Peering Through the Portal by Renee Andersen

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
August-September 2000, Issue 13

Peering Through the Portal
by Renee Andersen

Imagine yourself joining me in my dream for a moment… It’s one year from today.  You’re leaving on a flight for Jackson Hole, Wyoming with someone else who’s close to you and who shares your spirit of adventure.  You’re so looking forward to this landmark vacation that you can almost taste it!  You’re going to climb the highest peak in the Grand Tetons with friends. No matter that you’ve never been a mountain climber.  It’s not necessary.  The grand peak is an intermediate day and a half climb.  Two really good professional guides have been reserved for you and your group.  You’re conditioned, confident, psyched, and your life is in really good order…Money is abundant, your time is your own, your career (which you love and play at) has graciously backed off center stage and is allowing you to fulfill some consciously created dreams for the next two weeks.

Everything has been arranged, and you’ve been preparing as a conscious creator for nine months…You’re physically in the best condition that you’ve ever been in – in your life.  You’ve been living well, eathing healthy, and exercising with a joyful spirit that has overtaken your moment-by-moment consciousness.  You’re excited.  You’re alive!  You are totally in the flow of Pure Positive Energy – the best the Universe has to offer. You are loving your life.  Everything is working.  Yes, there have been  little glitches and challenges along the way, but when you look back at the bottom lines of this last 9 months of your life you can see a pattern of success that impresses even you, and YOU lived it!

Jump ahead… You land at Jackson Hole, Wyoming  and greet your friends, some of them for the first time. Instant rapport… Why?  Because you’ve been building trust and friendship as you helped one another more & more powerfully and magically consciously create each other’s personal realities. For each one of you, this trip is like the period at the end of an inspiring, gloriously phrased sentence…the quantum evolution of your own most cherished dreams and goals.  Yes, there’s rapport, all right! – because you helped and coached each other along the way… All in all, an amazing experience, but it’s not over yet!

You all spend the rest of this first day engrossed in conversation with one another about the personal realities you each created in the past 9 months and the excitement of the climb.  You rent your gear, meet up with your guides, get oriented to your climbing school schedule (which will be easy and brief – just taking up tomorrow morning)  The guides for the group (a man and a woman) are obviously pleased and impressed with all of you… You’re each  in top shape, bold, confident, and psyched… Although the guides are extraordinary people who are just naturally programmed to win at life, they are intrigued by the sureness and radiant postive intensity and focus of your group… “Where did these people come from and how is it that they  all stand as winners?” is the spirit of the questions they ask amongst themselves.

You and your group don’t pay too much attention. You are all really centered on having a great time and on living the experience to the fullest.  Then you all go shopping in some of the great shops in Jackson Hole and meet about six for dinner in a Swiss restaurant that’s owned by Tina Turner. You have a special room in the back reserved…It looks out over a garden with a lighted fountain and has an amazing view over the rooftops of the Teton peaks.  As you share a memorable dinner you watch with awe and joy as the peaks and clouds turn rosy with the setting sun.  Everything seems to be happening as a celebration of who you are and where you are going with your life.

Afterwards you go back to your cabin retreats… A very special place to stay, – your own three-room suite within your own modern cabin, with its own hot tub, view of the Tetons, and cable TV… You kick back and relax.  Tomorrow’s going to be another invigorating day and then the next morning, the climb!

Jump ahead.  (This is cheating, but I don’t have a lot of time!)  You have just reached the summit of the highest peak.  It was a smooth climb, perfect weather, equipment in perfect order, and the climbing just seemed to come naturally to you… You climbed each step in a maximized state of physical life force energy and your senses were keen and clear and your emotions were continuously suspended in a joyful state. Your rational mind supported you perfectly all through the details of the climb.  It seemed like some guiding inner force was watching over you and was always influencing you to take make the best next move, but really, it was all working because you – the expanded conscious creator you – were simply on track.

So here you are, – at the very top!  You are stunned to suddenly be there, surrounded by 360 degrees of impossible-to-describe awesome beauty that stretches out before you.  You can see for hundreds of miles, or so it seems.  The other peaks nearby stand out in rugged contrast to the blue ribbon of river and lush green valley below. You see over rolling hills and beyond into rugged Wyoming country that extends into seemingly endless rangeland, and cumulus clouds frame it all in, which suggest to you the shape of the Creator’s loving hands somehow holding all this together and extending it to you as the gift of a lifetime.   You are exhilarated, amazed,  (for once, speechless, – even you!) You glance at the faces of your friends… Tears are streaming down their cheeks, and happily you know you can cry for joy and neither you nor anyone else one will ever need to explain…your rational mind can later quite primly justify the tears as a result of the wind… The wind! … It’s an intoxicating elixer!  It has a magical cool edge to it that you will always be able to remember  and it will link into your memory to  bring back this outrageously joyful experience for you many times in the future…. Those times to come when you are engaged in new creating that is even more exciting because it is personally born out of your own unique and unlimited dreams…yes! – your most OUTRAGEOUS dreams, the dreams that you now dare to being into reality…the dreams that make you an explorer at the very edge of your wildest expectations of this one life where you, as Consciousness, just happened to be focused.

You spend another day relaxing at Jackson Hole, longer if you like, and then you’re off on other vacation adventures you’ve designed for yourself.

Great vacation, hey?  But for me it’s more than a venture into my imagination.  For me it’s not a linear extension of my life here and now.  Rather it’s an experience I expect to have in  the new world I am busy creating for myself and anyone else who wants to step through the portal with me. I believe that there will, some day soon,  be a clean shift from the “old” world we’ve been living in into a new one, but it will only become a living consciously created reality for those who really want to play.  I believe the old and new dimensions are presently still enmeshed … but there is a Plan and a Knowing (there has been from the beginning) and every day the old and the new dimensions are quietly extricating themselves from each other in more and more ways…. Until one day, we will either wake up firmly lodged in the old world and go on to fulfill our chosen reality (learn a few lessons over, still loved, still being god within) or we will wake up in a new world, either consciously created or by divine default, (if we were not all that specific about our creation).

Barbra Marciniak’s  Pleiadians say when the two worlds separate, they will no longer know one another… except when you wake up in the “new” world you may remember the old one as a dream…. I say, “How fitting!  …How neat!…and how right it feels to me, to the very depths of my being!” David Spangler’s channeling has for years spoken of the illusion of world destruction, how it is not a necessary end, if we will but embrace the spirit of the new and take back our power to consciously create.  Ramtha has spoken of the discovery of a parallel earth, physical and opposite in its orbit to the position of the earth we now know as ours. Could this  be his way of describing the new dimension? And what of the Fourth Dimension?  Isn’t this the very same thing in state-of-the art language? I have decided I want to have a lot of input in the new world. I’m askingfor/building what I want into the default model.   I am busy getting back in touch with my most outrageous dreams. That’s the main way I’m playing at life right now.  I am devoting my “work” time to helping others become adept at conscious creation in their own right.  I am also personally using all I know to succeed at even the most modest momentary goal.  I am focused on winning at life, on expanded self mastery  – for me, for those I love, – and for YOU, if you are a conscious creator, even if only in your desire to learn more….

I am also becoming aware of how many sources there actually ARE now who are ALL saying the same thing: The future population of the New Age world knows about and practices conscious creation.   It began with Cayce, who said, “Mind is the Builder.” and then the Seth Revolution (it’s still going strong!) and then Ramtha, Spangler, Enoch, a course in Miracles, Emmanuel, the Pleiadians, Omni, Abraham-Hicks, and on and on…so many now I cannot keep track of them all….but personally I owe the deepest of thanks to Cheryl Knight, friend and channel,  and her Greater Self, the Enoch Entity, who has unfailingly provided me with answers to all my bothersome questions about how we can  go beyond the theory of reality creation to practically create, moment by moment.

This is where I’m going anyway.  Right now I’m still standing, peering with contained excitement through the portal. I have a feeling it’s a rare opportunity…. These dimensional jumps don’t come along every day.   If  what I’m saying speaks to you – to the outrageous Dreamer, the unlimited Godforce  lurking within, and if you want to play this game, let me know, and we’ll make some plans!

©2000, Renee Andersen.   Printed in the August-September 2000 Issue of the Conscious Creation Journal. (Feel free to duplicate this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)
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