Channeling Sessions – Group 10

Synchronicity and Limitations, Fears Associated with Becoming Conscious Creators, Trusting Yourself

Minor demonstrations which you give names such as synchronicity, coincidence etc., allow you to see how creation operates in your system. However, if you examine these events and demonstrations and the beliefs and lives of the people who experience them you will see that they largely fall into certain accepted areas of their experience. This is again a demonstration of the outer perspective’s influence. You will notice that this area is very narrow and that the vast majority of acceptable experience falls under the direct control of the rational mind. You have locked yourself into a square box and you have given the rational mind the task of endlessly measuring and remeasuring its dimensions, and this is done without ever recognizing that the entire experience: the box, the measuring tools, the measurements themselves, are your creation. And so the task has been: How to help you dismantle the box. We would suggest that it was a task worthy of the effort. Worthy of the fear. Worthy of yourselves. And you have faithfully identified many of the structures, and recognize them as you set them aside. Fear of non-conformity, fear of irresponsibility, fear of lunacy, fear of your own trustworthiness, fear that your own discernment was not up to the task, fear of self delusion, fear of consequences. There are more. Fear that you were wrong and that you are not divine. Fear that perhaps afterall you really were not worthy. And the one tool that has moved you beyond all these fears is trust. And this trust is not in some outside deity, but in yourselves, in the nature of what is, and in creation. Because you understood that trust outside of yourself could not take you, the only answer was to trust yourself. And finally you came to a place where trusting yourself separated you from the very beings you had looked to when you started down the path. And in that moment you became free. (Scratches forehead and smiles) There was never a requirement that you make judgements, for or against. There was only a requirement that you use your own power of discernment to know the truth about yourselves. The beauty of this truth is that it sets free everyone in your experience. By knowing freedom yourselves, by trusting yourselves you release all of creation. There is no middle road. And you knew this when you began. Now apply this knowing to every single one of your questions about what IS and what WILL BE and you will have no more questions. Indeed the questions themselves will become your markers for old forms of thoughts. And as they arise, you will laugh and set them aside. And in these moments the new creation will surge into your being and everything you are creating will be revealed in perfection. Now perhaps you understand the gift we have given you. The gift you have given yourselves today. Those who have guided you can no longer take you. For now you will take them. And the brilliance of your path will amaze and astound them.

“What Do I Want to Do?”, Trusting Completely

All you must do is remember who you are, be true to yourself, stay in your center, and follow your impulses. If you find yourself asking yourself “what is the right action or direction?” in that moment ask yourself simply “what do I want to do?” If the action before you in your linear planning is not what arises to the answer to this question, then seek the new answer and trust it. We told you some time ago that we would, with you, bring heaven to earth. Perhaps you did not believe us. In which case we ask you to review today and consider the possibility again. We also suggest that you continue to immerse yourself in the knowing of this perfection when you find yourself in a moment of question, or contemplating old patterns of thought. The degree to which you have released and let go of your need to know is the degree to which your fear has dissipated. When you trust completely the need to know vanishes. Use your discernment and recognize that the habits of thought surrounding “need to know” may be present as empty habits. Another game for you to play with the habit of “need to know” is to confront “need to know” directly with your trust. So you ask need to know, “Knowing perfection, What do you need to know?” (emphatically) In this way need to know becomes a joke, which is a fine thing.

Key Ingredients and Gifts from the Universe

Here is what you need to know: Creation is. Choice Is. Joy Is. Love is. You are. And finally, Perfection Is. The receiving of gifts is the natural order of the Universe. For what would you do with your creations other than to gift them to yourselves and others? And in the end the lesson you give yourselves and the world is that everything, every moment, all that is, is sacred. And perfect.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.