Channeling Sessions – Group 42

Alliances Within a Desired Event, Creation Outside of Linear Time, Degrees of Awareness, Honoring Others Choices

While it is quite correct to say that these alliances are formed creatively, within these groups of consciousness, so as to be experienced within linear time as an event in your terms, the creation itself, that is, the movement of energy along the lines of intention, places this “event” outside of time. So it is then impossible to say that any of these connections were formed in a past or future or present, to your way of thinking. This is because the intention itself, forming the creation, and connection outside of your understanding of time brings forth the various connections of selves in ALL time. This is how you create in the past and the future from the present. It is not necessary to do so with specific intent towards the past or the future, it is simply a natural outgrowth of the nature of simultaneous time. In this way, whole lifetimes are created, whole experiences of self are brought into being.

And so while it is rightly understood that the potential for these experiences and events is ever present, the knowing of the experience, the experience and creation of events themselves will be unknown and unexperienced without the creative focus of intention. This is the operational basis of free will. This is the operational basis of your physical reality. In each moment, the potential is present. It is up to you what you do with it. And so, for all the moments you experience in which you, for whatever reason, ignore, deny, or simply remain unaware of, the potentiality of creative intention, you are said to be asleep. And in the moments when you recognize, choose, and activate your highest intentions, you are said to be waking up.

This is not to say that one is better or worse, for the purposes of sleep may be powerful and meaningful according to the intentions and directives of the self. Neither do we advocate remaining in this state of non-wakefulness once the ability to recognize creative potentiality has been achieved. In any event, the purposes of the self are served. And so you might simply consider that the individual purposes for any given lifetime are indeed individual and do not necessarily require conscious discernment on the part of the person living out that lifetime. We make these statements in order that you may properly understand that there is no place for judgment within this comprehension. You do not judge the pulse of your blood beating through your body. You do not compare your pulse to someone else’s and call one worthy and one not worthy. It is the nature of consciousness to seek its own highest expression and so having this awareness you give yourself an advantage over your own previous position of non-awareness. That is all.

If you will consider these concepts from the point of view of the larger arena of what is possible, within your physical reality, then you will see that there is vast potential as yet unrecognized. And you may choose to bring that potential to visible awareness within the larger group consciousness of your reality. The choice is yours. And the choice can, in no way, imply responsibility of others to join you. For in honoring your own choice, you MUST honor the choices of all others. You must recognize that it is the distinct differences, the specific individual traits, tendencies, and choices which create the larger context within which you operate. So that it is NOT simply a question of you operating within a vacuum. But it is you, operating within the chosen reality, which is made up of all of these divergent and convergent energies. This is the essence of the nature of the creative process. For the denial of any one thing is the denial of the whole. And this is also why in your work to achieve this integration, and this larger experience of the awareness of conscious creation within your physical reality, you must accept and lovingly allow all of the parts of the self. For the same principle is operational. To deny the part is to deny the whole.

You can and should assume that every detail of your creation (that is to say, your experience) is precisely placed, chosen, and enacted for your highest understanding. So that denial, judgment, or separation from any of these details denies you the experience of the higher understanding. This is the perfection. In accepting the perfection you are accepting your power. Whenever you reject the perfection you move to powerlessness. And while this explanation will seem quite simple in your terms, the experience of the concept can be profound indeed. This is why the ultimate task of making choices becomes intrinsically wedded to your experienced outcomes. If you can allow yourselves to accept each moment, EACH moment, EACH thought, EACH event and experience in your life, no matter how minute, to be the messenger for you, then you can choose in each of these moments to claim the message and exalt it, to accept the message and change it, or simply to allow the message to reveal the deeper meanings of the self and the larger intentions which you seek to know and carry out.

The advantage of this approach is that it removes you entirely from the old rational mind set (which looks outside of the self for evidence) and brings the power of the rational mind to the inner self to apply the evidence and information toward the desired outcome. To some it could be considered that this is simply a new form of manipulation, or what your psychologists would call behavior modification. However, it is much deeper than this, for it deals directly with integration of new understandings with the expansion of what is consciously known within the awareness of the physically focused self. So it is not merely rote, it is not merely following a new set of rules, rather it is the spontaneous allowing of discovery and exploration with a specific intention for a specific outcome, result, or experience. Of course how you choose to use this information is totally up to you. If you simply use it as another way or means to reject the self you will not make much progress. If, on the other hand, you use it to unite the self under the joyful banner of self acceptance, then you can expect to reap significant rewards.

In most cases, among the peoples in your physical reality, the diligence required for this process is perceived as too dear a price to pay, too cumbersome, and too time consuming. However it is our observation that it is none of these. And that, in fact, just the opposite is true. The difficulty arises in the need for diligence, for within your culture at this time there is a huge and pervasive push towards distraction which can make it difficult for individuals to create for themselves the opportunity for this diligence. But this does not mean it is not possible. Again it is a matter of desire and intention and the will to know the self. We would suggest to you that your own undertakings in this area represent a highly focused and rather unusual occurrence at this time in your physical reality. We would also say to you that there are others. That indeed, there MUST be others. Not only for the successful undertaking, but as a direct result of the creative intention of which you are a part. And to which you have joined together, as a group. We remind you that how you proceed from this point forward is your choice and we would encourage you by telling you that you are making better and better choices all the time.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.