The Inner Voice of the Master by John J. McNally

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October 2001

The Inner Voice of the Master
by John J. McNally

When I first heard the news on the morning of September 11, my reactions were probably similar to most humans. First was a sense of disbelief, I told myself the news had to be wrong, there’s no way both of the twin towers could have been destroyed. My physically focused self was overloaded; these events were incomprehensible. The fact that they had been caused intentionally by four planes being hijacked at once only compounded my sense of disbelief.

As the realization of the events sank in, I began to fear: Was my family all right? My brother drives a bus that passes the WTC buildings every day. I tuned in and felt that he was safe, but I also felt that someone I knew was dead, I still don’t know who that person is. Despite my psychic reassurance though, I physically wanted to hear from my brother. I didn’t really feel better until I had spoken to my sister the next day, who assured me he was safe.

As all this was going on I continually reminded myself that this was all a creation, and that everyone who had died chose to do so. As days went by there were reactions and letters from new age spiritual leaders, my inner self started yelling “CRAP!” whenever I read them. They talked about evil, or man not being in touch with “god” or some other judgement which did not seem to either recognize the choice of the “victims” nor the beliefs and worldview of the hijackers. I even read one person’s channeling of a dead hijacker who was suffering in a purgatory environment and would have to live the deaths of every victim before he could move on. The voice inside me yearned for more than just negating these voices, it longed to say something deeper, something that recognized the choices of all involved and looked at the event from beyond the lens of duality, of good and evil, or victim and perpetrator.

The following perspective is my best translation of what my inner voice has been trying to say to me. It is my inner master, the “me” I’m working towards being. Much of what is said here may seem offensive, especially to those who follow traditional spiritual paths (including new age) or have set beliefs about the rules of the cosmos. If you believe in “justice” or punishment for evil then I recommend you read no further. If on the other hand you have found very little substance in what’s already been printed about September 11th, then I hope you gain something from this perspective.

“If part of you is insisting that this is different from a movie, then you are mistaking the camouflage for the reality.”

Who are you? Take a moment a scribble down a few things that come to mind? What are the terms you use to identify yourself? How many of them are locked into this particular physical existence, i.e. I am a male, I am 37 years old, I am an American, I am of Irish descent, etc….

Before any such labels you are a soul. An energy essence that wears bodies the way in which you currently wear an item of clothing. You are your soul expressing itself in physical form. The form may change, and even die, but the soul will continue to flourish. Do you suffer when a pair of pants wears out? You might miss a favorite item of clothing, but you will not cease to exist without it.

‘You do not understand the holy and sacred nature of life or energy and that you cannot misuse it. You may think you misuse it, but you are not allowed to misuse it. You are not allowed to destroy.’ – Seth

On September 11, approximately 5000 souls effectively chose to commit suicide in a very exciting and dramatic fashion. Not one being there died by accident and in truth no one really died at all. Yes, some souls left physicality, dropping their forms into the cosmic hamper, but they are far from dead, in fact they are probably celebrating right now.

Celebrating? Incredulous as it may sound, yes, even the evil terrorist hijackers who were responsible for this attack on our lives and our freedoms? They’re probably having a kick ass party right now. I imagine the immediate after death environment had all those who chose to leave gathering together and watching the destruction around them. “COOL! DUDE!” one of the victim’s shouts. “That was the most fun I’ve had since Pompeii!” For the participants the World Trade Center disaster was the roller coaster ride of the century.

There is no crime, no punishment for this event. Should Anthony Hopkins be punished for playing the part of Hannibal Lechter? If part of you is insisting that this is different from a movie, then you are mistaking the camouflage for the reality. All the cosmic rules in the universe do not apply, except for whatever rules the hijackers believed in themselves.

Depending on what sort of beliefs the hijackers held, they may indeed choose to suffer in some way. Or they may choose to enter their version of Valhalla for a while until they decide to move on to something new. This may very well be one of the highpoints of their multiple lives.

Reincarnational connections have less to do with so called “soul families” or linear life chains than they have to do with vibrational attraction. Change your individual vibration enough and you literally become the person next to you. In that respect it’s important to remember that each of us is connected to each hijacker and every victim; we are all one.

Physical reality is not a karmic school in which we must graduate from by learning certain rules and behaviors, physical reality is a role playing game. It’s cops and robbers in the playground, its four dimensional Dungeons & Dragons, when the game is over, the players are not punished for choosing to play the bad guy.

The real definition of karma is communication. When information is passed on the non-physical level from one life to another, that’s karma. Its most often recognized when that information is something that the person is struggling with in their current life and aligns with someone else experiencing something similar. Each individual gains something from the shared experiences that will allow him/her to overcome their particular difficulty. I realize that this is not the traditional meaning of karma, but it’s the one my inner voice tells me is true.

The feelings you have about the events of September 11th, are just that: feelings. They are excellent indicators of just how much you are accepting the illusion of physical reality to be “real.” For myself, it was a rocky ride to realize how deep those feelings really were, to see how when push came to shove, I teetered on listening to the physical events and my reactions to them, rather than my inner knowing.

It has often been said that a master is “in the world, but not of it” and this type of event is an excellent guidepost for those of us who choose to be masters. If you listen to your own emotional needs for punishment and responsibility or even the need for healing, without remembering that each individual involved is an equal creator, then you have become part of the drama. You have essentially forgotten that you are an actor in this play and have lost yourself completely in the role.

On the other hand if you can accept these feelings and honor them without losing the greater perspective, if you can accept your own truths, particularly when they fly in the face of external opinions. You will become stronger and clearer in your vibration, in short – a better creator. You will be more effective in creating because you will have learned to hold your tone through the most strenuous of situations.

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