Perspectives on God – Part 5 The Principles Applied by William Gunderson

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
September 2001

Perspectives on God – Part 5
The Principles Applied
by William Gunderson

Editor’s Note: Although we’ve altered the submission guidelines to focus on articles with a more “personal” essay style, we couldn’t stop ourselves from publishing the fifth and final article in William Gunderson’s series. For space considerations, William has created this piece as Part 5-B – to read Part 5-A, click on the following link:

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All that we have discussed to this point has provided a picture of the landscape in which we operate and play. Let’s consider the experience of two people. On one hand we have someone who believes that things always flow in perfect order and harmony in his life. Now, on a particular occasion, he has an appointment and has to drive from his home to a downtown urban area fifteen miles away. He leaves with a sense of ease, expecting his drive will go well and that he’ll find a parking place upon his arrival right where he needs one (because he always does). And indeed, his experience turns out to have been in accordance with his belief.

Over here, we have another fellow, someone who always feels frustrated, always seeming to struggle against the currents of life. He is usually cursing and fighting traffic. On this day, this chap has a dental appointment in the same building as the first. He leaves his home expecting obstacles and frustrations, as is his habit, at a time that places him about one minute behind the first fellow. He hits many more red lights than green. His way is impeded by buses, rude and inconsiderate drivers, and sirens. Then, to top it off, when he does arrive, he can’t find a parking place. He drives around for half an hour and is late for his appointment. He curses how this always seems to happen and reaffirms what a constant struggle life is. Is it his thinking that causes this? Are we not seeing attitude affecting events and experience?

About Methods For Implementing Change

What can we do to make our lives and experiences more like the first fellow’s and less like the second? How can we learn to live with that sense of ease? Within the variety of source material available in the self-actualization field, much of the methodology offered comes from the field of psychotherapy. Psychology deals with correcting the personality. But as we should be realizing now, it’s more effective to work within the realm of spirit; for working to expand consciousness will automatically correct the personality.

Like many who are reading this, I, in my search for answers (and thus relief), read many books. I found that for me (and presumably many others as well), many of the books and magazine articles that claim to help people gain control over their lives, have elements to them that require us to do things that, quite frankly, some of us can’t do. This is simply because of the very resistance that is causing the suffering in the first place. The resistance has to be understood and softened first. Realistically, “If we coulda, we woulda”.

Among the untenable approaches (for me), is the workbook format–where on every other page, there is a task of writing a list of feelings or family dynamics or some other facet of self-evaluation. While this sort of list making can be an effective technique for many, it definitely did not work for me. I was far too impatient for that. I was looking for change NOW—not the weeks or months it would take to complete all of the assignments. I could only see a great deal of time and effort for no near term payoff.

Ultimately, I decided that what I really needed was to gain an understanding of how the universe worked and then from there, I intuited, it was simply a matter of flowing with it rather than against it. The concept of specific methodologies became less important to me than a good grasp of the basic principles and dynamics (the meta physics) that move the universe. Besides, I found these principles exhilarating and that exhilaration propelled me along.

I happen to be a “free-styler” in most endeavors—one of those people who gets the basic idea from a recipe, but never really follows it. Whether it’s cooking, designing products or departments within business, I adapt everything to my own inclinations and intuitions. We each have our own array of unique abilities; grasping basic concepts and adapting them happens to be mine. This is all really personal preference (left brain / right brain, Mars / Venus stuff, whatever). Many people find, for example, that they learn better and resonate more with personal accounts of struggle and triumph. We intuitively are drawn to that material which resonates with us. All are valid.

And so you will find that what I offer is more in the realm of understanding cosmic principles than specific methodology. As I have come to see it, we simply need to come back to the understanding of our role in the creative process of life. That leads us to the awareness that we can simply learn to ask for guidance.

Now we do need to practice some things—such as finding quiet time, learning to calm our minds, and learning to listen for and recognize answers. Come to know that you can communicate with the universe. It is essential to set aside quiet time everyday—even if it is after going to bed, before falling asleep. I recommend you learn to meditate. It’s not difficult and you’ll soon come to value this time.

Some Essential Considerations

Self Assessment Necessary For Progress

The aim of the workbook exercises I referred to above, are to assist you in evaluating what you feel and think about yourself and your place in and relationship to the world. I simply prefer to do self-reflection in the quiet moments of meditation. Many people can combine meditation with writing their feelings. This is great as well. But unarguably, in order to begin moving from where you are, at a minimum, you do need to get an understanding of how you feel about yourself now. [The movement and the understanding can occur simultaneously.] Do you feel worthy of a great life or do you feel that only others deserve happiness, abundance and wellness? Do you like and appreciate yourself? Are you mostly irritable? Angry? Resentful? Filled with anxiety, worry, fear? Communing with your Higher Self can bring these answers.

The reason it’s important to make these determinations is that the circumstances of your life are an absolute perfect reflection of how you view yourself and how you feel. Let me hasten to add that you are not your circumstances. Circumstances are only a fleeting snapshot of who you think you are. As for the feeling part, what you are feeling is energy. If you have a low opinion of yourself, you feel down and irritable (low vibration energy). In light of spiritual laws, it can be no other way.

Pain And Suffering

There are books devoted to this subject. I will just say that our path toward awareness is facilitated by the pain that we experience as a result of our choices to avoid and resist change and growth. We resist out of fear. The universe, throughout our countless excursions into physical life, is always trying to teach us to love, to let go of fear, to control our own thoughts and intents. Many of the books and discussions on this subject speak of the karmic aspects of suffering. Our souls seek to heal, as is the intent of the evolution of consciousness. Pain and suffering are utilized as tools to get our attention and motivate us to seek Truth and come to know that we can trust in All That Is. Coming to Truth is ultimately the relevant thing. And the Truth is that anything is possible now; there are no limitations.

Don’t Delay Happiness

We have used phrases such as “all is well”, “in harmony with our true purpose”, “aligning our energies with our desires”, “becoming connected to ultimate source”, etc. When the state that these phrases describe is realized, we become receptive and open to manifestation of the joyous fulfilled life that we seek. Now someone might say, “But, what if I never achieve that state?” Let’s clarify. States of mind are different from outer conditions.

The ego is quick to seize upon any hooks that it can use as rationalizations to prevent us from achieving joy and happiness, and, delay is one of the best. It would have you delay indefinitely. And so we find ourselves always thinking in terms of, “I will be happy when such and such occurs.” It was never meant that our happiness should rely on conditions and circumstances outside of us. Our happiness is supposed to be in creating. This means that we must make a decision to be happy now, knowing that we can create conditions that we’d prefer over current ones. When we always delay our happiness until something outside changes or occurs, we are wasting now. We have attached our happiness to conditions.

Let me try to further clarify why this is an error. If I am unhappy now and have decided that I will not be happy until conditions “x” and “y” are met, I am, at the outset, radiating an energy of unhappiness (inadvertent resistance to happiness); the universe then continues to match that energy with the conditions of “no x” and “no y”. Now, often through sheer will and struggle, we manage to attain x and y, only to discover that our happy periods are short and fleeting. In part, this is because once the conditions and circumstances are achieved, the ego just moves the goal line and makes the next desires the point of Nirvana. We soon find ourselves bored with the acquisitions. We become weary through the constant effort of will and find that we don’t have time to sit down and appreciate what we’ve acquired or achieved. This is what’s behind that idea that money can’t buy happiness and why we see so many people who we think of as rich and successful, but, who in reality, are miserable.

Now, there is nothing wrong with enjoying and appreciating material things—being a recipient of the abundance of the universe. The error is in attachment, i.e., believing that your happiness is dependent upon the objects or conditions of desire. Joy comes from finally learning that the universe willingly provides, and, more importantly, that it can only do so when you finally give up the notion that it is the object or condition that can provide happiness. In truth, it is the knowing of the universe’s cooperation that leads to happiness. When you just let go, you allow the cooperation to come as the universe offers it. In other words, as you’ve undoubtedly heard before, the manifestation of your desires may not be in the exact form that you conceived them. Infinite Intelligence sees and is aware of things that are beyond our limited vision. What it delivers is ultimately better than how we conceived it.

So we must learn to just be happy while we’re developing our skills of creation. The payoff is that this sets up a mental pattern where the flow of energy will bring to you joy, sense of ease and peace of mind. Thus we discover once again the truth in the teachings of all the great masters.

A) Happiness is a decision.

B) It can be achieved only by living (being) in the present, not by regretting the past and worrying about the future, as the ego would have us do. And,

C) The point is the journey—not the destination. Incidentally, it is as much an error to delay happiness until becoming a spiritual master, so to speak, as it is delaying until certain outer conditions are achieved.

About Effort

Because we are taught over and over to work hard to attain what we want (the Protestant work ethic), our first impulse is to roll up our sleeves and take action-work-work-work—put forth effort. In the process, we forget about the role of Infinite Intelligence. We are to turn all of our problems over to Infinite Mind (God, Universal Subconscious, the universe) and allow it to work its wonders of arranging the details for the perfect outworking of the solution.

Be aware that when you are engaged with any methods that for you seem to entail real effort, your subconscious mind will likely read this effort as an indication that there is necessity for struggle (that there are blocks or barriers or something to overcome) and it will comply by presenting conditions that require struggle. This is often the case when we are resistant. Attempting to fight the resistance with greater effort is usually counterproductive–even harmful.

Let me offer an example of this. Many of you have probably heard of the affirmation technique. It’s a tool widely recommended for improving many areas of one’s lives. Often it’s presented as a way to re-program the subconscious mind to accept new ideas. Unfortunately, too often, it is utilized incorrectly. People apply force of will, thinking that the idea is to “work at” repeating whatever particular affirmation as frequently as possible. I can tell you unequivocally (from personal experience) that most people will experience a detrimental effect by doing this. At a minimum, it will produce no results. More than likely, it will actually create the opposite effect. I highly recommend that if you are utilizing persistent, mindless repetitions of affirmations, cease immediately. Attempting to force the subconscious mind to accept new ideas cannot work.

This subject of effort and resistance will prevail throughout our spiritual journey. Our progress proceeds most surely in a mental climate of ease. Yet we talk about the work we must do to improve our lives. It may seem a fine line that we walk. But let’s not forget that work can be enjoyable. This is most evident in artistic creation. Think about the things people pursue in their pastime—exercise, woodworking, tinkering with cars, cooking, knitting, etc. And so I suggest that we take this approach in our spiritual growth. Be easy; try not to utilize force of will.


So we are judicious in our use of the phrase “working at” putting these ideas into practice. Our desires are achieved not by effort, but by the very opposite, allowing. The phrase “letting go and letting God,” means to allow and it assumes faith– having assurance that the solution is on the way. It means asking and then not worrying over it further.

Allowing really only occurs in the presence of that most powerful force–love. You see, allowing is an act of love both toward ourselves and toward others. Infinite Mind is love. It really is our purpose to join in that power. Many of us really have a difficult time grasping these concepts of love and allowing. Part of the problem is that they aren’t tangible; in fact, in one sense, they are as much the absence of something as the presence of something. Love is greatly the lack of fear and allowing, the lack of resistance.

So “Allow!” means stop resisting, get out of the way. Allowing energy includes more than that. It means allowing others, other ideas, and other people. Don’t criticize, don’t attack, don’t resent, etc.

Love–Allowing—Flow Of Good
Fear (Lack of love)–Resistance—Undesirable Effects

If we think of energy as flowing like water or air, we want to allow the flow of energy of that which we desire. Our thoughts are energy. If we have learned to regulate our thoughts so that they remain focused upon what we want, then through the law of attraction, that which we want matches those thoughts and flows to us (is drawn to us). In that sense, we are like cosmic magnets.

As we keep our thoughts “pure” (free of doubt), then we are allowing the energy of our desires to flow, free of obstacles, free of resistance. Now remember, energy is always flowing to that which it is like, as well as drawing to itself that which it is. We can never stop the law of attraction; we can’t stop energy from flowing. We can, however, seem to impede the flow of the particular energy of our desire. This occurs when we continue to worry about the problem; we haven’t really let go. We have attachment. This seems to be our bugaboo. We have this tendency that when we can’t see or conceive of a solution, we become convinced that none is possible. This error is understandable considering our habit of believing only after seeing. It’s related to our mistaken notion of cause and effect. We need to remember that first cause is Mind.

The Tone Of Our Lives

We needn’t limit this discussion to specific problems. The same factors are at work regarding the overall tone of our lives. We simply desire greater happiness and peace of mind in our lives. What impedes the flow of happiness energy is the anxiety that comes with the expectation of continued frustration and failure, lack and limitation. The expectation of bad is of course based upon illusion. It is the polar opposite of the belief that all is well. Both of these opposites, expectation of good and expectation of bad, have associated energy with distinct characteristics. We recognize these characteristics by how they make us feel. In other words, you know that the exhilaration that accompanies expectation of good feels different from that of impending doom. So which kind of energy are you feeling? What you’re feeling is what you’re vibrating (and thus, receiving).


If, as we have asserted, our minds are focusing mechanisms that shape and color energy, then negative thoughts deform the pure and positive nature of source energy. Positive thoughts allow energy that vibrates at a higher frequency. Negative thoughts close the vibrational range, filtering out the higher frequency ranges, allowing only the lower, slower ones. Higher vibration energy is less limited, allowing more experiences that transcend bondage and limitation. The higher the energy we allow, the more transcendent (or seemingly miraculous) our experiences. Miracles are simply manifestations that are beyond the limited expectations that we’ve come to accept as natural in our mass conscious sleep. So resistance, in that sense, blocks the flow—the flow of higher spectrum energy. When we are resistant, our experiences are consistent with the slower energy that we’re allowing.

So, if we are keeping our thoughts consistent with our desires, we call that “allowing energy flow”. If, on the other hand, we have a desire and contaminate it with thoughts of worry, fear, anxiety and frustration, we have resistance. Resistance is quite simply holding thoughts that are inconsistent with those of our desire. This gets us to a very common misunderstanding, one that trips many of us up.

The confusion is that while we have the law of attraction; there is no counterpart such as the law of detraction, i.e., one that we can utilize to stop or prevent that which we don’t want. So all effort to stop a problem is counterproductive; it is a focus that only feeds the subconscious mind the message of “problem, problem”. The universe flows to you what you focus upon. More than that, you are also telling it that the problem is so pesky and persistent that we are having great difficulty finding a way to stop it from coming or continuing. What the subconscious mind (and, by extension, the universal subconscious mind) sees regarding the issue is one big problem. And as it always matches your dominant thought about a situation…it delivers more of that problem. Then we think, “God, the injustice of it all!” Thus resistance to a condition only creates more of it.

It Shall Be Given

You may be familiar with that Scriptural quote, “Unto him who hath shall be given and unto him who hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath”. Hath what? The answer–hath the consciousness of accepting and allowing, i.e., faith that it will be given. By having the consciousness of it, you will be emitting the energy of it and thereby attract it…thus…it “shall be given”. Likewise, he who hath not the consciousness of it will be emitting the energy of unworthiness and lack and fear of losing even more. Either way, the universe will match that energy, adding more or taking away, whichever it is.

Prior to understanding this, people who come across that quote, think it is so unfair. “How can God be so cruel as to take from those who already are lacking and give to those who already have so much?” they wail. But as you can see, once again, it is simply the spiritual laws of the universe at work, totally consistently and impartially. It is our choice whether or not we work in harmony with them. When we observe others who are suffering and who are not yet understanding this, we of course have compassion for them. And, if they are open to it, we can teach them.


Let’s say that you are in the habit of feeling unworthy and inadequate a great deal of the time but do have occasions when you’re feeling high and things are going well; you may find yourself still feeling uneasy, even then. This is not uncommon. There is a tension—a feeling that this situation can’t last but not wanting it to end. This often turns into grasping attempts to hold it—our old friend attachment again. It is a human tendency to want to clutch. Immediately, of course, this begins to drive away the “good”. The anxiety, the need, the grasping tenseness becomes a repellent energy. It’s sort of like chasing one magnet with the repelling pole of another magnet. We are grasping for something that is repelled by the energy of grasping (or desperation). Our habits are so bound in grasping and holding that it feels unnatural to not do it. The drawing force, attraction, fades.

This is the time to make a conscious decision to let go and let God. Relax. Become poised. Maintain faith in the cooperation of the universe and the law of attraction. This may seem difficult to do until you really learn to believe in the momentum of the universe toward good. It may feel horribly uncomfortable at first, but it might help to realize that the current state of clutching is not a place of comfort and security either. Feel how this grasping energy is repellent and cannot work. The best way to begin to change is to take conscious note when things are going well and state to yourself that the universe is indeed cooperating with you.


The habit of worry is like a security blanket we cling to–just about that tangible. It’s almost like a friend or a mate without whom we’d be lost. For many, it’s associated with a sense of responsibility. We’ve all heard statements such as, “Can you imagine he’s not even worried about it?” when referring to someone who may be facing some harsh consequence, for example. What this indicates is that we think worrying is an admirable endeavor. Because you identify so closely with it, you may feel that it’s a habit that you can’t do without. This makes it difficult then to turn your problems over to God and rely totally on faith. You may feel that you’re standing at the precipice, afraid to leap into the realm of “letting go and letting God”. I say to you now that you cannot move on without taking that leap, for finally leaping is the point of our whole journey.

Trust in the intent and movement of the universe toward good. Your access to that state where all is well is through the kingdom within. Relax and allow. There is no other way. Rest assured that everyone, without exception, who is truly successful, achieving and living a life of ease, peace and joy, is someone who is utilizing this principle of believing in the predisposition of the universe (or life) toward good. It does no good to complain that they may have been fortunate from the beginning in that they weren’t conditioned with the limiting beliefs when they were young. We each choose the path that would most efficiently lead us toward awareness.


When out and about in your day-to-day activities, you will observe some of the things that you wish to bring into your life. As a natural consequence of the law of attraction, synchronicities will occur in which you and the attention of your focus occupy the same positions in time and space. When you do find these examples of your desire (a particular car for example), you should appreciate them and use them as evidence that the universe is working with you. Appreciation includes being happy for the person who has the object of your desire rather than envying them. It means not grousing that you don’t have it in current experience. Resenting others having what you desire is just a sure way to keep you from it (it from you). These incidents of observation are opportunities to employ love and bring manifestation more near. As we’ve said earlier in this series, the word love is inadequate to describe its power. Love harmonizes, attracting good; lack of love attracts that which you fear.

Practical “Catch Yourself” Conversations

Often, especially as you begin to monitor your thinking habits, you will catch yourself automatically thinking in ways that are contrary to the life you want. You may catch yourself thinking, for example, “what a beautiful car; I will never be able to have that”. When you do catch these sorts of self-limiting thoughts, immediately say, “Wait a minute! What am I thinking? The truth is…(and then state that you are worthy and capable of achieving)”. Realize the fact that just because you’re not manifesting something at one particular moment, does not mean that the next moment has to be the same. Current conditions and circumstances are only effects and evidence of past thoughts. We should try not to make global statements of fact for the rest of our whole lives; in each moment, with new each thought, we are a new person with new possibilities.

When you catch yourself grousing about a circumstance or resenting or being angry with someone, stop and say, “Look at what my ego (or personality) is doing now.” Declare emphatically, “God, I want to move on from all of this tiresome, ridiculous, petty personality stuff!” Actually talk to your Higher Self in this way. Ask it, “Why am I utilizing my time thinking angry or resentful thoughts? Then get in the habit of watching for answers. This is a good place to remind you that god is not a personality that can be offended. Speak assertively. There is no need to be meek, humble or bowing as one would with the other perspective of god that we have described in this series. Don’t attribute all of this human personality stuff to Infinite Mind.

Please note! Also, don’t be angry with yourself when you do catch yourself cruising on automatic pilot. Here’s the great news. Catching yourself indicates an awakening awareness. When you are aware, you observe yourself focusing on negative thoughts and then make a conscious decision to continue it or not. It’s sort of funny when you do choose to continue it from a state of awareness; because at the point of choice, you also think, “This is so stupid and petty, I can’t believe I’m choosing to go with this”. If you still choose to continue, at least you are doing it in awareness. It’s a whole different experience. You may even laugh at yourself for the sheer absurdity of it all. But you will soon find the thrill of personality drama games dissipating and desire to spend less and less time there. You begin to realize how your experience is all your own responsibility.

Alas, there is more but we must end here. Just know that expanding consciousness is an infinite process and you will always be attracting what you need to know simply by asking.

End Of Series
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