Channeling Sessions – Group 4

How Do You Feel?

Take a larger view of your own lives and bring the creation into form from that perspective. The better you feel, the better you are doing. There. Now you have a rule. Apply it.

Intention, not Prediction, and Being in the Now

Do not attempt to predetermine in any fashion, simply know the intention and stay in the moment. Pay attention to those ideas and inspirations which come to you and act upon them.

Becoming Your New Self, Ease, Working WITH Your Conscious Awareness

You have already begun to notice how your energy and your feelings are naturally and newly aligned with your stated goals and intentions. You can experience directly the closing of any remaining gap between what you have chosen and stated as your intended goal and your experience of the self in any moment. That is to say, when you allow yourself to focus and consider the goal or any portion of the intention, you no longer feel yourself to be in any way stepping away from the present self. The goal is simply another facet of a self within which you are comfortable and operate easily. So it is no longer a stretch for you to step into the feeling tones and experience of the intended goal. Indeed, you are marshaling all of the forces of the universe to advance yourself easily and steadily into the position where your goal has been achieved. If you will pay attention to your now moments in physical space and time during this intersection, you will notice, quite easily, the fluidity and ease of motion within and out of physical space and time that not only you experience but also that the physical objects of your environment experience. As the expanded self moves into more direct contact with the conscious awareness, it is able to provide you with insight and knowledge previously unavailable to you. We encourage you to take advantage of this situation. To consider more playfully all of the ideas of your creative construct. Do not be fearful but stride boldly and with confidence. Allow the inner self to be directly available to the conscious mind where it can provide you with a greater ease and understanding. The process as you currently experience it may in moments seem even less clear or predictable to the conscious aware mind. Yet only to the degree that the conscious aware mind attempts to know or control according to ITS dictates. And so you are experiencing a new level of ability to perceive with the expanded self so you must encourage and allow the conscious mind to accept and work with the inner self.

Intentional Creation is MAGIC

Magic never depends on linear events or time. It only uses linear time or events to reveal itself/ announce its presence. It’s not about anything you do. It’s about opening your willingness to be aware. When real magic happens it recreates your whole world and life is created as something else. Can you even imagine walking into a new world created out of intention? You do it every day.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.