CCJ – June-July 2000

June-July 2000 Issue

A Multidimensional Glimmer of Hope (June-July 2000) by Lisa Wallach
And the Bridge Exists No More (June-July 2000) by Michele Mayama
Bend that Mind! Stretch that Imagination (June-July 2000) by Mia Pokorny
Channelings Du Jour (June-July 2000)
Cosmic Motion Picture Company – Meeting of the Board (June-July 2000) by Sharon Mendenhall
Living the May 5th Alignment (June-July 2000) by John McNally
Magic & Manifestations (June-July 2000)
Picture This… (June-July 2000) by M.M. Haffner
Saved by Hand Lotion? (June-July 2000) by Kristen Fox
Seven Injured at Levitation Party (June-July 2000) by Steve Osborne
Tune In, Chill Out, Let It Sprout (June-July 2000) by Mia Pokorny
The Waitress (June-July 2000) by Laura Sylvester
What’s Going On When Reality Shifts? (June-July 2000) by Cynthia Sue Larson