Channeling Sessions – Group 14

Validity of Self-Exploration, Creative Structure of the Self

To the extent that you have traveled along this path, you have loosened the bonds around yourselves and your perception of self so that even when confronted directly with ideas you yourselves once held, regarding the “indulgent” nature of self-exploration and the concepts which surround and obscure and obstruct the idea or validity of extended inner exploration. You are not only no longer convinced but you see directly and clearly the absurdity of such a viewpoint. For you now know from experience that the only way to actually impact the experienced reality of physical life is through this kind of intensive, inner exploration. So that actually, our telling you that there is no turning back is simply a mirror reflection of something you already know through your own experience. For as you have said, where would you go, what would you do? Knowing what you know now, how could you possibly return to a life of bondage to the outer experience? And to the extent that you continue to reinforce in yourselves the truth of your path and to the extent to which you continue to move with faith and trust in your own creations, to that extent now, do you expand the awareness and the conscious realization that such a life is possible. You do this not only for yourselves, but for each consciousness in your plane of existence.

It is also true that as you now move beyond the reaches of previous experience, both yours and others, and demand that your own outer physical experience conform to your own chosen and inner directed choices, you expand all of consciousness, providing a new and powerful prerequisite for idea construction. It is through your choice you will see, perhaps you have seen, that as you do this the level of trust required to maintain those tasks or experiences which you have already firmly established within your framework of experience but which are also directly tied to this expansion of awareness seem, at times, to waver so that the expansion itself forces you to come to new levels of trust and awareness within these processes.

Today you have given a powerful focus and you have also received specific and important information. Remember that this information is all a matter of choice and creation. And so you are playing an interesting game of choice, allowance, creation, choice, allowance, creation. In this game, you make conscious choices. You allow those choices to be known to your whole selves. Your whole selves move forward in creation and then provide you with the clues and context to make new choices as you move further into the creation. It is like a great cycle of experience. It is the event of self-ness. Are you beginning to see, consciously, the creative structure of the self? This cycle is the same cycle which operates in your own perception in the realms of physical reality. You project outward that which you perceive, and yet your senses tell you that you receive input of that which is out there. It is a beautiful and subtle game.

Natural Emergence, Acceptance Based on Intuitive Knowing

By abandoning outmoded, unproductive, and basically disfunctional patterns of interaction, and simply leaving room in the space between individuals, the new patterns naturally emerge. There is a great deal going on in other states/dreams/realities where interaction and growth is happening in a highly accelerated and cooperative manner, between all of you. You can accept this and allow the knowledge of this to carry you in moments where you are unclear as to the “proper” course of action. Rest in your intuition. It will indeed be interesting to observe yourselves and experience yourselves in the new creation.

You have correctly noted that you tend to accept where you are as a natural thing so that even though you have moved through profound changes, they do not seem so large or so obvious to you from your present perspective. Rather, the present perspective has a naturalness to it which you accept at face value. This in its own way, is a direct result of the high focus of your conscious mind. So it does not occur to you that you are indeed a new person and that over these last months of direct interaction with yourselves you have been through a multitude ofsuch persons. For in each moment, you naturally accepted the person you were. However, to an outside observer, it would seem perhaps that intersecting with you over this period of time, you were in fact, many different people. It is this loosening of the identity or of the need to identify with certain beliefs and ideas which has freed you to accept the naturalness of your being in each moment. This has also allowed you the greater freedom of movement into that which you choose to be. For indeed, the persons you began as were quite unable to live the choices you were making. And the persons now have no difficulty with this.

It is also interesting to note that the changes seem to be less important or obvious at this particular point in time, or in the progression or process, then they will appear to be in the months ahead. When actually, the most dramatic change has already occurred. It is only the completion or filling in of the details of what has already been set into place that is yet to come. And yet, so much of your experience is perceived and acknowledged through this outer perspective that until these details have fleshed out and the various pieces have completed and set into place physically, you do not comprehend or appreciate the great changes which have already occurred. This is important because many of you have spent lifetimes failing at this point to acknowledge that the creation is already in place and without the outer ramifications, which will come, have fallen back into the old way of being, thinking you had failed. When, it was not until that moment where you changed your mind, and determined that this reality did NOT exist, that you actually “failed.”

For you two, there is a clear and defined message in the preceding statements. There is also an understanding and acceptance within you, combined with a determined sense of where you are going, which steers you easily through this. It is not, and this is largely because of your having each other to work with, a great risk for you at this time. Others following this path, however, should acknowledge in themselves and in their process, that just such a period does exist in the claiming of the new world you choose for yourself. Therefore, it is wiser at this point to throw yourselves wholeheartedly into your choice for the new creation than to contemplate any ideas of self doubt. Again, we stress that these events, these experiences which you bring to yourself, which seem to be opportunities for doubt, are always and adamantly, opportunities for choice as well. It is only by perceiving them in this way that you give yourselves the opportunity to bring into actuality that which you have chosen. We also suggest that you keep in mind, during this time, that it is precisely through these actions toward choice that choice is realized. There is no other path. There is no other way toward creation. When the experiences thus encountered are perceived in this way, itshould become immediately clear to you that each experience contains within it the blueprint for success.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.