Channeling Sessions – Group 35

A Good Look at “Spreading the Word”

It’s up to each person to choose their own expression. This is the absolute basis of absolute freedom. We would suggest to you that if you wish to make changes, that is, you wish to have some mass effect or larger impact based on your own use and interpretation of the ideas, that you are absolutely free to do so in whatever manner you choose. And we would also suggest that you would make much greater progress and certainly more rapid progress if you were to approach these “problems” …”challenges” from within the dream state.

If indeed it is your goal to bring this work into some sort of “legitimate” forefront or stance within the culture, then use the ideas and information given to you. There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is that it’s much more highly effective. And also not the least of which is that you run much lesser risk of distortion of the basic concepts when they are allowed to move freely within the creative structure of the inner landscape.

The fact is you cannot avoid the creative spontaneous eruption of these ideas throughout your culture. It is already happening. And to turn it into some sort of cause while on the surface seems to be a gallant notion, is truly using the old methods of the rational mind, the methods understood before this material was available. It is sort of like trying to use a steam locomotive instead of a space shuttle when you already have a space shuttle. So the question is not so much, is it a good idea, but WHY WOULD YOU DO IT. (laughter)

In a sense, you are correct in understanding or thinking that the limitations in the thought which created this idea [making these ideas into a supportable “cause”] are directly tied to old limiting thoughts which surround your ideas of commerce, value for money received, and the like. In other words, the concept itself is born out of a pure idea, but becomes mired in the organizational structure which is seeking a grander vision for itself. None of which is necessary. But you see, again, it’s a mismatch as the engines of commerce and the engines of creative ideas are attempting to find new systems within which to function.

The old structure does not adequately contain the creativity that is coming forth. For in the truly creative structure, there is not a price tag, there is not a demand for sustenance or support. Sustenance or support are assumed and created spontaneously.

Again, AS ALWAYS, the only place to look is within belief systems. And there is nothing dishonorable about the idea of encouraging the process in whatever fashion. But we would challenge you, again, to use what you have learned in your approach to this task. The depth and breadth of the inner belief system is a glorious and wonderful thing, so long as you continue to explore it. The question you must always be asking yourself is what is my creation teaching me right now. Not what did I learn last year……the idea that somehow you will “arrive” and be finished and may then sit on your laurels is a fantasy. Although it is a fantasy that is acted out often enough in your world. But no short amount of sitting will find you in a new box. And if you are paying attention, you will naturally begin to work your way out of it. Or if no new box is available then you can be sure that your highly creative self will invent one to give you something to do. Boredom is highly inspiring to the inner self.

No New Boundaries, Rational Mind Without a Box

It’s about extending the boundaries, not setting them in place. If you insist on setting the boundaries in place around the work we have already accomplished then you have missed the point entirely. For the work has just begun. You have chosen the job of expanding the work, not conforming to it. So naturally you use all of the tools available to you within the work. Believing despite any physical reality as evidence, etc. etc.

But you know instinctively and intuitively that it’s your job to go beyond, otherwise you become lowly apostles, followers, and essentially, blind sheep. Blind sheep. Leading more blind sheep. And what is the good of this? It accomplishes nothing. For it is one thing entirely to begin to understand the nuances of your own creation, the coloration of your psyche, the subtle textures and hues with which you color your own world. Think carefully about your journey today along the country road which symbolizes so much of your own desire and the physical manifestation of nature in balance with humanity. Every detail and your every response to it tells you something about the inner workings of your own psyche. And this is perfection. And this is the perfect understanding of yourself and it’s wonderful. And you recognize it and thrill to it.

But you know instinctively that this is not all there is. It is not simply about a drive in the country. It is about claiming your place within this picture. With a freedom and abandon that states clearly who you are without any ramification or connection to any of the rules or mores or qualifiers of the outer perspective. Do you understand our meaning here? This is the expansion. You know where you are at home and you create yourselves there. Your only difficulty lies in rectifying the rational mind’s position – the rational mind at this point really doesn’t have a clue. And in case you hadn’t become aware of this, the rational mind has decided that both of you are nuts and yet somehow you are functioning within all of this.

Now the danger or the precipice if you will lies in not paying attention enough to a rational mind which may choose to act on its own belief, i.e. you are crazy, in such a way as to hope to protect you. In this case, we do not feel that you have much danger here as the rational mind has accepted that fact that there isn’t much it can do about it. In a way, it is as if you have forced the rational mind outside of its own comfortable box where it is reluctantly but still assuredly affirming the fact that it has no answer here. That there is nothing it knows to do to “save you”. And so the magical takes precedent. And this is healthy for the rational mind to the extent that it recognizes the dream it creates…to the extent that it embraces the symbols it sees in the outside landscape that correlate with its own knowing.

So, to the extent that you follow your intuition and impulses and gives yourselves adequate signs along the way, the rational mind is upheld. And to the extent that you do not, the rational mind feels abandoned. So if you will understand this, the symbols, that is, the outer appearance, perspective, experience, of the places you travel speaking directly to this traveling you have done within these certain areas of physical location, to the extent that these themselves correlative with the inner symbols of the rational mind you strengthen your position. To the extent that they do not correlate, you feel weakened. Lost and confused.

When you think about this in retrospect you will understand it perfectly. There is no place where the impulses and spontaneous experience, being allowed to move forward, will not guide you exactly and perfectly. It is only to the extent that you stifle this information within yourself or in communication, as in one to the other, as pertains to where you drive, etc., or what you feel in this moment, that you lose your way. For as long as you allow the impulse to guide and to lead, then the spontaneous nature of your being, which is directly connected to that which you seek, and to its own inner comprehension and understanding of its rightful place within this discrete framework of ATI……… you cannot help but arrive within the perfect surroundings.

In this sense, the understanding of doubt should become very clear to you for doubt is the opposing force which leads you away from that which you seek. Trust is the force which brings you to your perfect expression and value fulfillment. Ultimately it seems from this perspective, to be a simple matter and yet you must comprehend that in the terms of your culture, the structure which you have chosen to work all of this out in, and the larger perspective of the creative environment in which you operate at this time, this is the heart of the matter. For were you capable of moving from the very moment of your birth in complete trust forward through your expression, there would never be any sense of resistance, doubt, fear, or struggle. Ultimately these are the things you have come to resolve and this is the task before you. So it is rather pointless to beat yourself up or negate your efforts with thoughts that you should have been more trusting. If you should have been more trusting, you would have been. And ultimately since the goal of this expression is to be more trusting, it seems ridiculous to demand the goal at the outset.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.