Channeling Sessions – Group 15

The Commitment to Conscious Creation

Now let us consider the idea of conscious creation. Conscious creation springs from direct intention and choice. Therefore, it is not possible to choose this process and avoid the experiences along the way which are capable of inspiring either doubt or confidence. For example, you cannot choose to learn to ride a bicycle without also choosing to actually climb up upon the bicycle and risk failure. On the other hand, any failure along the path of learning to ride a bicycle can be seen as a step in the direction of success, only so long as you maintain your focus and commitment to learning to ride the bicycle. If, on the other hand, you were to state your intention as learning to ride a bicycle and after one attempt, you and the bicycle fell over, and you decided you had failed, you would not say you were unable to learn to ride a bicycle. Or perhaps you would say this but the underlying truth would be you were unwilling to maintain your connection to the vision of riding a bicycle. Or you lacked commitment. Do you see the difference? There are no great mysteries to unravel here on the path of conscious creation. Conscious creation is as natural as your nose.

Physical Body as a Perfect Reflection

Just as when you begin to explore the idea that your physical body is a direct manifestation of your consciousness in time and space with any kind of intention or attention to detail, you will perceive right away that your physical body reflects directly and accurately your inner vision or knowing of yourself. This is not to say that there are not stages where the physical body reflects unconscious fears, etc. for the body is an accurate mirror of things known and unknown to the conscious mind. It is to say that as you explore yourself and your knowing of yourself, you will come to appreciate the perfection of the physical body’s reflection. Where you may find yourselves led astray is in comparison between your physical model and any given model of the current culture which you deem to be superior. This is because models of the current culture tend to be worked out in extremes and archetypes which are not accurate reflections of any given individual. In your particular culture, this also is highly connected to your ideas of commerce, value, and the need for perfection in the physical form, all of which ideas distort and misdirect you away from the natural perfection of what is. Recognize that a great deal of this distortion is created through misapplied judgment, self-stricture, and unresolved fear. When we look at the individual, a completely different pattern emerges. For example, this one (Becky) carries many of the attributes of her Elven self into this expression precisely to remind her of the magical and creative and the flamboyant, all of which are joyous portions of her truest self-expression. And yet, a comparison with outer cultural, physical perfection would not show you any of these details and would, in fact, blind you to the individual perfection that resides in this physical body. In this way, the culture often serves as a way to distract you from inner truths which are perfectly available to you should you take the time to observe them. You will notice here, another direct parallel between the ideas of inner and outer, reception and projection, fantasy and reality, or should we say imagination and “truth”, these are themes which are all parallel lines or pathways available for you to find your way back to the truth about creation and reality in general. Whether you walk these pathways along their outer expression so as to eventually perceive their inner perfection or go directly to your own inner perspective, the end result is hopefully the same. A conscious understanding that everything perceived by you in your world is a part of your own larger creation.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.