What is 4D? by Jack Rabbit

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
April 2001

What is 4D?
by Jack Rabbit

The other day, I was taking a moment for my SELF and spending a little good quality time with a close friend of mine. We share many commonalities in ideology and thoroughly enjoy talking each other in circles. We were contemplating awareness in general and while we were both thinking about something one of us said, time just seemed to stop for a moment. I was looking out of the window at a grove a trees and time just “blinked” for a moment. I have read about out of body experiences many times in several different publications. But, this was different. I was just so caught up in the moment that I literally lost the forest for this one single tree. I was looking in front of me with more than my just my eyes. I was seeing everything in front of me with my very being. My senses were heightened to a level I am not sure I have experienced before. I felt so alive I almost began to hyperventilate. The color, sounds and detail of everything was simply all consuming. It was absolutely wonderful. For just a moment, I was at total peace. No, that isn’t quite right. Actually I think I was total peace. I was one with everything for just an instant and had the good fortune to actually be “aware” of it.

These instances are very strange where time is concerned. Since this first experience, I have had several more of these episodes over the last couple of months. Sometimes they last for minutes and sometimes they last for an hour or two. It is strange that while experiencing these “moments” I can not tell how much time has passed until afterwards. My friend refers to these moments as, “your soul smelling water.” I have thought about this for some time and spoken with him many times concerning how to try to explain this phenomenon to someone who has either not experienced it or was unable to recognize what they were seeing or feeling when it happened to them. We ran around several different ideas and one just seemed to stick. While we were talking I mentioned that the closest concept I could refer to someone might understand is 4D. I think most people have a fairly good understanding of what 3D is. 3D is the concept of “things” having 3 distinct dimensions (Height, Width and Depth). Any of us can pick up something close at hand and take its’ measurements and find what the specific dimensions are for the object at hand.

Now, what is 4D? Have you ever taken a moment to ponder a majestic Oak Tree and felt something you just could not explain? Or, have you ever taken a few moments to sit by a stream and listen to what it has to say? How about this one; have you taken the time to play with a child and see the wonder of everything new in their eyes? I wish I could explain this better. But, words just simply are not enough. All I can say is what 4D is to me. It is the very essence of life force itself. Once I became awake and recognized what I was seeing and feeling, it has been making itself known to me almost everywhere I look. I have found a whole new level of respect and understanding for anything and everything that is either alive itself or contributes to anything living. I know I have seen and felt these things many times throughout my life. I was just never able to hang onto them for any length of time before. I would get busy doing something or simply shrug it off as just a strange but pleasant feeling. I have noticed it is very difficult to “tune in” if you are around electric devices or a lot of distracting noise. I do not know why this is or even if this is true for other people. What I do know is that it is the most peaceful experience I have been having on a regular basis since my awakening. It is also getting much easier for me to see and feel as I let go of all of the emotional baggage I have been dragging around for all of these years. I finally figured out it was my baggage to either drop or carry all along.

Jack Rabbit

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