CCJ – December 1998

December 1998 Issue

Channelings Du Jour (December 1998)
Cellular Memory (December 1998) by Billie Petty
The Exploration of Dreams (December 1998) by David Yeh
Hey! Leggo my Ego! (December 1998) by Chris LaFontaine
Holy Fuck – X-Files (December 1998) by Mui
Live the Dream! – Humanity’s Top Ten (December 1998) by Lisa Wallach
Magic & Manifestations (December 1998)
Religion – Part 3 of 3 – Perspectives from Universal Intelligence (Dec 1998) through Michele Mayama
Reclaiming Personal Power (December 1998) by John McNally
Seth and the African Experience (December 1998) by Ndungu Kahihu
Solutions (December 1998) by Jennifer Avalon
Something Even Skeptics Can Entertain (December 1998) by Lynda Flagler
Swimming Pools and Inner Passions (December 1998) by Kristen Fox
The Truth About Love (December 1998) by Kristen Fox