A New View of Life: For Effortless Enlightenment and Healing by Rev. John Kohlenberger

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
August-September 2000, Issue 13

A New View of Life: For Effortless Enlightenment and Healing
by Rev. John Kohlenberger

Some people are concerned with healing their childhood abuse, adult traumas and/or lifetimes of woundedness. Many of these believe that they must deal with inherited beliefs that diminished their Essential Natures.  Some wish to explore ever-deepening levels of subtle awareness that they believe are buried in darkness.

Then, some look around themselves and want to blame the outer world; the industrial age, atomic radiation, scientific methods and technical procedures for what they see as a life out of order and obviously “not created by God/Goddess” – possibly created by “The Devil”.

In the past there have been those who “cast out those devils” and the ideas and beliefs that created them.  And thus I would like to lead you down some paths that might help you release your devils and allow new light in your life and being.


You are – we are – I AM – creative beings!  And the energy of that creativity goes out and forms the life around us.  And as the energy returns we say “oh my, what a world out there.”  This is our energy, our light that shines all around and is reflected to us. This light comes from the seed and spark of God-Goddess that lives within each one of us and that we all are.  And as we shine our light into the perceived darkness all around us we discover new things, surprising things, even things that we don’t know what to do with.

The ego and the subconscious mind want to work with a completely predictable physical world based on control of all things physical.  And so fear comes about.  This fear could come up as surprise and even elation if we would greet the seeming new and different and foreign rather than resisting it and thinking it should not be.


The difference between being upset with the unknown, fear of change and awe of the new and different, and even love for it, is focus.  Choice of focus is the difference.  You can choose to see and focus upon change as tragedy and trauma, but when you do you completely miss the equally possible choice to focus upon the awe and drama of new birth and the opportunity to experience something new and different – possibly exciting.

And, so, do you need to “heal” or do you just choose to change your focus? And who really tromps on your essential nature when you may create that would “out there”?  And even if you don’t want to believe that you create it all, certainly you have the choice focus on what you wish and to see it as you wish.

As one expands their view and their awareness, the perfection and the beauty of our physical world and interconnectedness with spirit become obvious.

Depending on ones choices, this world indeed become the best of all possible worlds.

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