience, there are those invested in keeping you addicted, from that plane. There are those who come from higher levels to work with these ones, but unless they make the choice to go to the light or go to the other side, they cannot be helped by us. They can be helped at times by ones who perceive them from the physical plane because they think they are not visible after awhile and that they can get away with things. But if they are told no, that they can no longer do that, and the vehicles are removed for them, then often their alternative is for them to continue to evolve or grow and move on.”

The Astral Plane is immediately after death?

“Unless you move to the light you get caught there, and in some ways it is what the Catholics refer to as purgatory. It is an in-between state where it is not completely physical and it is not released to spirit. There is an in-between state. There are even ones sitting around in uniforms from past wars, yet not continuing their evolution and caught in time, in their time.”

What are they doing?  What is it they do there?

“They sit around, some of them. They don’t do much of anything.”

There’s no pursuit of the light?  There’s no pursuit of the truth?

“Some of them feel as if they have done something that is unforgivable because of their perception of God from what they were taught. When they are discovered or seen, some of them even have a need to go to confession or have some kind of reconciliation or healing. Some want to get messages to people that they did not get messages to. They are attached to people. Some are still taking care of people or feel that they can’t let go of that role, that they are yet in some dependent role with another in the earth. Some don’t want to go because so and so is on the other side.”

Really!  So they have a choice?

“Yes, it’s choice.”

I grew up in a household with an aunt who lived with us, and the autn died six years ago.  She loved me very dearly.  I have many experiences with her presence.  I have many experiences wehre I know Frannie is there and I don’t know why that doesn’t bother me.  Sometimes I’ll tell my husband that Frannie was in my kitchen, or that I talked to Frannie or that Frannie was around. I feel her presence but I have not understood why.  I guess I’m not sure I still do, but somehow it has validated that somehow she is indeed still there.

“If beings continue to the other side and they make a full transition, then they have the opportunity to come back through the veil – this is one way of saying it – to be present with family members, or to even be of assistance or guidance. Sometimes they are facilitating an awareness that there is more than the physical senses and because they are familiar to you they help you believe in the other side or life beyond this life. They also can come back to give messages, whatever. But, they do not stay. They go back. They come for awhile and then they go back. It is not the same for beings in the astral plane. The astral plane is sort of gooey. It gets sticky. They are stuck until they make a choice to go beyond it.”

Can you see or observe or are aware of those people that are in that stage, that sticky stage?

“We can go looking for them. If someone is asking where someone is, at times we’ll find them there. It is not the part of we who are gathered here to work among them. For some, that is their part, to continuously be present and add love and guidance to those who are in that plane or to at times facilitate through human ones who have the capacity to see them. They will work as a team to assist these ones to make this choice. This plane of existence is needing to clear out, so to speak. It is not intended to get bigger, it is intended to evolve its way out of the path, out of the sequence.”

Is it getting mroe crowded?

“Actually, it’s getting clearer all the time. More and more beings are being facilitated to leave and move to complete their transitions. So, it actually is lighter and clearer than it has been for a quite long time.”

Is there a reason for this?

“Yes. Because the activity of the ones who are embodied that are also helping these ones leave.”

So there are four levels, essentially or are there more?  Including the human embodied level.

“You ask us to speak in linear terms.”

Well, you’ve spoken that there is a pathway, there are layers.

“Yes, and that is what we have spoken to, but when you want us to define it into levels we start to hesitate. Partly because all of them are present all of the time. Yet there is that which continues to evolve and if you wish to say four levels that would be sufficient even though within them, as you get to the higher levels, they expand. And so they are graduated.”

Gradations within?

“Yes, you would experience gradations within them and the ultimate, the highest – we don’t like to use the words highest and lowest because that’s dualistic – but that is Source itself. There is no more individuation beyond that. It is just pure essence, pure light.”

You mentioned that some of you have gone through these places and others have not.  Those who have not, how did they come into existence?  How did you come into existence?

“There are other pathways of evolution beyond the earth. And so, some have gone through an evolutionary pathway without coming through the earth to do so. Others, their nature individuated in such a way that in a sense the Creator had need for ones to resonate, vibrate, to hold a certain frequency or energy in the whole. That has been their part and some of our part for eternity. We individuate only so much as we access an intent of the Source or the impulse of Divine Will to bring it into the next level that is ours to relate to. But there are those whose part it is to hold that frequency, that place, and they can make a choice to evolve and to move into human form such as Jesus who came from that place and chose human form as a means of inserting the impulse directly into the embodiment. It is like an injection or inoculation. It brings that light into the collective consciousness directly. But that was an act of love on the part of that being to do so, because he did not have to.”

Do you see Jesus as part of the Source then?

“We see you as part of the Source.”

Can I ask who we are talking to today?

“Well, we have a collection of us. Some as we are speaking are like what we are describing to this one right now who come from this level but who have not had personal embodiment. There are those who have had personal embodiment, and if you must know the one we referred to earlier, Pope John as you knew him – we don’t know him that way – is here to give assistance since your questions were on religion and many of you are Catholic, this one decided to be present. Then there are several that are facilitating the channeling who are able to work with this energy field to facilitate those who aren’t used to this energy field.

Are you in constant relationship with the Creator?

“Yes, and so are you. However, the difference is that we are aware of it and you are growing in awareness of it.”

This pursuit of awareness continues beyond the embodiment and through these places.  Is that correct?


Until the Source

“Yes, and in this plane beyond, when you say go to the light and then there is this plane you may refer to as heaven. There are gradations within that plane as well. At some of the first levels of it there are communities and cities and places that look very much like yours on earth. Not dirty, however. There are places of learning, places where there are great schools. There are places where there are inventors and minds that continue to bring in new forms and then bring them into the plane of the conscious mind of those on earth ready to receive them. There are those who actually create little communities where what is familiar is recreated until they decide to evolve beyond that. So they recreate a little community to play cards and to rest in peace because they thought that is what it was.”

“You are creators. You don’t know that, but you do on the other side create just like you do here. Here it is physical, on the other side it is an etheric pattern or form, but it feels pretty real. And when ones wake up there they start to realize ‘Oh, I don’t have to play cards for eternity’ or ‘I don’t have to sit in this sort of place for eternity. I can continue to grow.’ And so then they are guided to make another choice among several options or choices.”

Is it all within a spiritual context?

“There is great love. It is within a love context, and beings such as angelic presences are often more manifest there in a sense that they are more perceived, more experienced. Part of the whole experience is often with beings that would be considered angelic or beings of light. So, that is common on the other side.”

I have an aunt who is considered to be crazy by most everybody in our family.  She is eccentric in the extreme.  She has written a monograph in her own belief that angels and not apes are the missing links in human evolution.  What comments would you make about that?

“There are some aspects of truth. In the sense that Divine Presence, angelic beings, beings of Light first inhabited this plane, this earth, as it was created.  It was first inhabited as a playground for Divine Presence. It was designed as a paradise, a playground for those who wish to play in form, in manifesting, in creation, to be creating in a greater density. What happened was that as ones were invited in, some vibrations began to come in that were dualistic. The dualistic energies began to densify the matter of the body more and more so, and gradually the bodies had to change from more etheric forms into denser forms. In the process of that there was a great flood, great destruction that we will not go into because that is a longer story, and afterwards there was a release of energy to the earth herself to then bring this form into consciousness again. Now the forms did not evolve in a sense so much out of an ape but that which was the consciousness was brought together with the form that was available in the earth to make the transition from etheric into matter. And so there is a jump of sorts. So the angels had something to do with it. Do you understand?”

Well, I’m certainly attempting to.

“What happens is that your aunt gets a piece of the story. Somehow she has opened and received some image or perception or information. However, she may be attached to it because she is not being validated. If you are not validated or you are not acknowledged, then there is a desire to prove it or attach to it. Then it gets worse.”

Are you suggesting the densification of these etheric bodies took the form of early evolutionary matter or has science been leading us down the primrose path?  These are the fish, flying fish, and moving onward toward the primates and then to the evolution of humankind?

“It’s both. They have a piece of the story, but not the whole story. When the densification became apparent, the bodies could no longer be present etherically and create in matter because the dualistic nature was evolving and creating that separation. It could no longer be effective here that way. There had to be a design of a form that could be effective. So soul began to inhabit the highest primates available to evolve from that. In a sense there was a mating of spirit and form at another level and because the highest primates brains weren’t big enough there was some manipulation during the end time of that old time to make skulls big enough so that a soul with consciousness could inhabit it. That is some of what has been the beginnings of Cro-Magnon man, etc.”

I’m curious too, on the issue of the duality that pervaded the paradise.  Why that duality, for what reason was that generated?

“Well, two things. For one, it had already manifested in the universe as a whole. It was already present and it also was the dynamic force that was allowed here to assist an evolution of the Source, of Creation, of God. God is not static. There is an evolution of creation as well, an expansion, and the dynamic force of the interaction of duality creates a sort of energy. And it also brings an opportunity for those who are designed to evolve through choice a perfect opportunity because you are always choosing. For awhile you think you have to choose between good and evil. Gradually you become aware that you choose a third. You choose a Presence of Love which encompasses both good and evil.”

I have felt compelled not to ask any personal questions for fear taht it will be asking for a future assessment.  Perhaps you are aware that I have some physical limitations. I battle with myself thinking about the next several months and years as to which direction I might go in contributing to my community.  Perhaps you know what I’ve done and perhaps you know what I might do, given my physical limitations.

“First we would say you are on the threshold of opening through your own perceived limitations to a most exciting experience or period of your life by opening that door of your perceived limitations, physical or any other perceptions. Because you have a very strong and sincere desire to align with good, that will propel you. Also because you find it difficult not to speak of what you experience or sense to be true, that also will come through you into your community. Do you understand?”

I do.  I can’t keep my mouth shut is what you’re saying. (laughter)

“Yes. But that serves others. It is not by accident or fault, it is your part. It is your part to be who you are and that is who you are.”

Thank you for being here with us this evening.

“It is our pleasure. It is our joy. We have a great amount of fun doing this. We hope you do too.  Please open to receive and we join you in a closing blessing of sorts that you would take home and  bring with you to others. So as you open, please receive that which enhances your greatest desires  and needs in this time. Breathe it in, embody it, receive it fully. Know that as you receive it it is yours. It enhances, expands, magnifies who you are and then your gift is more present for others. It  has been truly our joy to be with you, to share with you in this way. We thank you for inviting us, for drawing us into your experience. Please know that whatever has been of good that you have  received, that it is a part of you. It is not because of us. It is because of you and who you are and what you have opened to receive. In this time it has been again our joy and we do take our leave.  Thank you.”

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