Light of Avalon: Solutions By Jennifer Avalon

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
December 1998, Issue 3

Light of Avalon: Solutions
By Jennifer Avalon

Many days during the week problems arise. By the time you get to Thursday you begin to feel overwhelmed and looking for a way to escape the pressures and discomfort. It can be very easy to feel surrounded by fear and negativity…..but at those trying moments, that’s when who you are and what you truly want out of life comes to the forefront. It’s understandable why so many succumb to the problems and fade into the background of despair….does it really have to be that way?

Life sometimes can look baffling. We come into this world as naked children, looking hopefully to two people to teach us all we need to know and take care of our vital needs. Some call it the “luck of the draw” while others call it “destiny”. As we evolve as people other things come into play; economics, health, religion and education. If any of these links become weak, how we grow can be drastically affected. I know life is not fair. Fairness in many cases is determined by laws and policies of the countries a person is born into. Our happiness as citizens of this planet then can be influenced by who we love or who loves us. At that point hopefully we have amassed enough knowledge and well-being to pass it along to the next generation. Many feel powerless over these conditions, and it’s not hard to see why quite a few of us run into roadblocks. If I’m a negative person in nature I could just say, “That’s the end of the story”….but if I’m not my mind must start to look for answers and solutions.

How I arrive at finding these solutions is the search for the meaning of what life is all about. I don’t believe we were put here to be born, raise a family, collect a paycheck, and then one day die. The Creator who fashioned this existence with all this ability had to have something else in mind for creating Life. To truly overcome the problems of Life a person must assume at some point the power of his or her own existence. People are not perfect…but they can learn to be better. The human heart can rise to the occasion if it desires. After a hard week at work many of us look to the week-end to recharge our batteries and in some cases lick our wounds. If the car breaks down, it must be fixed, if the refrigerator is empty it must be filled, when the heart runs dry it must be replenished. You have the ability to find the answers…there are some out there who may call you “fool”, but the true fool is the one who sees emptiness. Life doesn’t have to be empty. You have a choice in how you fill it.

May your cup runneth over.

©1998, Jennifer Avalon. Printed in the December 1998 Issue of the online Conscious Creation Journal. (Feel free to duplicate this column for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)