C’s SEA SEE SEIZE by ChiaraDina Cerweny

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
August-September 2000, Issue 13

by ChiaraDina Cerweny

“Shhht – she is reconnecting right now!” C´s sea see seize – we will call her ( or shall we say “it” ) simply C – whispered. Incense scents penetrated the air and ONE smiled. “Allright, but PLEASE would you be so kind and focus on a more apropriate location? This is getting me dizzy!” C glanced around – and blushed.

They were both surrounded by an open sea scenario, which could have been indeed beautiful, if it was not the sky that kept changing constantly. Once ONE could hear distant thunder, observing lightning striking – then, again, the sky was a bright blue with seagulls circling in it. “Well, I can DEFINITELY feel the influence of your character´s experience.” ONE shrugged as she looked at the walls around the two of them that were constantly fading and reappearing. C looked desperate. “Well, I still haven´t learned how to get the essence out of HER daily adventures!” She exclaimed apologizingly, “She was writing about her most preferred scents today and ..”

“Which are – let me guess. ” ONE decided to create a dramatic pause and looked amused at C, “The smell of fresh sea air and wet walls of an old building?” – “It´s just soo much data input, I simply don´t know how to bottom-line all this enormous amount of information she produces in just ONE day – how to summon this up for you!” C´s appearance had turned into a blurry state, while she rose her hands in the air, heavily gesticulating while making a symbol of an enormous mountain to overcome.

“Don´t get tooo much into your despair, my love.” ONE answered quite amused, as she – out of the corners of her eyes – was aware of the huge mountain rising nearby out of the now calm sea. “You know, I do not appreciate earthquakes a lot.” She added and nodded at C, who instantly changes into a purple red, slowing down, forming a cube to center herself and gather the contained experience of her character´s embodiment. A few instances later, she expanded into a rainbow, sorting frequencies and then allowed them to merge into a bright white. “Better?” she asked sheepishly. ONE didn´t reply verbally, just rose an imaginative eyebrow.

The silence helped C to furthermore focus, so ONE decided it was the time to continue. “Well, what have YOU noticed. I mean, where are HER attachments. You C, she helps us, we help her and now, dearest C, you have to help me. If a day is too much for you, being too condensed, look at a — well, I think – MONTH is the appropriate expression to describe that change of frequency.” She looked at C with empathy. “It´s comparable to sequencing – things stretch out so you can take a better look to comprehend.”

C nodded eagerly, producing a transparent timeline in front of them. “She was certainly having some stress with her spiritual goals.” She said, “She still questions her inherent – as she calls it – DIVINE ability to manifest out of her.” ONE looked surprised, so C hurried to further elaborate, not noticing that she had manifested glasses on her nose and was now holding a paper in her hands. “Well, well, well ..” she mumbled, “She always confuses herself with thinking about the electromagnetic field information. Blaming the morphogenetic field for ‘stuff”.”

ONE shook her head, now looking worried. “We HAVE to provide her with more yellow!” she said, “So she has more internal power — Let´s flood her system!” C now looked exactly like an engineer, while she jotted ONE´s words down, when she suddenly stopped and while raising her head and interrupting her business, whispered, “What´s the vicious circle about that? Can YOU tell?” and without waiting for ONE´s response continued “Well, what I came to observe is that she is afraid – and sometimes feels GUILTY – because things are coming exactly the way she wants them, thus now experiencing her  – ( C rolled her eyes ) – “divine powers”. There is a large part dying – that part that thought that instant manifestation is NOT possible, things do not work out  – ( C rose her hands to imitate quotation marks ) – “in time” the way you want them, achieving goals easily is impossible and so on.”

C failed in trying to suppress a wholeheartly yawning but managed to made it sound like clearing her throat. “That scares the shit out of her,” ONE laughed, noticing the transcendent meaning C had verbalised, who just continued to report. “She is very grateful, though – but she is still afraid that something terrible is going to happen, out of nowhere, destroying everything.” ONE sighed. “Ok, there she is obviously still having a child – parent pattern, isn´t she?” C nodded. “Yes, but that was not my point. What I wanted to draw attention to is more this confusion stuff.”

Immediately C was surrounded by sticky pieces of Barbie pink bubble gum that put her into a sort of “glue to” web. While ONE whipped away C´s all so well known attachments to the embodiment´s emotion (and couldn´t help laughing about C and herself – the character´s present explorations were definitely interesting ones) she asked smilingly: “Well, my love, do you think you can sort them out for me?”

C brushed her shoulders and bent forward to remove a remaining piece of bubble gum from her left knee. “Well first there is that picture of “holiness” –  saints” C put aside a Christian cross that had manifested itself into her hands, not noticing that she was carrying as well a yogi flower necklace and in addition a white scarf like the Buddhist do for seeing people off and wishing them luck. “She thinks she is not “saintly” enough .. ” ONE lookes questioningly at C. “Yes, you see, we have the following problem..” C interrupted briefly her talk to put more emphasis on the importance of her observation, “There are those stories surrounding her, of people that have done everything that she really wants to do .. ” – while C was telling ONE about her character, a broad window opened, where ONE could watch the character´s embodiment lying in the garden, staring into the stars, playing games with trying to get or cover them into or with her hands. – “Yes, this was EXACTLY such a moment!” C hurried to agree. “She is LYING there, HORIZONTAL alignment, NOT realising .. ” – C put a hand beside her mouth and whispered conspiracingly – “that SHE is creating .. uh, HAS created these people OUT of her and attached certain attributes onto them, like “India”, “Years of Training”, “Purity”, and so on and so on … ”

“Well, being WORTHY then?” ONE asked and continued “Why does her creational core .”

“Her DIVINITY” C emphasized laughingly .

“And her embodiment still drift apart ? She does Web design, the attribute thing will be easy to explain to her!”

C paused a moment and then said “Well, you know, the bottom line is that she still thinks it´s DIFFERENT there. Different rules or so, dunno .. ” ONE tapped her right foot. “Common C, what do you EXACTLY mean with different rules?”

C formed a line that stretched out into infinity.

“That´s first.”

She said and then, laughingly: “Here comes the second.”

While a huge grey rock object with a “16 tons” writing on it dropped right in front of them and then continued to fall into nothingness.

ONE couldn´t help but to feel amused. “So we´ve got linear time and solid matter, right? Concerning linear time, do you think she has finally understood the reincarnational issue?” – “You mean that there IS actually NONE?” C replied mischieviously. They both laughed. “Hm, I think she has got THAT!” ONE had started to walk on the line across the water, trying to feel what it would be like. “So basically, what I get is a “one direction only” feeling – or to put it more accurately, a “no choice” attachment. How can we ensure to her that by desiring it, she has created it already?”

C laughed “Well, you know, she´s clever, she has some backdoors built in there. She thinks something like this: as she is everywhere and in all times, maybe a later version of her will experience this, but that “she” has not got “enough time” to experience it in her present body. – And just in case you ask, ONE, yes, she still is self punishing in her thoughts!”

“We have to heal her hurt attachment and melancholy. Definitely!” they both said at the same time. Suddenly, C listened attentively “Well, I just received the “OK” from her, she´s ready.”

C created a huge pink-golden sphere and sent it to her embodiment. “You know, it has been already so long for her.” ONE looked confused, so C hurried to say . “The waiting, I mean.” As the expressions on ONE´s face didn´t change, C continued, a little bit bored that she never managed to transfer the feeling of a row of instances to her guide. “You see, she KNEW – in some way  – about US and what we want her to experience, what we want to experience with her .. uh, we experience –  since she was a child – um – shortly embodied on this plane. Nobody told her that things come out of her, so it took some time .. ( C sighed for still using terms that would be hard for ONE to understand ) . and sadly some PAIN to get her going and turn her inwards for asking questions early – uh.–.”

“Don´t bother.” ONE reaffirmed “I´ll get the picture.”

“OK,” C exhaled. “she is still too mixed up, you see? There is this awareness part of creative powers and it´s growing everyday and with it faith, openness and playfulness expands. BUT there is still fear of the need to suffer for finding more solutions – um – what I mean is the emotional attachment to the process we had all decided to agree upon before we sent her “in”. So sometimes, she still loses direction, literally, and gets lost in her reflections. And with that attachment to the – uh – (C interconnected her fingers while doing her best to set up an academic look) past experience she has the thoughts of that she will not be able to experience the for so long desired magical stuff cuz there might be a slight chance that more suffering is needed. Completely out of the NOW, I like to add.”

ONE had now started to walk in circles and when she came to the point she had started from she made a step towards the center and then continued her pace. “Do we still have permission to erase cellular memory?” she asked. C hesitated, listened and then said confirmingly, “Yes, but she still lacks “proof” that it is “done” . Wait, no – she recalls NOW, she just told us – uh – me – that she acknowledges the emotional changes – “DRAMATIC changes to the better,” she says – concerning her relationships. So yes, ONE, green light for this as well.”

“You have her on right now?” ONE asked and C bounced. “Yes, live online .. and I tell ya, she´s got a lot to say! She asks for more visits during sleep, she asks for being with us .. and she asks for people (C now was looking worried again) that surround her and are lively and playful as well when it comes to spirituality – although she is the ONE (C looked at ONE insecurely) that hates this expression cuz she thinks it´s so limiting. – BUT (C rose her left index finger while swirling around, glad that the embodiment was now with them) by listening to us she found out about the knot in her request concerning people and (C radiated in awe) I am happy to report she has chosen to explore her playful, colourful, flexible sides when it comes to materialisation and dematerialisation, eternal youth and stuff!”

When C finally landed beside ONE, they both looked at each other and after a short period of shy hesitation – decided to perform the earthly “GIMME 5” ritual.

ONE had now manifested a deck chair and wore sunglasses while C sipped at something that – beyond any doubt – looked like a cocktail.

“So is there more?” ONE asked and while C was waiting for the embodiments response, manifested a golden tan. She looked VERY relaxed, thought C. “Well, she just had to go and eat one cooked potatoe – needed more grounding, I suppose. But she says yes, there is actually more .. she told me about the BIG STEP of leaving her country. It´s almost overwhelming for her, there are sooo many pictures .. but at the same time she is calm.”

C and ONE laughed and said, addressing their embodiment: “Yes, you got it, there is NOTHING to control, cuz it´s ALL you!”

C lowered her voice, hoping ONE wouldn´t be aware of the things she was about to pass on to her embodiment, knowing at the same time, that this was useless ANYWAY. She WAS ONE, only mediating on another level. “But -” she thought reluctantly amused – “there is NO-ONE keeping me from pretending to be able to whisper to my embodiment in an intimate tone, so let me have this short illusion.”  C´s surrounding faded as she focused on her embodiments vibrational rate and accustomed herself with this room, this body and the interior of her home.

“Relax and have fun!” she said, looking lovingly at her embodiment. “All is well. I love you”

…. to be continued

(c)2000, ChiaraDina Cerweny.   Published in the August-September 2000 issue of the online Conscious Creation Journal. http://www.consciouscreation.com   Feel free to copy this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.
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