CCJ – February-March 2000

February-March 2000 Issue

And Now We Reach the Golden Chariot (Feb-March 2000) by Michele Mayama
Bubble Traveling (Feb-March 2000) by ChiaraDina Cerweny
Channelings Du Jour (Feb-March 2000)
Exercise and Alterations of Consciousness (Feb-March 2000) by Denny Hall
Harvesting Our Experiences to Seed the New Creation (Feb-March 2000) by Michele Mayama
Holy Goodbye (Feb-March 2000) by Mui
Magic & Manifestations (Feb-March 2000)
The Mother of All Dualities (Feb-March 2000) by Kristen Fox
Three Steps Into The Magical: Shivai! (Feb-March 2000) by John McNally
Spiritual Angst (Feb-March 2000) by Lisa Wallach
Walking with George – Part Three (Feb-March 2000) by Ted Mousseau
Why Things Break Down (Feb-March 2000) by M.M. Haffner