Channeling Sessions – Group 37

Why Bother With Physical Reality At All

[A participant wondered why he should bother creating in physical reality the inventions he’s already created completely in his mind.]

You were asking what is the point of completing these projects and inventions, why not just change your reality in your sleep. We will take it to it’s logical absurd conclusion to show you the demonstration of your thinking. Why not just kill yourself right now? After all you will not die, and then you will not have to bother with any of the limitations of physical experience. You can simply have your inventions. As soon as you think of them, they will appear.

And so the question becomes, what is the challenge. Think of it this way. Perhaps the reason to pursue the inventions on this physical plane of experience is to discover the challenges inherent in that experience. From the larger perspective, this is the entire reason for physical experience. To discover the challenge that you have set for yourself and to seek to vanquish all obstacles in your pursuit to overcome the challenge.

For you, this challenge is an exciting adventure to expand the understanding and application of various forms of energy within the physical experience. If you will use your current experience within this creation project, and allow it to show you the validity of the challenge inherent in bringing understanding and conscious awareness into physical expression, that is, taking concepts and ideas and deliberately creating physical results based on those concepts and ideas then perhaps this challenge will seem more enticing to you again. For were it simply a matter of waking up in a different world then we ask you, why are you still waking up in this one? And we set upon you this challenge – when you can understand this, then you will understand the answer to your question.

For the pursuit of the expansion of the understanding of consciousness, awareness, and application within the physical experience is certainly a worthy challenge for anyone. We would say to you that once you begin on the direct application of these ideas into physical expression, that is to say, you are actually working on the inventions, not only in your mind, but with physical components in your hands, then you will find the excitement which you are seeking. And indeed you will probably, in fact you will definitely find your fair share of frustration as well. But this will be a challenge worthy of your undertaking.

There are many things coming into form based on work which has already been accomplished. But these things are the foundation place, they are not the ending. As the people and the ideas come together with the materials and begin the process of physically manufacturing the idea into form, then the excitement begins. For while the concepts and ideas are sound there are subtle nuances to be discovered about the nature of how they are experienced and expressed in the physical. That is to say, while you believe you understand the workings of your gyroscope, yet your physical experience of the gyroscope in your experimentation will reveal things to you that are not yet known.

Finally, we ask you, is this not why you came? Were you not seeking some new adventure? Just as each moment that you are busy creating with physical tools in the physical experience you are happily discovering things, and so your experiences yet to come in the area of your own ideas and inventions will be. The difference is, in your current workings with physical experience, for the task you undertake in the moment, certain rules, systems of operations, that is to say the way things work within the physical devices you manipulate, are known. [The participant was working on the computer, in Photoshop, at this time.] Whereas in your inventive work, there is a great deal that is still unknown and so you will discover it and we would say to you that it is this excitement of discovery which has drawn you. Not to repeat or understand old systems but to discover the nature of things yet outside the realm of understanding within physical experience.

Now, for the rest of this group who are not so inclined to fiddle with gyroscopes and magnets, there are other equally exciting discoveries, though perhaps they might be viewed as less tangible from a scientific perspective. Nonetheless they are equally tangible and equally exciting and you are a part of these as well. So you have brought yourself to a place where not only are you excitedly going to explore your own ideas and concepts, but you are within a group of explorers, all with their own concepts and ideas, and all happily in pursuit of new understanding.

Death Throes of Transformation, Pointlessness of Justification, Defenselessness

What you have been experiencing are the final throes of the old point of view of the rational mind. You could think of them as the death throes. The involuntary movements of the body once consciousness has left. What should you do about it? It is your business. We suggest that there is nothing to be done about it. Think of these as the exit signposts. For now you are on your way out. You will no longer be discretely and uniquely connected to mass events or the cultural consciousness in the same way. For if you were not to make this disconnection, this disassociation, it would be impossible for you to move forward in the way you have chosen.

So rather than collapsing into the emotional energy of these events, we suggest that more than ever now you play your belief game. And examine the motives, not only of yourselves, but also of those you have come in contact with, who have stirred up these emotions. This you have already begun to do, and it has become clear to you that these are the old pathways of guilt, fear, and repression. Seeking once more to grasp hold and keep you in place. There is nothing wrong with feeling the emotions that this brings up for you. But do not overindulge. This is the time of breaking away. And it is precisely in these moments where the fear no longer within your own minds but now reflected outside of you in your greater experience can be allowed and let go.

For really what does it concern you whether any of these people are frightened by you. It does not. It is not a question of allaying fears in those unwilling even to recognize that it is fear that is in operation. Your energy is wasted here. The sooner you drop it, the sooner you are disconnected from it. Notice also how it colors your experience in the events surrounding the moment point of these occurrences. If you examine the events that have occurred directly after this afternoon’s, what shall we call it, fear festival, you will see that actually, your experience flowed as smoothly and easily as ever. It was only that your perception was so colored by this event that you failed to notice the degree to which perfection continued to operate. If you make the assumption that perfection continues to operate then you see that this event as a part of the perfection allows you the opportunity to reject or resist this old way of thinking about yourself, very directly.

It is obvious it is not subtle. And it is meant as a clear reminder to you that not only will you not fit into these old patterns of thought but quite honestly you have no desire to. Do not waste time attempting to justify your position in this matter. For no justification of yours will dissipate the fear that generated the event in the first place. And those beings having chosen their unconsciousness by virtue of their failure to even ATTEMPT any form of self examination truly are not your concern. We would suggest to you rather that your time could be better spent elsewhere. Most certainly it is better spent in the examination of your own beliefs which is taking place both through your conversations with each other. And discussions of those interactions.

You may choose to view this however you wish, of course, that is your right and your free will to do so. But if you will look at these interactions, we believe you will see that the active process of integration is going on as you shape your ideas and concepts in order to communicate them better, in order to more fully express your position in these tangible and intangible areas of unconditional love, commitment, absolute freedom, radical trust, and physical expression or reality creation from this new perspective. You are clarifying within your own beings your understanding of the process. We suggest that you take the time to review these ideas again, from the perspective of determining what they mean to you now. In this way, you are driving all of the elements of your new point of view into proper alignment around you.

Recognize that it is the position of the old rational mind point of view to judge the days events [The mother of one of Becky’s childrens’ friend blamed Becky for something that was not her responsibility.] in such a way as to consider that somehow you have failed. But that this is merely a perspective and not a very useful one. However you choose to view the event, understand that it is also a clear demonstration for you of those things within your current culture which no longer meet either the level of integrity to which to ascribe or your own internal ideas of how the experience has meaning. If you will allow yourselves to see it in this way, then it serves its purpose. For truly, when you are no longer willing to participate in this fashion, then the participation ceases.

If you will view this event in this way, you will see that you did not participate. Indeed, you were both later to describe your reactions as too stunned – this is because you are no longer participating at this level in the personality dramas. And so, in a quite wonderful and mystical way, you remained entirely defenseless throughout the entire event. You did not respond in kind, indeed, you did not respond at all. You did not respond at all to the drama itself, but rather in a most peculiar and polite way, gave thanks for opinions offered. In the moments immediately after the event, you found yourselves swirling in emotion as all of the energies attached to the old point of view of the rational mind, which had just been so perfectly demonstrated, swirled around you, attempting to find a foothold. What found a foothold was a sense of hurt. And this is because the self which you carry throughout your experience at this time is open and therefore vulnerable but rather than decide that this is a bad thing, we would like to suggest that you acknowledge yourselves for walking so boldly and defenselessly about in your experience.

If you will look about you now, you will notice on every level, from the subtle energies, to the larger more obvious events, that something is happening. The ease of your experience, in dealing with the details of day to day life, and the sense of joy and playfulness which you allow as your overriding experience – consider these as signs for you, signs of the road on the new life. Again notice the correlating energy essences between these signs and experiences and the essence of your goal. This is not the time to turn back on your path, or to re-examine where you have been in the process you have been through and with the eyes of one looking to find the failure or the error in your thinking or in your ways.

And so we will guide you gently back AGAIN, to the affirmation of the self, and the choices which have brought you to this point. For truly there is nothing to fear. So that if you select something and determine that it is something to be fearful about, you are in that moment in the act of creating a new series of events for yourselves. A series of events we suggest you would rather not create. So, reassure yourselves, remove the fears, replace them with trust, and continue on your way.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.