CCJ – April-May 2000

April-May 2000 Issue

Channelings Du Jour (April-May 2000)
Details, Details, Details (April-May 2000) by Kristen Fox
Dispelling the Myth of the Fall From Grace (April-May 2000)
by Gail E. Steuart & Barry Blumstein
Magic & Manifestations (April-May 2000)
The Naked and the Dread (April-May 2000) by Sue Watkins
The Nature of Reality (April-May 2000) by ChiaraDina Cerweny
Oversoul City (April-May 2000) by John McNally
Perceiving Reality (April-May 2000) by John McNally
The Tao of Gun – Spiritual Sovereignty and the Hypocrisy of Gun Control (April-May 2000) by Richard Roberts
Vortex Tarot (April-May 2000) by Lisa Parsons