Magic & Manifestations – December 1998

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
December 1998, Issue 3

Magic & Manifestations

Another Non-Coincidence

I go to physical therapy three times a week for my injured ankle.  On Wednesday I was talking to one of the office girls.  We began to talk about spirituality and she was telling me that her friend just sent her the URL for some sort of Conscious Creation website.  That there were some really cool stories and articles and her friend recommended it highly.  Imagine her face when I told her that I write for Conscious Creation Journal.  We bugged out!

Lisa Wallach, New York City

See Shells

When we were out visiting my mom in BC.  We had a brief chance to walk along a stoney seashore where we found two fairly large snail shells about two-three inches across.  We found these separately and they were different sizes.  We like things in three’s, so we hunted around for another one with no luck.  (This was in late September.)  After I bought a new computer a couple of weeks ago, I was setting it up, downloading stuff, etc. and discovered a neat desktop image.  I had originally had a Stonehenge image, and this new one was a 3-D rendering of three large ‘snail shells’ – I just liked it – was pleasing to the eye.  Just yesterday we received a ‘snail’ <grin> mail from a friend we met recently at the Buffalo Unconference, but had communicated with her before electronically.  In this unexpected ‘surprise’ gift, we found a bunch of shells which she collects as a hobby.  One of which was a perfect match in size and scale to the two snail shells we had found in BC – scaled, as in a step up in size for each shell.

I though this was a fantastic connection reaching out in time and space from our intitial ‘wish’ to match a third shell with the other two while in BC a month earlier.

George and Jan Garner
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Money Magic

My fiance’ Kristen and I have been focusing on creating more money and abundance for ourselves.  Recently we’d discovered that one of the “secrets” to creating was basically, to love yourself.  So instead of focusing directly on money, we simply allowed love to flow to us and around us in everything we did.  Within a few days, we had manifested a magical, unexpected check from my employers.  A day later, I was registering my car – when I got the statement from the clerk behind the desk at the Motor Vehicle Office it said, “$114 – PAID.”  A few days later, Kristen got a check in the mail as a gift.

Then a friend of ours told us that she uses the song, “She’ll be comin’ ’round the mountain when she comes” but puts in lyrics for whatever she wants to manifest.  So we started singing, “We have won the Super Lotto, yes we have.”  Anout a week later, when we checked a small stack of tickets we had, we discovered that one of them had three numbers aligned!  A $5 win, we thought – still very exciting.  But when I had a store clerk run the ticket through the machine, I discovered we’d won $88!

Here’s to More Money Magic!

John McNally and Kristen Fox
Paicines, CA