Consciously Creating the Seth Deck by Joyce Combs

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
September 2001

Consciously Creating the Seth Deck
by Joyce Combs

About a year ago, while searching for a particular passage from a Jane Roberts/Seth book, I decided that when I found it I would jot it down on a note card, along with the page number, so that I wouldn’t have to go through such a frustrating process the next Design on the back of the “Seth Deck” cardstime I needed to find it. That led me to jot down other important sections, and that led me to decide to jot down all of my favorite passages. I had been reading the material for many years, but had never actually studied the insights or faithfully practiced the exercises. During the copying process I decided to make the little card-size pieces of paper more appealing by drawing designs in colorful chalk on the blank side. I have always been a doodle-er and found this process quite enjoyable. The art went from a few random swipes with a side-ways piece of chalk to elaborate designs and attempts to reproduce various paintings and drawings I found around my house. I liked some of them so much I started using scotch tape to preserve them and make the cards sturdier.

Now, my husband has never shown any interest at all in the Seth material, but he liked the cards, and began to draw one or two on occasion…and that would lead us into discussions about the various assertions and exercises. At the same time, my daughter, who was open to the material, but said it was too deep for her, found the cards quite helpful as a way of easing into the books. The reactions of those two got me thinking that maybe other people would benefit from the cards. I had been using Rune stones and cards for many years, also angel cards for help on the run, and had used the I Ching many years earlier. As I worked with my newly created Seth cards, they too seemed to have oracular possibilities. So, I decided to ask Rob if I could have permission to offer the Seth/Jane/Rob material in the form of The Seth Deck. I had begun writing an occasional note to Rob a few years earlier, after finding out about Jane’s death.

I had no money to turn the prototypes into decks of cards, I had no reason to think Rob would be in favor of the idea…I just had the idea. While I waited to hear back from Rob, I used the various exercises I’d learned from the Seth material to try and make the cards a reality. Rob did write back, wanting to see the cards…so I packed ’em up and sent them to him…and kept working at seeing the cards in my hands. I also did the physical work…I started trying to find the least expensive way to manufacture a deck of cards; I still had no money to pay for such cards, I just knew it was important to move in the direction that would get me there so that when I did get permission, I would be a step closer. And I did get permission. Rob is a lovely man and a sincere man who wants everyone to know how to create their own happiness. He said yes. I suddenly had permission, and knew of a nearby place to have them done…the work began in earnest. I visualized, used Seth’s self hypnosis exercise, and worked on expecting the cards to appear in the physical world. Out of the blue…my father…from whom I’d been estranged for several years, sent me a check for two thousand dollars! Normally I would have paid bills…but this was not normal…not any of it! So, I decided to invest in my creation. The place I found to do the cards was a playing card manufacturer…I had enough money for the small, low-end cards…but I did not care…I was so excited that I could do it….cost….$2,038.
Your thoughts give the general outline of the reality that you physically experience. Your emotions will fill in the patterns of light. Your imagination will forge these together. The sound of your inner thoughts is the medium that you actually use. This is far more than an analogy, however, for in simple terms it explains quite clearly the way in which your beliefs form your reality. -p.94 The Nature of Personal Reality

There simply is no time as you think of it, only a present in which all things occur. p.396, The Nature of Personal Reality

When you find yourselves noticing more and more the inequalities, the disasters and the shames that come within your sphere of perception, you add to their existence. This may confound what common sense may tell you. However, concentration reinforces the quality which is concentrated upon. -p.114 Book 6 of The Early Sessions

That may seem like the end of the story…but really, it’s just the beginning. I had no computer experience, and a very ancient, jury-rigged computer. And because my budget was so small, the card company said I had to do the work…fitting each quote into a pre-determined space, and all of the proof reading. I had to learn a lot…much of it frustrating and time consuming. But I knew it would result in my creation coming to fruition, so I did most of the work most of the time in a happy, expectant mood. Even when the company made a huge error and forgot to leave the suits and numbers off the cards, which was our agreement, I did not lose faith. I ended up getting a financial discount….and an unexpected bonus…some numerologists and even a cartomancy practitioner said the cards have merit just as they are. My best reward: Rob really likes the cards. He wrote: “Your quotations are well chosen, beautifully reproduced. I like them the way they are, personally–also seems the cards might be used read more often if they can be used in a lot of different games…My congratulations on a creative idea well done!” Now I’m back to my original goal: using the cards to study the insights and exercises from Seth/Jane/Rob. From the Editors: We got our very own Seth Deck in the mail the other day and have been really excited about it. The quotes are extremely well-chosen and the fact that the cards can be used to PLAY GAMES is just perfect! They are also made of a nice weight card stock and are coated with a pleasantly ‘slickery’ finish. It’s a kick to pull a “random” card each day and see what awaits us.

To get your VERY OWN Seth Deck, pop on over to Joyce’s site at:
(At the risk of sounding like a marketing department, “they also make great gifts!” When we showed the deck to a friend of ours she suddenly realized what she was going to get her brother for his birthday!)
Forget the cringing selves that you sometimes are and remember, instead, the magic essence of your own being that sings even now through your fingertips. That is the reality which you are seeking. Experience it fully. -p.486 Seth Speaks

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