Channelings Du Jour – December 1998

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
December 1998, Issue 3

Channelings Du Jour

Seeding Other Realities – Probable Selves – Entities
(Automatic Writing Session)
by George Garner

I would like to know more on the idea I had – on how or if probable selves versus reincarnational selves seed in the same way??

You have a very valid insight.  The choices you make can result in probable selves splitting off and developing that line of choice.  When a soul or entity chooses, multi-selves are then seeded to cover the various probabilities within that area of choice — within that area of value fulfillment, involving specific intents and purposes.  The process of seeding realities with your creative energy is a natural attribute of ATI.   It involves a continuous up-welling flow and expansion that does not take up space, as you know it, in your terms.   This value fulfillment expansion, seeds the realities with selves to explore the parameters involved.

What you term as reincarnational or past selves, are as your probable selves to me.  You are not aware of your probable selves as I am of mine.  This you will develop.  This is where you are heading as a species.  You are actually entities yourself, with a variety of selves that you send off to explore aspects of your choices.  How is that any different from what I do?  It is not.  The difference exists only in the awareness.

You constantly recreate yourself from within yourself, as a plant continually emerges from itself.  There is no difference.  The energy and the process are the same.  ATI emerges from itself in exactly the same way.  There is no mystery if you just observe.  Observe your creations.  You use and are the energy of ATI, so how can you be any different?  Does one leaf of a plant emerge any different than another?  No, it unfolds from itself. Does the flower emerge any differently?  Does it suddenly pop on top of the stalk?  No, it unfolds from within itself.  You do the same thing — I do the same thing — ATI does the same thing.  The process is the same.   And by doing so, do we all constantly seed other realities as we unfold  through our own.

(c)1998, George Garner. Published in the December 1998 issue of the Conscious Creation Journal.  (Feel free to duplicate this piece for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)

The Principles of Time
(Automatic Writing Session)
by Lynda Flagler

Ahh, don’t you feel that you do not have enough of this valuable commodity.  So many demands and not enough time to fullfill them all.  Where does it all go?  How can we fill our days and nights with information?  How can I make my “tiime” worthwhile?  I’ve certainly tried everything I can think of, nothing seems to work.  I still don’t have enough time.  As the minutes and hours on the clock tick by, my life is running out.  So much pressure, when you think about it and so exasperating.  There is great fear here.  How within my own sense of consciousness do I relieve this fear, after all I don’t want to carry it with me to my grave and isn’t this the next fear.  Will I make my life count?  Do I have enough time to do this?  What happens if I go to my grave, never having to do all that I wanted?

It all seems to slip away so quickly and in a flash of a moment our lives seem to pass before our eyes.  But they don’t, you know.  They are there for “all times.”  Human beings have unfortunately put themselves in their own time capsules and have forgotten that the mystery of time houses every single moment.  Instantly, every thought, every feeling is recorded and can be accessed when an individual sees fit to do so.  You can project yourself forward or backward in time at any given moment. You relive your past experiences “all of the time.”  This is not some futuristic reverie, although many of you are futurologists, it is merely being put fourth to you to recomend your power in the situation you feel you are finding yourself in.  And of course you may be feeling some element of doubt over our wording.  Let us attach some meaning here, for you.

It is most important that you realize you have not failed time, nor has it failed you.  Alternate realities do exist my dear friends and clairvoyantly you pick up on them all the time.  But you have failed to realize this, or so it would seem.  (I do not mean failed in the sense you may be assuming, for I know this smacks of judgment, it is merely a statement and we will show you later on what this implies.)  For a brief course of “time,” you have been placed on this earth of your own accord.  And you are given free reign over all the plants and animals and anything else you touch, or come into contact with.  This is the ultimate responsibility and you feel it greatly, for you know no matter how much you deny it, that you do carry this responsiblity and it is of free will.

You can make all kinds of excuses for yourself, or engage in elements of blame, rather self directed or towards another.  However, residing in your consciousness is something of a guaging mechanism.  When you deny your self responsibility, then you remorsefully and conditionally, all yourself, preempt any further growth in that regard!  The same follows through with time.  Each one of us is faced with the daunting task, therefore, of being held accountable for “our time.”  This is where the task becomes lodged in your conscious state of awareness. Whether you regard this or not, you have taken a spin on the life wheel to accomplish certain tasks that you have laid out for yourself.  Being true to your own wants and needs is something that puts you at risk of falling prey to the hands of time.

Regretfull living will of course make you ultimately aware of these needs.  The central indicator is your compass and it is the one of the soul.  It does not take a medium to conduct a seance and conjure up Uncle Joe, to tell you that you live your life to create memories.  This is where your fear of time takes root and assumes a hold on you.  If you do not feel your memories are happy or useful enough then you will bank on a misfortunate end.  This is not the truth my friend and even though you feel your life’s existence has not been up to much, you may take comfort in knowing that, “when all is said and done” (which by the way, it never is) you will indeed be greatly remembered, for it is you that will take it into your soul’s memory bank.  That you can count on.  A life truly worth living.  You have not and are not failing, so please do not let this judgment become your own.  All is for the learning, all is for the lessons.  It is a true gift and bespeaks your ideas of time.

(c)1998, Lynda Flagler. Published in the December 1998 issue of the Conscious Creation Journal.  (Feel free to duplicate this piece for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)