Channeling Sessions – Group 34

Poignant Reminders to Trust in the Self

We are telling you it is time to believe in the self. What does that mean? Stand in your own creation. See it complete. Trust that it is done and that it requires nothing, no action, from you,other than this. Refuse to beat yourself up. You do not need to ask yourself hard questions, you need to give yourself gentle answers. Reassure yourself. Be kind to yourself. Imagine that you are someone else, imagine that you are your best friend. And behave in this way towards yourself.Would you accuse your best friend of being stupid? Of overlooking the obvious? Or would you love her and support her in trusting herself?

Now, above all else, do what feels good. What REALLY feels good. Comfort yourself. And tell yourself the truth. The truth is, you CAN have what you want. The truth is, you ARE worthy. The truth is, you are lovable and loved. The truth is, you are trustworthy. The truth is, the best thing to do with doubt is turn away from it and replace it with love.

We know you would like us to tell you the outcome, all the answers, what is going to happen, but this robs you of your opportunity to trust. You do not need to know any of the HOW, you only need to know the choice. And trust it. We did not abandon you, and we are not about to. This is not the discovery you are making. We encourage you not to insist upon what you don’t want.

Ideas About Telekinesis and Stones, Conscious Energy, Paradox

We have word that some of you want to learn telekinesis, and have played with the idea of moving stones. There is an entire total freedom of consciousness within the solidity of stone that you do not understand yet. Stone itself is a rather dramatic example because of its density and weight. A concentration of consciousness within time as you perceive it. This also means stone can be extremely receptive to movement when approached form a consciousness to consciousness point of view. This should be a hint about the nature of linear reality.

The obvious – stones are hard to move with your physical bodies and yet perhaps the most easily moved with conscious energy. Do you understand our meaning. (Kristen – “Density and weight in relation to freedom of consciousness. A paradox of the densest or thickest being the easiest to ‘move’ because of the high concentration or level of focus in physical reality.”)

Paradox reveals part of the secret of your whole world. It is a mirror as all of your world is of the larger paradox of illusion and reality. When you understand completely which is illusion and which is reality, then all of these little reflections will be obvious to you as teaching tools along the way.

Taking Time to Expand

There are concepts that you don’t understand at this time which can be represented to you symbolically but not in their pure form. Because of this it is not possible for us to relay the information directly until you expand your understanding. On an experiential level there is also a similar, correlating expansion required for us to proceed with what we have started. Therefore it is crucial at this time for you to be patient and allowing. Your willingness and trust make the process possible. Now you must extend your willingness and trust to allow the process even though you may not understand all of it. Even though it may seem to you that you are not making progress, we assure you that you are. Accept the fact or the idea that everything is proceeding exactly as it needs to, while keeping your willingness and trust uppermost.

Relaying Expansive Concepts, Sense of Inner Safety

You have chosen this path in order to expand your awareness. And it is true that even the words themselves to some extent create obstacles, however, it is also true that the words provide a means for a more direct form of communication and so we accept the obstacles inherent in the system. For at least in this way, a system is provided.

What you are seeking to understand lies at the heart of the human experience, the mechanisms which bring about that experience and which in their own way shape and form the experience according to their own dynamics. Now the journey itself would be a mass of jumbled events with little meaning were it not for the distinct and carefully manipulated mechanisms of the human experience. By expanding your awareness and use of these mechanisms you open yourself to alternate levels of experience where the strict guidelines of linear progression, the appearance of matter, and other rules of your accepted experience begin to be subtly undermined.

This allows you to perceive beyond the normal range of what is acceptable. Which in itself can generate a type of fear or sense of dislocation such that you question your own perceptions. You might say because of this you are left open to the potentiality of considering yourselves crazy, or less than sane. This is why you are admonished to remain and to consciously return to that place of inner safety.

It is only through maintaining such a strong connection to your own safety that you are able to make these explorations at all. For without this, you would quickly be overwhelmed by doubt and fear, as it is it is quite easy for you to observe how the doubt and fear present themselves with each new apparently out of phase or sequence event. It is this stretching of the boundary of what you consider safe which you can observe as a pattern throughout your lifetime which now allows you to proceed. For while you have looked on others and observed their strength and seeming safety, you would see looking on yourself in the same manner that you have continually placed yourself outside of safety and then brought the safety in.

Those around you, unaware of what it is you are doing, can generally be said to be fearful for you. For without understanding the motivation for this practice, it can seem to others that you are simply, unwittingly foolhardy, but this is not the case. You have each been unwilling to accept a level of safety, fully understanding that in order to accept this level of safety you must give up the adventure of exploration, which you could not do. It is interesting to note that even as you make progress now, in ways that to others would seem remarkable, you are impatient and striving to be onto the next step. This is not a criticism, it is merely an observation. There is no point in demanding the experience be more than what it is for it moves perfectly and unfolds naturally. It is not meant to frustrate or to rush you but to show you how simple allowance will bring it to you naturally. Be patient with the unfolding, unfoldment of events. Understanding, from your position of safety, that everything moves in its own perfection.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.