Believe in the Blue Wall by Lisa Wallach

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
August-September 2000, Issue 13

Believe in the Blue Wall
by Lisa Wallach

In the beginning of intimate relationships it’s usual for couples to talk about their plans for the future, their aspirations, and dreams. When my boyfriend Jacques and I began this process I experienced the most wonderful Out of Body Experience.  It was one of those really vivid experiences. I saw this future for Jacques and I.  I saw this glimpse of inspiration and it continues to reveal itself over and over.  Enfolding into and unto itself.  Always teaching me more.

September 2, 1998


I’m in my house but it is an alternate version.  It is beautifully decorated with warm, deep colors. I’m alone and I’m waiting for Judy and Jacques but they don’t look the same.  I just walked into the house and I am wearing a fabulous outfit.  We had just parked the car and I knew they would be up in a minute.  We had been shopping.  I began to turn on the lights.  The long wall in the living room was painted dark blue.  Judy came up with bags full of stuff and she was bitching about how heavy it was.  She asked me what I was looking at.  I told her that I was unsure about the blue paint but it looked good and was finally growing on me.  I hadn’t wanted blue because our parents had a disgusting blue living room for years that we despised.  I decided on the dark, deep blue because it was Jacques favorite color.  There were pictures in gold frames along the wall. I remember seeing shelves on the walls with books on them.  There were fabrics hanging on the walls.  There was a lowboy in the dining room but no dining room table.

Then Jacques and I had suitcases and trunks that we needed to pack up.  We were going on a trip. We were in the second bedroom and we were both packing up our things. We were talking about our trip and asking each other to get certain items. The apartment was amazing it was completely finished.  Everything was clean and organized.  Just the way I wanted it.  It was night. I think we were going to Asia.

It was my terrace but it was different.  It was much bigger, shaped in an ‘U’ and enclosed.  There were many people in my house and it looked like there was a party.  Jacques was there, now it looked like him.  It was day.  He said that he had cleaned up the terrace and there was a surprise there for me.  I remember seeing Colleen in the house near the windows.  She asked me where I was going and I told her that Jacques had a surprise for me.  We both raised our eyebrows and said, “Ooo” and laughed.  We walked out there and it was gorgeous.  There were tables and chairs set up around the terrace.  They were white and there were couches with cushions on them made of fabric.  I remember thinking that we would need to take those in when it rained.  There was fresh Astroturf covering the floor.  There were four girls. Who I don’t know sitting by the door out there.  Then a fifth girl came out of the house with a drink and sat down with them.

Jacques wanted me to find my surprise and I told him that I needed to say “Hello” to the girls first.  I did and he went to check on something in the other, larger area on the terrace.  I went over to the table and most of the girls were pretty tan and a couple of them were blonde.  They were young and hip. All were friendly and one girl was giving me the once over and a little attitude.  I didn’t know her in the OBE but I knew the others.

Jacques came back over to go into the house and he hugged me and told me to go find what was different.  I had to find my surprise.  I smiled at him and he winked at me and went into the house.  I began to walk forward.  There were plants everywhere.  Little trees in pots on the ground.  Plants on stands and hanging from the ceiling on hooks.  There were flowers on the tables and it looked so awesome.  I walked forward scrutinizing everything.  Looking for my hidden surprise.  I got almost down to the end and I saw it on the table near a plant.  It was a goldfish in a little bowl.  I cried out with delight.  Colleen came out and walked over and I showed her the fish.  We began to laugh and we saw Jacques walk out smiling.  We began to walk back and we were teasing him and commenting about how sweet and cute he was.  He took my hand and put his arm around me and he dragged Colleen and I around to the other side of the terrace.  There were fish tanks all around.  There were fish everywhere and I was so shocked.  I asked him when he had the time to do this and he was blushing.  It was so beautiful and I was showering him with praise.  I said, “This is just the finishing touch we needed!  I knew we were missing something.  When did you find the time to do this without my knowing?  Etc.”.

I go back to my body.  I don’t want to go back in.  I want to fly back out. I go out through the terrace and I see my neighborhood.  Then I remember that I need to look for Ghana  [a spirit guide] inside the house.   I wind up sitting at my computer and I realize that I need to look around for Ghana.  I try to turn my head to the right but it becomes very difficult.  I am straining and I see her out of the corner of my eye.  She was sitting on the love seat by my window.  She was wearing jeans and a white, button down shirt.  He hair was curly and went past her shoulders.  The front was pulled back and was clipped.

In my thoughts I was trying to see her face.  I was trying to think to make my head move so that I can see her.  I said in my mind, “I know it’s you Ghana.  I can see you sitting there.  Why won’t you let me see your face?  Why won’t you let me turn my head?  I won’t be shocked to see you. ” Then my head released and it turned quickly past her from the force I was using.  I saw my reflection in the mirror.  I had a quick glimpse of her face and then I was back in my body. I wake.

Now it is almost two years later.  We are about to put the final coat of blue paint on the wall.  There is a pile of Astroturf waiting to go on the newly painted and enclosed terrace.  My sister actually did make that exact comment about the blue wall.  My grandmother sent me a dozen gold frames that are waiting for a home.  As for the fabulous outfit, I’m on the verge of developing a clothing company with an award-winning designer.

This experience had such a huge impact on me.  I knew from that moment that I was being given a gift.  I made the choice to follow this inspiration with my very life.  Even now, years later, as my life beings to resemble and relate to that of the out of body experience, I see the correlation.  We’re about to finish the blue wall and I wonder how soon it will be before we are packing our trunks.  Where will Jacques and I be going?  We don’t know but by following the blue wall we know it’s going to be great.

Live the Dream,

Lisa Wallach

(c)2000, Lisa Wallach.  Published in the August-September 2000 issue of the Conscious Creation Journal. Feel free to copy this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.