Live the Dream: A Work in Process: Humanity and Our Top Ten By Lisa Wallach

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
December 1998, Issue 3

Live the Dream: A Work in Process: Humanity and Our Top Ten
By Lisa Wallach

Max of Georgia sent in his top ten requests for the future of our humanity and listed as number one:” Let us realize we are all one.”  How would we take this thought and manifest it into physical reality for humankind?  What thought could we think collectively to ensure that we all reach this reality?  Do you accept this understanding about consciousness?  If you agree you can choose to help in the creation of a world in which all believe that we are indeed one.  Would a thought such as this work, “I live in a world in which all individuals connect and are conscious of our multi-dimensional selves incarnate.”

Skye wrote, ” Somehow bring population growth to ZERO. (Or reduce it a bit!)”  Perhaps you choose to agree you could think a thought such as, “I live in a world where we no longer over-populate our planet.”  Or perhaps if you disagreed you would think, “I live in a world in which we can provide to the fullest extent for ourselves and our future generations.”

Carrying a thought together for a better humanity does not mean that we need to agree on what that version of humanity will be.  The thought that we choose to carry with us will bring each of us closer to that reality.  Our thoughts contain such influence over our experience.  By our selection of thought we can alter our experience of physical reality.   Choosing ten thoughts towards humanity feels like a good place to begin.  It is my hope that we can take these few thoughts through to fruition.  That we can develop them from thought into reality as a united front.

In the October issue I asked you to send in your top ten requests for a new humanity.  I am still collecting submissions in my attempt to poll our spiritual views about humanity.  If you have your top ten list ready I now ask you to write your top ten over again, this time alter the wording into a thought for humanity.  Ex. “No more war” would be rephrased as, for example, “I live in a world in which we are at peace within ourselves and our humanity.”  Try to make your thought as open and free as possible.  There are no wrong answers.  Have fun!

My Top Ten

Oneness with humanity and the universe.
For humanity to understand their individual and mass psyches and to use this knowledge towards their greatest potential individually and en masse.
To learn to create the experience of happiness and empathy more often then that of sadness and misery
For us to establish health care for all humanity.
To tax and control the sale of marijuana and prostitution; and to use these profits for healthcare and other federally funded programs.
A home for every human being.
To have a fundamentally agreed upon standard of humanity worldwide.
To reform the government & the abolishment of all crime.
To establish humanities & spirituality/meditation programs within all levels of education.
To live on a free Earth.

Working out with the Dream Muscle

When we want to improve our physical condition we begin with a thought.  We think, “It’s time for me to involve myself in some physical activity so I can get my muscles moving.”  We then decide what kind of physical activity we want to utilize; aerobics, swimming, biking, etc.  Then we begin to involve ourselves in that activity.  In the beginning we may find our bodies respond with aches and strains; after all we are trying something new and our bodies begin to adjust to this new stimuli.  Perhaps we find that running doesn’t feel as pleasurable as hiking or dancing and we switch our form of physical workout.  Perhaps we continue to alter our forms of exercise many dozens of times throughout life.   We learn that our bodies know what ways feel the best for us.

The Dream Muscle is similar to a quadricep or a bicep.  It’s a muscle like any physical one.  When we decide that we want to improve and explore our communications through the art of dreaming we begin to workout with the dream muscle.  The best part of this kind of workout is that you don’t need to pay money for a gym or for some new workout gear. You already have everything you require: your thoughts and your intent.

How can we better recall and remember our dreams?  If you rarely dream or have difficulty in recalling what you have dreamt there are many ways for you to begin to tone up your dream muscle.  One of the most effective is the power of suggestion.  You decide what you want to believe and then you offer your self the proper suggestion to insure the desired result.

If your belief is that you cannot remember or recall your dreams you can begin by altering that belief.  This is when we get tricky with our selves.  Replace the limiting thought with a more unlimited one such as, I can remember and recall my dreams. The trick is that we find the belief we hold, we then decide what we want to believe.  So instead try saying, “I do dream even if I don’t remember it. I can remember and recall my dreams. I will retain consciousness when I dream. If I forget a dream upon waking something will appear in my reality that will trigger my dream back to me.”

Changing a belief is pretty much the same as changing a battery.  The Duracell’s stopped working.  Instead of replacing them with the same battery you make a conscious decision to stick a couple of Energizer’s inside.  Perhaps you think the old batteries are the best ones on the market and your new ones not quite as good.  Well, if you think the old way and you want to install the new way just decide what you’re going to believe from this point on and convince yourself.  Just keep on thinking the new thought over and over throughout your day and night.  You can even shake your head and laugh at yourself and then say  “Yeah right, I remember my dreams.  I can recall them at will.  Sure, why the hell not?”  Why not indeed!  It is the power of that single thought that will lead you towards your desire.  Just thinking it even if you feel unsure will create your reality of dreaming.  In fact your reality of dreaming exists whether or not you are aware of it.

Have a Happy Holiday and New Year!

©1998, Lisa Wallach. Printed in the December 1998 Issue of the online Conscious Creation Journal. (Feel free to duplicate this column for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)