Channeling Sessions – Group 9

Releasing Restrictions, Judgments About What Is, Pretending

There has been a great deal of letting go. There has been a great overcoming of old ideas, of limitation, powerlessness, restriction, and a place where the life you lived seemed to be dictated from outside yourself. The further down this road that you go, the more you’ll see that everything in your life springs from you in a magnificent cooperative undertaking with all of the other creatures of your world. (Heavy rains brought flooding in local green/park area.) Yes, you and the ducks agree this high tide in your greenbelt is a worthwhile thing. Your children also agree. Your neighbors who fight it agree as well, but they pretend that they do not agree. For you the pretending has stopped. Do you see this?

“Outer” and “Inner” Perspectives, Responsibility and Others, Tests

Quite often, mosttime, the “outer perspective” is not only deeply flawed, but is the reverse of the truth. This has been a problem in your culture forever. Continually mapping your progress from the outer perspective. It is a problem for two reasons. One, it is a lie. And two, it devalues or obliterates the inner perspective and knowing of the individual. This is why it is such an error to attempt to wrest responsibility from another. How can you take responsibility for what you do not know? How can you do better for someone else what only they know how to do? And worst of all, by inserting your outer perspective, you invalidate their own inner knowing. This leaves them powerless in the one place they have all the power. This is epidemic in your culture. This is an understatement. As you move back to your own inner directed being, trusting and choosing your own creations you have less and less patience for this type of behavior. This is a sign of your progress. Do not cajole those who would need to surround you with their outer perspective. Cut them off or ignore them, but do not play. (Shook head) This warning is given to you in all earnestness because you are so steeped in your culture. You are beginning to see the subtle ways, and not so subtle ways, that any attempt to placate this behavior from others manipulates you even ever so slightly, into acknowledging the outer perspective as real. Think of it as a plague. In the plague, remember, they burned the clothing and possessions of those stricken. You do not have to becomes arsonists (laughing) but you need to think like arsonists. Now that you have shifted to the place where more of your trust resides in your own knowing, and power of your own creations than in the camouflage, it is your duty to diligently protect and maintain your new position. You may find you have to shoot down old thoughts like a sniper. Instantly. Silently. Completely. As you do this the new thoughts naturally assert themselves, the new order is established, the new creation takes precedent position, and your reality adjusts accordingly. This is your magic wand. Believe it. There is no easy way – if you want to think of this as hard. There is also no OTHER way. And realize as you choose your new creation you are free to expand your choice to include all the support, encouragement, love, signs, joy, and magic you want along the way. You are also free to choose any more tests you want to give yourself. Remember this. Now if you are tired of tests, stop choosing them. Replace them with encouragements.

Ease, Receiving, Earning, Problem Solving and Solutions, The Creative Flow and Absolute Freedom

When you are in perfect ease there is nothing unnatural in receiving wonderful gifts. There is no earning – this is not a glorified reward structure. This is the natural flow of creative being. As you contemplate this, consider how widely divergent and unnatural the outer perspective really is. It is also interesting that the solutions generated by the belief systems of the outer perspective compound the problem instead of solving it. When you understand this completely, you know there is nothing to DO about ANYTHING. The only true path to solutions is to move to the inner perspective and follow your impulses. The more you can do this, the more solutions will fall into your lap. It is not a question of problem solving, it is all about reconnecting to your own creative stream. The reconnection itself will carry you to what you are seeking in ways that appear to be wholly magical. As to your own processes, you have alighted on the road where the “walking through it” IS the adventure. There is no need to seek, there is only trust. Just as today’s events arrived in their perfect moments, so all the other perfect moments will arrive. You are weaning yourselves from a lifetime of habitual linear thinking. Remember now, Creation IS. Creation requires no prerequisites. Creation can alter your entire experience in an instant because creation is based and springs from Absolute Freedom. Unless you become confused here, let us be clear. Creation is not a random event. It is not made up of coincidences and it has nothing to do with chance. Creation is the bedrock, without which experience would be impossible. It is also a muscle that is largely used unconsciously in your culture. This is because using it consciously with any degree of effectiveness requires total reorientation.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.