Channeling Sessions – Group 45

Accepting Your Power as a Conscious Creator

How you choose to proceed is totally up to you. We would suggest and recommend to you at this time that you do not compromise or hold back yourselves or your desire in any way. For truly it is as you seek and as you choose, so shall you have. This is like the golden rule of the growing tree, which must seek and reach out with its branches and in so doing becomes the tree, and yet always was. How long will you travel along this road? How long will you ask yourselves? How long before you simply allow yourselves to be who you are when you are where you are? You have very nearly stepped completely into total allowance and acceptance. And so it is true, you will have what you want. For what else would you have? You will go where you want, you will be what you want.

The time has come for you to knowingly and fully accept your power. The time has come for you to knowingly and willingly let go of control with the ego and allow observation and spontaneous embodiment of that which you seek.

Choose What You Want, Persistence

You must choose in each moment where you will put your focus. Choose in the moment to continue the path or choose in the moment the new path. There is nothing in the way. Nothing – read our lips. NOTHING. You must begin to understand that the point of focus that you choose is your choice and until you honor and recognize that this is so you cannot change it. So perhaps you might ask yourself the question “Why do you choose this focus?” And you might further ask yourself, in this now moment, “Do I choose to continue in this focus or NOT?” This is a simple question. If you do not choose it, choose again. Continue to choose again until such time as you are no longer making the old choices. You may find that this, at first, seems difficult and tedius. PERSIST. The new choices will become evident.

Recognize that your point of focus in the now moment is a creation and that as a creation it has incredible power. It draws to it all those people with whom you interact and points the focus of THEIR creation. Do not burden yourself with responsibility or guilt over past choices, for this is futility in action. Rather, choose again. And again. And again. In these moments of new choice you create the new world. It is up to you.

Letting Go of Letting Go

When you say to those you know, to those you interact with, that you have seen and understood that the lesson is to let go, you need say it only once. If you continue to say it you are not letting go. Reinactment is reinactment. Make your choices. There is no place you are not totally free to move. There is no place, no matter how constricted by your own personal view of what is, that is not totally open to change in the now moment. That is all. You have heard us.

Choosing in the NOW, A Question of Time

We have laid out for you the perfection of All That Is. You live the life of ease in the moment exactly as you have chosen it. Why then do you question what is or what is to be? Each now moment has been perfectly provided for. And yet you strain your eyesight into the future and ask in plaintive voices… “What will happen then?” But then is not now. We suggest that you forget about then. All of our work has been to bring you to now. The moment we get you here, you leave. So where are you going in such a great hurry? Someplace totally important that does not exist yet! Will you pierce the veil and see the future? This is highly unlikely if you are not in the now moment to create the future. For the future does not spring from the past. The future, as all other things, springs from now.

From our perspective, the matter of time is irrelevant. What is relevant are the choices you make and your willingness to allow the events to unfold as they will. It is NEVER a question of TIME. It is always a question of the emergence of the creation. Recognize that in your stubbornness to address the issue of time, you place the energy of resistance around the energy of creation. It is our purpose and intent here to break down the rules around which you have structured your lives and according to which you consider things to be acceptable or unacceptable. It is not your job to make judgments upon what is. It is your job to be an active participant in the now moment of your life. Believing as you do that you have done major work in the retraining of the ego or rational mind, we say to you this is just the beginning of your work. For is not your rational mind still attached to some idea, some form or structure around the extent or length of your present circumstance? To the extent that it is, you are not finished with your retraining. The essence energies of this moment time for each of you provide you with all the information that is required for your right choices in each moment. So ask yourselves, sincerely, what do you choose? And then, look carefully to see whether or not the choice is reflected in experience. You will find overwhelmingly that it is. You will find no discrepancy between what you have chosen and what you experience. And in light of this great revelation, if you continue to choose to question and conflict yourself over that which is your present experience, we have no sympathy.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.