Letter from the Editors by Kristen Fox and John McNally

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
August 2001

Letter from the Editors
by Kristen Fox and John McNally   

August 2001 marks the completion of the third year for the Conscious Creation Journal; can you believe it? We’ve gone from bimonthly to an ad hoc publication schedule, been through many a redesign and have accumulated over 230 terrific articles in the archives!

John and I originally created the Conscious Creation Journal because we wanted to READ articles that focused on reality creation, and no other online publication seemed to do this to the extent or in the same way we were visualizing it. We created the journal as a cutting edge magazine, or at least, what cutting edge meant to US. For some it could have been old hat and to others perhaps totally incomprehensible – life can be SO subjective sometimes. 🙂 And although it’s available to the online public and has many many different and appreciated contributors, John and I have still always considered the journal (and the rest of the conscious creation pages as well) a “personal” web site. Personal in that our motivation to publish it is based on our own interests, having fun, reading really cool pieces, getting inspired, that kind of thing.

The fourth year of the journal also seems to be marking a transition point for John and I. As we shift into a new phase in our own lives, the journal is going to reflect that shift as well – having been so intensely focused on reality creation ideas over the recent years, we want to start off the fourth year of the Conscious Creation Journal with a “fresh” focus. One of the first things you may notice is that journal has a new design (including the archives) – one that looks and feels rather ‘energetic’ and/or ‘clean’.

Another thing that we have been retooling have been the submission guidelines, which we encourage everyone to read when they create a free moment. We are looking forward to publishing personal stories and personal essays of conscious creation and consciousness in action, and moving away from pieces that focus on explaining theory or ideas from a more objective or scholarly viewpoint. To borrow a Seinfeldism, “Not that there’s anything WRONG with that” – *grin* – but it’s those personal, or first-person accountings that really thrill us to read about, and that’s the kind of excitement we wish to pass on to everyone who comes to this page. And besides, as we mentioned previously, there are already a great number of articles in the archives with a plethora of perspectives on the basic theories and ideas underlying “reality creation”, (as WELL as excellent personal stories and essays.)

At this moment, you may notice a distinct LACK of new article links on this so-called “content” page, but that too will change. For the moment, we wanted to share with everyone the refinements we have planned, and take a moment or two for John and I to adjust to our OWN shiftings as well. We’d also like to say thanks to everyone for their continuing interest in the Conscious Creation Journal! It’s been real and it’s just going to get… er… realer. *grin*

Kristen Fox and John McNally

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