Channeling Sessions – Group 32

Centering Ourselves and our Energy Fields, Making Conscious Decisions

It is also useful for you, at this time, to recognize, center, and contain your own energy fields, particularly when you are in the presence of others. You are learning to recognize when these energy fields, which are not yours, begin to intrude upon, or move into, your own. It does not require forcefulness on the part of your behavior to set this right. Indeed, you can be gentle, both with yourself and with others. But it does require that you close your own energy field to their intrusion.

Again, levels of boundary, energetic and physical, emotional and tangible. You were able to observe quite clearly competitive patterns and energy events at your Saturday gathering. Now we ask you to be aware of your own interaction with these. To make conscious decisions about your own energy and your own behavior. While moving through the process you have been able to observe how the various interactions work. Now you will allow yourself the next step of making choices rather than simply being swept up in the event. Now you become the active participant as well as the observer, making definitive choices, both in how and with whom you exchange energy.

Be more clear within yourself in those moments when you observe patterns in others which no longer interest you or which you find distracting or counterproductive. Withhold your energy at these times. Simply gather it back to yourself, and remain still. Then you may choose whether or not to engage or remark directly regarding the process and patterns you see before you to those involved in them. Frankly, often it will not be worth your time. For people attached to energy patterns, played out in personality dramas, are no less powerful than you. They are simply making different choices. And it has never been your job or your role to change their choices. Your role is simply to be the example of your own choices. And in their way, they provide you with insights as to where these choices still operate in your own lives.

And you will notice, if you look on the events of the last 48 hours, that not only did you receive the information regarding where these energies were operating in your lives, but you have already begun to take the actions necessary to make changes. So we remind you that it is not about judgment of others, it is always about discernment for the self. Use the information you are given and you can’t go wrong. The trust that you have developed in yourself is sufficient at this time to guide you. All you must do is ask yourself the relevant questions and apply the information given. And while it may be more exciting or adventurous to pretend that there are great mysteries, it is more practical to allow that there are not and simply use the information you have. Remember, after all, that it has been your choice to learn, to know, to access the information in the first place. Stand by your choice; it is a good one.

And in those places where you are uncertain or unclear as to the details of how, for example, you affect changes in physical reality, extend your knowing and explore new information, explore new ideas, and extend an acceptance that you do know intuitively the way in which the processes work and this intuitive knowing will lead you not only to successful creation and manipulation of physical matter but to conscious awareness in a more direct fashion of how it is achieved. It is not so difficult a process to ask yourself where you are headed and to discern the implications. Ask yourself where you are in the moment and acknowledge the implications. For where you wish to go is in direct relationship to where you are and so it is not hidden from you, just as the nature of where you are is not hidden from you.

Take the opportunity to observe the evidence of your own experience and use the information to your advantage. Remembering in the process to be gentle with yourself and that self-acceptance is the higher order. It does you no good to condemn yourself. This is simply another form of resistance. So allow all experience with the understanding that the information contained within the experience provides you more and more of what is needed for absolute freedom. Not through judging the self, but through acceptance and observation which makes room for new choices. Again we tell you to scale the wall and walk the narrow path of perception and discernment without slipping to the broader road of judgment.

Discernment and acceptance, a willingness, an eagerness to learn and change, a direct seeking of your own evolution. These will always lead you where you want to go. And the further you progress along this path, the more easeful your experience of it. Each time you accept a challenge closer or a pattern older or more firmly established, you seem to move through a period of relative discomfort, dis-ease, in comparison to where you have been it seems just moments before. But in each moment in which you accept the challenge and move through it with discernment and self-acceptance, you lighten your load. And so the returning ease is larger, broader, more closely aligned with your moment experience.

Act of Creation, Utilizing Feeling, “Hard Work”

Today we will speak about the act of creation. From your understanding, this is caused by the bringing together of form and energy. It is a simple process, really, but one which has been crowded by impediments in your culture: the impediments of rational mind and backward thinking. Therefore our best advice to you is to remember simplicity of feeling, strive less, be more.

For it is your tendency to look for solutions for problems, your tendency to take apart into smaller and smaller pieces, your tendency to analyze and dissect which causes you your greatest difficulties. In the larger scheme of things, by remaining in your acceptance and ease, you bring forth with simplicity and directness the natural elements of your own creation. In some ways you could say that the purest creation, the simplest form of it, is observable in the mind of a child. For a child has not been taught the obstacles which are considered as facts by the rational mind. And to the extent that the child still dwells in the realm of magical thinking, the ability to move into acceptance is significantly higher.

In the meantime, having a fully equipped rational mind, what do you do? The first thing, of course, is to continue at all levels, to remind yourself of the acceptability of whatever it is you are choosing to create. By acceptability, it is meant, a basic acceptance that what you seek to create is possible, in fact likely, or probable. This has nothing to do with laws of physical reality as you know them. In fact it has nothing to do with anything other than the inner perception of the creation. It is not an ‘in relation to’ type of event. So what we are saying is, when you simply accept the creation as a part of the larger picture of what is, regardless of whether or not it has actually appeared yet, you substantially reduce the impediments.

The next step, is to hold, gently in your mind, the idea of the completed creation. The easiest way to learn to do this is to think of something that already exists in your creation, observe how it feels to you, and bring that same feeling to the new creation. Again, this is a psychological perspective.

The next thing you must do is disarm the rational mind’s objections. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. By reminding the rational mind or ego of its role as observer you reduce the power of any objections it may have. By reminding the rational mind or ego of past events which have demonstrated your creative ability you give the rational mind evidence and ammunition for acceptance. And finally, by relinquishing any need to control HOW or WHEN your creation arrives, other than to know it arrives in its own perfection, you free the creation itself from the restrictions of rational mind.

It is quite right to understand that between the moment of idea conception and the moment of manifestation, which you are experiencing, is a collapsing envelope of time. You are within that spacious, evolving experience. If you pay close attention to your experience of linear time, within this process, you will see opportunities to divest the rational mind of old habits and empower the magical self. It is your steadfastness to an idea and simultaneously your ability to release which brings the creation into being. By examining those areas where the magic appears to move easily and freely, you give yourself the opportunity to experience the psychological standpoint and feeling essences of your own creative power.

Above all, it is a process of ease. It is a process of relaxed though highly focused and charged feeling. While this seems to be a paradox, it is also not a paradox. For you will notice in your beingness, when you are so joined with what is in front of you, that you achieve this state, in some cases, with significant regularity. For some of you, you can easily connect with these ideas through observing how you interact in your chosen field of recreation. From physical sport to artistic endeavor. It is like the movement of finely tuned and beautifully crafted music, which has the ability to transport you and which is perceived as full of ease and grace.

It is wise to remember when you enter into this process of conscious creation that it is not a process of work, in the terms of your culture. The process of work, according to your culture, is much more highly aligned with the rational thinking, effortful, ego-mind. This is not about sweat. And for some of you, this will be the greatest obstacle, for you have trained yourselves and been trained by your culture to believe in the idea of hard work. And in the process of moving to living more spontaneously, to living more impulsively, to living more naturally out of your own beingness, you will find your attachment to hard work to be persistent. This is not in itself a difficulty, particularly if you derived pleasure or joy from the direct application of yourself in this manner. The difficulty arises when the impetus for the hard work is a drivenness, when the impetus is a lack of trust, lack of FAITH, or sense of doubt. Unfortunately, most of you have precisely these connections in your psychological structures so that hard work becomes the antidote. Hard work is your ace in the hole. If all else fails, you can work hard and accomplish your goals anyway. But this position maintains a belief that you cannot accomplish without hard work.

Ultimately, it is not enjoyment of hard work but fear of rejecting hard work that creates your difficulty. You have only to look at some of your cultural sayings to have a clear understanding of this problem. “Laziness”, “Slothfulness”, “Impulsiveness”, “Spontaneousness”, “Lack of Reliability” – all of these are the cardinal sins of the hard work culture and yet it is only through exploring these and the trust of yourself in the process that you can become free. Recognize that movement into more spontaneous living, that dedication to the principle of following your impulses is a highly creative act in itself. For it recreates your life experience and in doing so, gives you the opportunity to make significant changes in your belief systems, your attitudes, particularly about the self, and your thought processes. By allowing yourself the opportunity to experience the self, in these larger and larger unrestricted ways, you develop a repertoire, a knowingness, which has previously been unavailable to you. It is out of this knowing that the new creations can be born.

By relaxing your grip on reality as you know it you provide room for new and expanded experiences. Ultimately the steps that you take will provide you with everything you need and all you must do is acknowledge your observations along the way. It is by changing your reference or point of focus, by giving more credence to your intuitive and impulsive events that you empower the self, to bolder and bolder creations. Remember in this process that the antithesis of hard work in the old culturally acceptable sense is gentleness with the self. And it is this gentleness that you seek. Hard work and highly focused motivated action are not necessarily the same thing. Highly focused motivated thought, for that matter. The further you travel along this path of self-exploration, self-acceptance, and expanded awareness, the more these distinctions will become clear to you. And the easier it will be to set about intentionally, consciously creating your experience.

Remember as you move through the process that all of your experience is your creation, so that any event, moment, experience, etc., can be a tool to your greater understanding, when you begin to unlock the puzzle of the psychological structure behind the creation.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.