The Nature of Reality by ChiaraDina Cerweny

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
April-May 2000, Issue 11

The Nature of Reality
by ChiaraDina Cerweny

I have started rereading Seth books some time ago and those channelled lines triggered a lot of “chain reaction” thoughts within me. Moreoften I find myself questioning my present state of reality and wonder “how deep the rabbit hole goes” into wonderland.

Isn´t it funny that all of our world seems to be based on contradictions ( I wouldn´t necessarily use here the term of polarity) and while we move through it often find ourselves to expand while merging two into one? Take for example “our body” and “our Self”. At present I find myself connected to my body as I have never been before in my life and I assume that most of you will agree with that kind of experience. Despite that fact, I realize that it becomes more easy to shift focus and observe, from an outside view, my body to connect to my Self and observe the dynamics of mental creation relating to “my” larger Self. I was driving my car lately on the highway, and there wasn´t much traffic. So I started to play games, like shifting consciousness and open myself up for the messages and vibrations it transmits. I listened to a song on the radio and expanded to hear the words in a different manner that I am used to, in fact I am not talking that much about various ways of interpretation (which also can be fun) but more like how this vibration, possessing consciousness and streaming out into this world, perceives the world it penetrates and contributes to. I was becoming this sound while being in my body. I continued playing with shifting by tuning in to trees, buildings and bridges and it was an amazing experience of love and interconnectedness. The presence I felt was almost overwhelming and I was touched beyond words about the intensity of devotion I felt within all things. This kind of shifting expanded my heart into a state of total gratitude I usually experience when I am out in nature, but have never experienced in a city with that kind of intensity. It was like becoming aware of all those infinite stories and variations of consciousness, from the smallest particle to the largest galaxy and being able to be a part of it and listening to the stories being told.

I am also wondering about all the other portions of my Self that I am connected to while I am sleeping, for example. I have had experiences such as being non-physical (only with my consciousness, not a real OBE) with other persons (in physical reality) and being able to perceive what they were talking about while I was asleep. (They were talking about giving me a call, from which I woke then and I could exactly repeat to them the words they were saying.) Furthermore, while I was sleeping I have had contact with beings – apparently from another star system – that felt like my family and were encouraging me. When I woke, Hale Bop was right in front of my window. (I didn´t know at this time that it was expected to be around.) It´s said that it is actually a portion of ourselves outside physical reality is dreaming us into existence here and that our dreams (at least the small percentage we recall consciously) is the actual existence we experience in various dimensions “apart” from this earthly journey.

At present, inspired by “SETH SPEAKS” by Jane Roberts, I find myself more and more drawn to experiment and experience more profoundly these connections to deepen my understanding of this realm. The question I was posing to myself actually was: when I dream about another person while I am asleep … do we share this experience in this other reality or is it just (as we were told by people who studied dreamstates) a kind of “memory repetition” that goes on in my mind and hence is not shared by others? To what extend IS in fact this experience in a dreamstate shared by others?  Do they “download” this information subconsciously or access it by plugging in to this info when there is resonance to it? Is dreaming about somebody and for example OBE´s encounters in two different realities (one located in 3D and the other on a more subtle vibration) located within the same frequency range or do these experiences exist on different levels of existence? What kind of role do quantum physics’ parallel realities play in all of these topics? Furthermore I am somewhat intrigued by the “transcendental mirror” all these questions imposed upon our “well known and taken for granted” realm here.

To me it becomes more and more obvious how little we know about the nature of reality as we got used to perceive it and the merging of various dimensions and frequencies that literally may not take up any space at all but merely more relate to “distance” in perception and familiarity. I think that we all are equipped with the means and abilities to investigate further into these “matters” of consciousness. Everybody who feels like sharing insights or experiences is highly welcomed to do so!!

(c)2000, ChiaraDina Cerweny.   Published in the April-May 2000 issue of the online Conscious Creation Journal.   Feel free to copy this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.

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