The Little Opinion by Sharon Mendenhall

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
April 2001

The Little Opinion
by Sharon Mendenhall

Introduction to this uniquely flavored material: When I was seventeen, I read the book “1984,” and I knew that something would happen in 1984 that would change my life. And it did!  A book in the library fell off the shelf and hit me on the head, so I checked it out. Since then Seth not only has spoke to me, he has yelled, loudly.  Something about “You Create Your Own Reality, so get a clue, Jack!”

Fifteen years later, when I was just about able to convince Seth my name wasn’t Jack, here comes Elias to hit me on the head with a big hammer. I’m still in the process of getting a clue, but I had to do it my way. Put it in my own words, so Elias would put that damn hammer down. The result was some type of outlandish diary. A diary about me and my jumbled up concepts. I have no other excuse. If I did, I would definitely use it.

I created a reality entitled, “Diary of a Goddess.” It started out just a little at a time, just some random thoughts that I spontaneously committed to electronic paper. But then mysteriously, the chapters started to link together, and some 350 pages later I began to wonder what to do with all this stuff. Some of it is funny, DAMN funny.  (Oh my, Spiritual Humor! I always thought that was an oxymoron.)

I’m just a hitchhiker travelin’ through the universe and lookin’ for a good time, as we all are. The diary has been just plain fun for me, and I hope it will be for you also. If either Seth or Elias start hitting you over the head with a hammer, well, I had nutin’ to do wif’ it. You’re on your own.

Reader, beware!

Sharon Mendenhall

The Cosmic Motion Picture Company presents

The Little Opinion

Once upon a time there was a little opinion. And this little opinion was like an opinion, you know, like it didn’t have any arms and legs and stuff like that. But what this opinion did have was free will. The free will to do, or think or believe anyway it wanted. Well right after the little opinion got through saying thank you for the free will, it went out into the big world.

Now this little opinion was always right because it was an opinion, and how could an opinion be wrong? It’s just an opinion. And what this opinion noticed was that out in the big world, there were other opinions. And each of these other opinions was different than this opinion. Some were a little bit different, and some were a whole lot different. And as this little opinion listened to all the other opinions it began to doubt it’s own validity, thinking perhaps there must be some big opinion out there that is the Big Authority Opinion. So this opinion began to search for the Big Authority Opinion.

Now the only way the little opinion found to search for the Big Authority Opinion was to compare the other little opinions against one another, and against itself for things that matched, thinking that if it found enough matches, that would be the Big Authority Opinion. But this matching process proved to be a big task for the little opinion. The first thing the little opinion had to do was name the matches, so the little opinion called all things that matched, right or good, and all things that didn’t match, wrong or bad.

And all the other little opinions were doing the same thing running around and labeling things bad or good. Then all the little opinions that were similar, not exact, but similar, banded together and formed the Coalition of Good Opinions group. The enigma was that there was thousands of Coalition of Good Opinions groups, and each was different, and each thought that they had aligned with the Big Authority Opinion. And each thought that there was great strength in numbers, so they called this great strength in numbers democracy,  because that was a pretty cool name, and things should have a name.

The problem with that was that each Coalition of Good Opinions group had a different democracy, but the democracy was alike in that each had their own set of rules. When the different Coalition of Good Opinions groups got together for their meetings, followed by refreshments, they decided that they should call their rules “morals” because that sounded like it aligned with the Big Authority Opinion better, and no one should disagree with something named morals. So morals became a really hot name.

Then each Coalition of Good Opinions group decided it was alright to blow other Coalition of Good Opinions groups out of the water. Because even though they had selected the name Good Opinions, they couldn’t really be good opinions, because there could only be one group of good opinions that totally aligned with the Big Authority Opinion, therefore it was perfectly alright to shoot them or drop big bombs on them.

Pretty soon all the opinions were running around smacking each other, and the big world was just a big mess. I mean, all the little opinions really wanted was to be happy, and they were too busy making judgements about all the other opinions, and trying to align with the Big Authority Opinion to really take the time to be happy.

Well, the little opinion became very distressed about all this smacking  business, and it asked for the Big Authority Opinion to come down and  straighten all this out, because of course the Big Authority Opinion would be the true and correct opinion. But what the little opinion found out was that there is no Big Authority Opinion, and that was only a belief that the little opinion had. There is only millions and millions of little opinions that are each right, and each different. And that each of the little opinions could save themselves a lot of heartache if they would just forget this business of constantly searching for the Big Authority Opinion, because it doesn’t exist.  And that all the other opinions are very opinionated, because they are  supposed to be. After all, they are a bunch of opinions, what else could they be?

So the little opinion decided to just distract itself by becoming the World’s Greatest Writer, and that’s what it did. Of course, that was the little opinion’s opinion.

The End

P.S. IMHO, there is nothing out there in the big world, but a bunch of  opinions about what is out there.

©2001, Sharon Mendenhall.  Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal. (Feel free to duplicate this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice and the URL.)

Sharon Mendenhall has been a lover, a fighter, a bareback movie scriptwriter, and much more. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is no excuse, and has three children, which is also no excuse. She is a published writer, having written one story, in one book that was published. But you will find her name in italic print if you turn to page 23 of “Expect Miracles” by Mary Ellen. They even spelled it correctly….

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