Channeling Sessions – Group 26

Honesty and Clarity in Relating, Release of Manipulation

You are now ready to look without judgment, to perceive without guilt or illusion. And to allow yourselves to know those things which you need to know in order to be free. By looking at these items and issues with open eyes, you are able to see vast distances. You are able to comprehend new levels of awareness within yourself as well as the places where the old boundaries used to exist. You have released yourselves and so now you take the time to look back and see what it is you have been freed of.

The clearer you become, the clearer those around you become. The more honestly and openly you interact, the more honest and open the interactions with you. There is no longer a need for the old games or manipulations. And so you are free to let go of them. Your choices in this matter are now clearly evident to you. And as they are clear to you, so do they become clear to those around you. So clear, in fact, that even if you should momentarily step into or act out of an old pattern, the pattern itself will be powerless except as a demonstration of itself which will be evident to all of you. By removing the patterns and stepping into freedom, their heaviness is dissolved. And as it is dissolved there is a new lightness about all interaction. This makes it much easier, not only for you to move about psychologically, but also for you to maintain your focus in the present and for others to join you there. You have made it quite simple for those around you, for your basic honesty now diffuses old patterns as they are acted out.

In its way, this is your inheritance. That is, this is the gift that you bestow on those who come after you. By moving to a new level of relatedness and interrelationship, you alter the basic dynamics of all relationships. Consider this process as the higher road, particularly when compared to the old road of acting out all the scenarios and struggling to understand and interpret them and hoping that others in relationship with you can work with you to overcome the patterns. It is like the difference between flying and walking. And for those who see you now, flying becomes an option.

Getting the Hang of It

Now your natural inclination is to move with ease and grace, for now rather than struggling to find ease and grace amidst the obstacles, you move easily out of the obstacles and back into ease and grace. You will see the universe around you provide what you need, take care of the moment, even when you “forget.” (laugh) And we ask you a question. Have you noticed how the space, which was only recently filled with a mild agitation and boredom, has suddenly expanded to allow you to be in your creative ease? Do you see how your natural spontaneous order emerges effortlessly? This is your gift. The gift you have given yourselves. Trust it. And follow where it leads. For now you are in a space of knowing which is larger than any you have encountered so far. We encourage you to play along with it. To experiment. And try it out. We are quite certain that you would not trade this new understanding for a hundred million days of the old way. Your exploration is just beginning. Remind yourself of this often. And seek, expand, play with each moment.

How Many Times?

So. The resistance is thick, but we will speak. There is nothing to be afraid of. Maybe you should put that on a tape recording foryourself. That way you could just press the button and just listen to it. How many times do you suppose, you would have to hear it before you believed it? There is a dynamic here, a final letting go – it is heavywith fear. It moves directly into the body. You must start being more discerning about that which you allow direct access into your being. Unless you want to choose the fear, we recommend that you leave it where it was. Unless of course, you would like to go back over the old territory. Let’s see – what is it we need to be afraid of? Ohhhh, my. So much to fear. It is really quite pointless. May we suggest another alternative? Allow what you want to happen. I know it seems to you that we are so capricious, uncaring, not understanding the severity of your predicament. But this is not true. Rather, we ask YOU to understand, for the severity is yours. YOU bring it. You carry it along with you. If you don’t like it, don’t choose it.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.