Channeling Sessions – Group 39

Alignment with Joy, Gifts

You will notice now, as you tune into the centeredness of your being, a different quality to your experience. In the past within the center there has always been still doubt, some misapprehensions, some suggestion of the idea that perhaps you in yourself were not trustworthy. Now you find in this center, simple joy. This is the alignment. The simple joy is the force and power coming into form. For how can you create and be in your joy in a creation of joy if in your center there is still doubt. This is the doing without doing.

There is a lack of seriousness which now accompanies all of your endeavors and the final stripping away of your reservations, no matter how tenuous they were. These will appear in each area of your life – it was the most firmly rooted in your own disappointment and sense of self-defeat. So naturally you have shaped gifts for yourselves which bring new light, energy, and love to these areas.

Pay close attention now to the self you choose in each moment. It is your own identification which brings power and focus to the various aspects of being. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with allowing the free movement of emotions and feelings, for there is not. These changes are taking place naturally and spontaneously. We are asking you to be aware of them. Your focus and awareness will accelerate the process. You have seen, even in this day, multiple evidence of how this works. The dramas present themselves and in your natural and spontaneous way, you respond according to your own choices and perceptions. Be aware of the monumental shift that has occurred. For though the old energies may indeed present themselves in minor feeling tones, “Fear, oh, I feel Fear”, they will not be the directors of your actions nor will they hold any consistency in your focus. Rather, they appear as some minor occurrence of which you are aware but with which you do not interact directly. In this way it is as if they have moved to your peripheral vision instead of your frontal focus.

It is not that there is a lack of awareness of their existence it is rather that they lack importance, and they no longer dictate your responses. They no longer orchestrate your experience. During this process you will have noticed the movement. There was a time when these thoughts, fears and doubts of self, brought up by drama, distracted you from dealing with the drama itself. There was a time when they served the purpose of showing you patterns within yourself. Now they are like echoes. Faint imitations. While the strength of your focus rises directly out of what you choose in the moment.

This is also a key to opening your own discernment for when you find yourselves impatient, annoyed, or in some way outside of comfort and ease with yourself, it will get your attention. And in each of these moments, you need simply to allow yourself to know what is the source of this emotion. Follow it back, make a new choice. Allow yourself to see whatever it is without judgment, or defensiveness. This process is possible because fear has been removed. This opening that you have created, this connection that you have created between yourself and the larger self within the safe universe is literally like a huge funnel that is pouring all of the joy and love of the safe universe into your experience. You cannot avoid the good that comes to you. The good that you have chosen through your own willingness, honesty, diligence. Do NOT resist this. Do not allow yourselves to believe in any way that goodness is suspect, that joy, happiness, shared love, exuberance, and innocence are in any way to be denied the self.

Denial of the self CANNOT heal. If you would heal the earth, if you would heal yourselves, if you would heal those you love, you cannot deny the self. The limited ideas which have been proliferated upon your world which teach you that scarcity, lack, challenge, obstacle, trauma, and great personal sacrifice are holy, are inversely proportionate to the healing and joy in the world around you – if you would create a safe and joyous place, create it joyfully and freely, for is this not the domain of safety and joy. You cannot dominate your way to freedom. Freedom is not dominion. Freedom is the absence of dominion. These lessons have been so misconstrued through time precisely because there is nothing the human mind enjoys more than a good intellectual challenge. Solving a puzzle is a great triumph. But you must be willing to let go of the complication, to let go of every limitation to the self.

In this way you will come to understand that absolute freedom is not so much an action upon as an allowance of. When you think of it in these terms it will make sense to you. When you allow the natural and spontaneous actions of the animals, when you allow them their freedom, you cannot control in what ways they will interact. You cannot say to the beasts of the jungle, “You will not eat – become vegetarian.” You must accept the grace and perfection of what presents itself before you and in this way, you will completely comprehend. There is no action presented to you which does not offer you this teaching in the natural world. No bird alights on a branch to sing to you without offering this wisdom, no flower blooms without whispering this secret. And so when you touch this secret with the inner parts of your being and you begin to bring it out in your world, suddenly the quality of your entire experience is altered. The life you once led suddenly makes no sense to you and the only life you may lead is the life of natural exuberance. Following spontaneous action upon spontaneous action.

You find this road by choosing, by giving yourself room, by being bold enough to say, “I will do what I want, and nothing else.” How else could you find it? And here lies the greatest challenge of all in your culture, for in your culture this is absolute heresy. Imagine if the school children said to their teachers, “I will only do that which I choose to do.” Imagine the soldiers in the field, “Ahh, today I will sit in meditation, for this is what I have been guided to do by my inner self.” Absolute freedom is the polar opposite of tyranny. It is impossible to be both. Is it impossible to find your true calling, to be your whole fulfilled personhood and treat yourself as a tyrant treats his subjects. For who would guide you on this great journey to freedom if not yourself? The moment you look outside of yourself for the answer, you are speaking with the tyrant. You are assuming an authority outside of the self is more legitimate than the self.

Believe in the excellence of your being. Ignore all physical evidence of the contrary. This is your task. Regardless of what you are doing, what you are seeing, what you are believing about the physical body, at any time that you find yourself making a judgment upon any form or aspect of your own expression, stop yourself there. And choose to believe in the excellence of your being. This process weans you from all of those things that you find undesirable in yourself. But the process is first to allow the undesirability. Then you will love even those things which you now consider to be undesirable, and in that moment, transformation happens. Watch the process.

Allowing Joy, Trusting Our Impulses

Allow this joy to move into your beings completely. Do not fear it. Do not resist it. You may go slowly. You may go at your own pace. For what other pace would you go at? It is this quality of joy which now permeates your experience of beingness which you have been seeking, which is the foundation which carries you easily and gracefully into your own world. If you pay attention in this process you will literally be able to see and feel the unhinging and letting go of all of the old beliefs which counseled to beware of joy.

Allow yourselves to be “overwhelmed” by the intensity of emotions now. For you are now experiencing emotions without the filter of mistrust and so you will discover that these emotions, these feelings, these spontaneous events of joy, excitement, laughter, and fun, as well as deep compassion and love, will have an intensity that is new and unfamiliar to you. It is nothing to be afraid of, embrace it and allow it to move through your being. You are finally allowing yourselves to feel who you are. And the joy, the very pure joy of your divine nature. Let the tears flow. Let the laughter flow. Let the dancing begin. We could give you reams and reams more advice but as you are already spontaneously following your impulses, all we need to tell you at this time is to keep paying attention and to commend you on your impulsive grocery shopping.

As much as possible, do not resist the natural impulses as they arise. In other words, if there is an impulse to eat ice cream, do so. Allow the body to experience what it calls for. And it will naturally retrain itself in a way that suits it. As much as possible, do not try to apply the rational mind to this process. From the outer perspective, all of the judgments are of little use here, for you see you could say to yourself, carrots are better than ice cream, and from the outer perspective this would be correct. But this is just another form of tyranny. Absolute freedom means allowing the body to make its own choices. Dismantling the beliefs that anything that the body chooses could possible be wrong. Honoring the perfection that whatever should be let go of will be in its perfect time, and whatever should be consumed will be so in its perfect time. Allow yourself the knowing in each moment. If the body calls for something, pause for a moment and allow the body to become clear. This is the retraining of you so that the body gets what it wants. This is not a retraining of the body, the body has always known what it wants, you just didn’t listen. Do you understand? Accept the fact that in each moment your body knows exactly what perfection is. If you will accept this fact you will have gone a long way in achieving right relationship with the body, and greatly enhancing your physical experience.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.